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Emotion Vision: The College Fair Revelation

Scenario: A girl who creates glasses that can see peoples emotions, using emoji that floats above or around people. She decides that this year will be the year she puts them to the test when she applies for her science college fair this year.
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A girl who creates glasses that can see peoples emotions, using emoji that floats above or around people. She decides that this year will be the year she puts them to the test when she applies for her science college fair this year.
I’ve always been curious about emotions.
What do they mean?
How do they work?
Why do we have them?
And most importantly, how can we understand them better?
I’ve been asking myself these questions for as long as I can remember.
And now, I think I have the answer.
I’ve invented glasses that reveal emotions as floating emojis.
And I’m going to test them at the science college fair.
The glasses are my project, and the science college fair is my chance to show them off to the world.
But first, I need to finish my prototype and submit my project for approval.
I’m running late, so I hurry down the hall to Dr.
Lin’s office.
She’s a professor at the college, and she’s been mentoring me on this project for months now.
She’s also the advisor for the science college fair, so she has to approve all of the projects before they can be submitted.
I’ve always been fascinated by emotions.
They’re this magical force that can turn the world upside down or make you smile for no reason.
I mean, I don’t get people who smile for no reason.
But hey, whatever floats their boat.
Emotions are like the ocean.
They’re vast, powerful, and full of surprises.
And just like the ocean, they’re not always easy to understand.
So when I found out there was no way to tell what someone was feeling at any given moment, I was shocked.
But let’s be real.
Emotions are complex.
And sometimes, they don’t even make sense to the person feeling them.
Like when someone smiles while talking about something sad.
What’s up with that?
Is it just me?
I don’t think so.
I’ve spent months researching this project.
And now, I think I’ve finally found a way to solve this mystery once and for all.
I designed a pair of glasses that can show you what someone is feeling on the inside.
It’s like an internal mood ring!
The only catch?
You have to be looking at them in order to see their emotions.
But hey, small price to pay for such a cool invention, right?
I think so!
During my research, I tested these glasses on my friend Alex.
He thought they were really cool and totally accurate!
So when I told him he had to come help me test them at the science college fair, he was totally down.
He even helped me with a few last-minute tweaks before we submitted our project for approval!
It took me forever to come up with this idea and get it just right, but it’s finally ready to go!
It wasn’t easy though.
I had to spend hours locked in the library doing research or locked in my room working on my project.
It felt like I was never going to finish it!
But now that they’re done and I’m about to test them at the science college fair, it all feels worth it!
The glasses look pretty simple on the outside, but they’re actually really high tech!
I wanted them to be sleek and look like normal glasses, but not too bulky.
So I found the smallest “brain” I could find.
It’s super powerful and can do all the heavy lifting without being too big.
There’s no way anyone would ever guess what’s really hiding inside the frame of these glasses!
As I set my glasses down on the table, I’m taken back to the first time I saw them work.
I was so nervous because it took so long for me to get them there.
And even though everyone had faith in me, I wasn’t always sure if it would work out.
So when I turned the glasses on and the emojis appeared in the air around Alex’s head, I couldn’t believe my eyes!
I grabbed the notepad and started taking notes as quickly as I could.
When he spoke, the emojis changed right before my eyes!
My heart pounded so hard and my palms were completely sweaty as I realized that my invention worked!
It actually worked!
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My heart is in my throat as I knock on Dr.
Lin’s office door and wait for her to call me in.
A few seconds later she opens it up and smiles at me.
Her long black hair is pulled back in a braid and she’s wearing a pair of glasses on a gold chain around her neck.
Her lab coat looks elegant on her and she’s holding a stack of papers and a red pen in her hand.
I love how official she looks when she’s working.
Have you finished your project?”
She asks as she motions for me to sit down in one of the chairs in front of her desk.
I say as I slide into the chair and place my glasses on the desk between us.
“I made a few changes since the last time you saw them too.”
“Good,” she says with a smile as she flips through a few papers on her desk.
“I have no doubt that this year’s science college fair will be even more spectacular than last years.”
My heart pounds with excitement at her words.
I can’t believe it’s finally here.
I’ve been working towards this moment for what feels like forever.
And now, in just one week, I’ll be able to show off what my glasses can do!
I’m so excited that it’s hard to sit still right now.
I just smile and nod as she flips through my paperwork.
As an inventor, you must maintain the highest level of professionalism and make sure to document everything that you do with your invention,” she says as she flips through my logbook.
“Did you remember to get your test subjects to sign their names and dates after every test?”
“Yes, ma’am,” I say confidently.
“And did you remember to let them write notes about what they were feeling while they were being tested?”
“Yes, ma’am,” I say again.
She raises an eyebrow at me and taps her pen on the desk.
“Don’t worry,” I say quickly.
“I made sure to get some great notes and feedback from all of them.”
She nods at my words and closes my folder.
“I’m glad to hear that.
You’ve been doing such great work on this project, Emily.
And you’ve come so far since the first time you showed me your sketches.”
I smile at her words.
When I look back at those first drawings, it’s hard to believe that they eventually turned into these glasses.
They weren’t pretty, but they were the start of an amazing idea.
I just needed a little help from Dr.
Lin to make them better.
“Why don’t you show me what you have now?”
She asks as she picks up the glasses from the desk.
I nod and stand up as she slides them on.
Then I turn the brain on and watch as the emojis light up around her head.
They’re a little smaller than before, and there are fewer of them, but they’re way more accurate now!
We had some trouble when we first started testing them, but after a few tweaks, we finally got them right!
Dr Lin looks around the room with the glasses as the emojis float in the air around her head.
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“Wow, they look even better than before,” she says in amazement.
I know,” I say proudly.
“I’m so happy with how they turned out.”
“This is the third version, right?”
she asks as she reaches up to touch one of the emojis.
“I love that you were able to make the display so much smaller this time.”
“Yeah, me too,” I say with a smile.
The last two versions required big screens that were hard to hide unless you were wearing a giant hoodie.
But now, with this tiny screen on the inside of the glasses, no one will even know that I’m wearing them!
“I’ll be able to wear them in public without people staring at me all the time.”
“They are so beautiful,” she says as she hands them back to me.
“I love that you decided to put the display on the inside like that.
It adds a level of discretion that I think will really help with your project in the future.”
“I thought so too,” I say as I slide them back on and turn my brain on.
Then I open up the app and choose a few different emotions for her.
But it’s also a lot more complex than that.
The glasses use facial recognition software and my own personal algorithm to make sure that I’m interpreting emotions correctly.
When I see someone’s face, my brain is actually scanning and analyzing their features to understand what they’re feeling.
Then it uses my algorithm to decide which emoji best fits that emotion, and it shows it on the screen.
It took me forever to write that stupid algorithm, but it was totally worth it.
Now the glasses are more accurate than ever before!
When I look back at Dr.
Lin, I can see that she’s impressed by what she sees.
The emojis float around her head and the tiny screen flashes from one emoji to another while it decides which one is best.
Then, after a second or two, it stops on the perfect one every time!
She gasps when she sees it and reaches up to touch it again.
“They really are amazing,” she says in amazement as she looks at me through the emojis.
“I can’t believe how accurate they are now!”
“I know!”
I say excitedly.
“You did such a great job on them, Emily.
I’m so proud of all the hard work that you’ve put into this project.”
“Thank you,” I say with a big smile.
“I’m just so happy that it’s finally working the way that I wanted it to!”
“Well, it was an amazing idea to begin with,” she says as she stands up and claps me on the back.
“And you’ve done an amazing job making it happen!”
She smiles at me for a second and then looks down at her desk.
“I think that your project is finally ready for the science college fair, Emily.
“I can’t believe it,” she says with a big smile on her face.
This is what I’ve been waiting for!
As soon as Dr.
Lin approves my project, then it will officially be allowed to go on display!
After all the hard work that I’ve put into making these glasses, it’s going to feel so good to finally show them off to the world!
“They’re going to be perfect!
I can’t wait to show them off to everyone!”
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And with that, I leave Dr.
With my amazing new glasses tucked safely into their shoebox, I practically skip down the hall and back to my dorm room.
This is it!
All of my hard work and dedication is finally paying off, and soon everyone will be able to see how amazing my emotion glasses really are!
They say that good things come to those who wait.
And it’s true because I’ve been working on this project for years.
Almost three years now!
And over the course of those three years, I have put my heart and soul into making these glasses as amazing as possible.
When I first started this project, they looked like giant VR headsets that were almost impossible to hide.
But after three years of hard work and dedication, I was able to shrink them down into a tiny pair of glasses with a screen on the inside of the right lens!
It may have taken me forever to get them just right, but they were worth all of the long hours and late nights that I spent working on them.
I can’t help but feel a little proud of myself as I walk down the deserted hall back to my dorm room.
It feels like just yesterday that I was getting ready to start working on this project, but now I’m finally ready to show it off to the world!
And I can’t wait!
I clutch the shoebox tightly in my hand and practically run back to my room.
I need to get everything ready so that I can show Alex the new version of the glasses as soon as he gets home from class.
He’s going to be so impressed by how far they’ve come!
After a few minutes, I return to Dr.
Lin’s office and knock on the door, waiting patiently for her to answer.
When she does, I walk into the office and set the shoebox down on her desk before sitting down in the chair across from it.
I’m so excited that I can barely sit still!
“Are you ready, Emily?”
she asks with a smile as she opens up the box and takes out the glasses.
I nod eagerly and get ready to turn on my brain.
But as I wait for her, my mind starts wandering back to when I first started working on these glasses.
It’s hard to believe that it was almost three years ago, but it’s true!
I’ve been working on this project for almost three years, and it feels like it has taken me forever to get here.
But even though it has been a long process, it has been 100% worth it!
When I first started, I didn’t really know what I was doing.
I just knew that I wanted to make a pair of glasses that could help me better understand emotions, and I was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen!
But now, after years of hard work and dedication, I finally have a working prototype that is ready to be shown off!
It feels like it has taken me forever, but now that this project is finally coming together, I realize that it was worth the wait!