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Scenario: Dark romance stalker with dialogue
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Dark romance stalker with dialogue
I first saw her at the coffee shop.
She was sitting alone, sipping on a latte, and reading a book.
She was beautiful, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.
I sat down at a table near hers and pretended to read the newspaper, but I was really watching her.
I watched as she licked her lips and turned the page of her book.
I watched as she ran her fingers through her hair, and I watched as she glanced around the coffee shop nervously.
She looked like she was waiting for someone, but no one ever showed up.
After about an hour, she closed her book and left the coffee shop.
I waited a few minutes before following her out the door.
She walked down the street with a brisk pace, and I had to hurry to keep up with her.
I followed her for several blocks until she stopped in front of an apartment building.
She looked around one more time before going inside.
I was sitting in the coffee shop when I first saw her.
She was sitting alone at a table near me, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.
Her long, wavy hair was pulled back into a ponytail, but I could tell that it was dark.
Her skin looked smooth and creamy, and her full lips looked soft and inviting.
She was wearing a pair of dark jeans and a white blouse, and she looked like she belonged on the cover of a fashion magazine.
I don’t know how long I sat there looking at her, but it must have been for a while because she caught me staring at her.
She smiled at me, and my heart skipped a beat.
I smiled back at her before quickly looking away.
I tried to focus on my newspaper, but all I could think about was her.
I stole a glance at her, and I saw her looking at me again.
She was still smiling, and I smiled back.
It was like she had cast a spell on me.
I watched her stand up and gather her things before walking to the counter.
She said something to the barista before walking out the door.
The coffee shop suddenly felt empty without her in it, and I had the urge to run after her.
I quickly paid for my coffee before grabbing my coat and walking out the door.
I scanned the street for her, but I didn’t see her anywhere.
Just as I was about to give up, she appeared from around the corner of a building.
I watched as she walked down the street with a brisk pace, so I hurried to keep up with her.
I followed her for about five blocks before she stopped in front of an apartment building.
She looked around one more time before going inside.
I stood across the street from the building for a few minutes before leaving.
When I first saw her at the coffee shop, it felt like the whole world had shifted.
It was like I had been waiting for her my whole life without even knowing it.
She was so beautiful and graceful that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.
And now here I was, standing across the street from her apartment building, watching her walk away from me.
She was even more beautiful than I remembered.
Her long hair was still pulled back into a ponytail, but it looked even darker in the fading light.
Her skin was still smooth and creamy, and her lips were still soft and inviting.
She was still wearing dark jeans and a white blouse, but she looked even more sophisticated in them somehow.
She stopped in front of the apartment building and looked around before going inside.
I watched as she disappeared from view before turning around and walking back to my car.
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Why did she have this effect on me?
I didn’t know anything about her, but I knew that I wanted to protect her and be near her more than anything else in the world.
It didn’t matter if we had just met or if we would never meet at all; all that mattered was that she was safe and that she knew that I was there for her if she ever needed me.
I knew that I shouldn’t have followed her home that night, but I couldn’t help myself.
The urge to make sure that she made it home safely was too strong to resist.
I drove to her apartment building and parked on the street across the way before getting out and walking over to it.
There were still people out on the street, so I had to be careful not to be seen.
I walked up the steps of the building before stopping in front of the door to see if anyone was coming or going.
Once the coast was clear, I slipped inside and walked down the hall to the elevator bank.
I pressed the button for the top floor, and the doors slid shut.
When the elevator came to a stop, I stepped out onto the floor and made my way down the hallway.
She was standing outside her apartment when I got there, fumbling with her keys.
She let out a frustrated sigh before trying another key.
This time the door opened, and she stepped inside before closing it behind her.
I took a step forward before stopping myself.
It was foolish to come here, and it was even more foolish to try to follow her inside.
It was time to go home, but my feet wouldn’t move.
My heart was racing, and my palms were sweaty as I stood there staring at the door.
I wanted to see her again, to make sure that she was okay.
Or maybe it was more than that.
Maybe it was because I wanted to watch her.
I wanted to watch her and see what she did when she thought no one was looking.
Just one more time, I told myself.
Just one more glimpse of her, and then you can go home.
I took a deep breath before stepping forward and putting my ear against the door.
I could hear muffled voices from inside.
There were two people talking, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.
I pressed my ear against the door harder before realizing that the voices were coming from the apartment next door.
Relief washed over me, but it was quickly replaced by something else.
I stepped back from the door before walking down the hallway to the stairwell and taking the stairs all the way down to the ground floor.
What was wrong with me?
Why did it feel like there was something pulling me toward her?
Like there was some invisible force that kept me from leaving?
Why did I keep coming back to her?
It wasn’t right, and it wasn’t normal, but nothing about this situation was normal for me either.
Nothing about this situation made any sense at all, but none of that mattered anymore.
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When I saw that Olivia Greene had left her door unlocked, it took everything in me not to throw it open and go inside.
The temptation was too much for me to resist, and she was just on the other side of it.
She was so close that it felt like my heart might beat out of my chest.
It felt like my legs might carry me inside without my permission, but they didn’t.
As badly as I wanted to go inside, I stayed where I was.
There was no logic behind what I was doing anymore, but it didn’t matter.
Nothing mattered except for being close to her and knowing that she was okay.
Knowing that she was safe and unharmed.
Even if it meant breaking into her apartment, it was worth it.
A grin stretched across my face as my fingers curled around the handle and pushed it down.
The door opened, and the smell of her hit me like a freight train.
It was sweet and intoxicating, and it filled my nose until there was nothing else.
It was like breathing in an intimate whisper, and for a moment, it was almost too much for me to handle.
Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath before stepping inside and closing the door behind me.
Olivia’s apartment was small and dark, but it was beautiful.
The walls were painted a soft shade of lavender, and they were covered with pictures and paintings in gold frames.
The living room had big bay windows with sheer white curtains that let in just enough light to illuminate the room.
The couch was soft and gray with white and gold throw pillows, and there was a small round coffee table in front of it that had stacks of books and magazines.
A glass vase with fresh flowers sat on top, and they filled the room with their sweet scent.
In front of the couch, there was a big-screen television mounted above an electric fireplace that was turned off.
There were two doors on either side of the fireplace, and they were both open.
The one on the left led into the kitchen, while the one on the right led into the hallway.
I stepped into the living room and looked around.
Her apartment was small, but it was beautiful.
It was decorated with taste, and everything in it seemed to be an extension of her.
It was as if I were standing in the middle of her soul, and I was terrified to take another step.
The coffee table was covered in books, and I moved closer to read the titles.
The first stack was all romance novels, but they weren’t the kind of romance novels you found at the grocery store.
They were dark and twisted, and they made my skin crawl.
The second stack was all science fiction, and the third stack was all fantasy.
There were two glasses of water on the coffee table, and they were both half empty.
The coasters underneath them were made of glass, and they had little gold stars painted on the top.
I picked up one of the glasses and brought it to my nose.
I could smell something sweet coming off of it.
Something fruity and fresh.
I put the glass back down before picking up the second one.
It smelled different than the first.