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Forbidden Desires: A Secret Affair's Dilemma

Scenario: a young woman enjoy love affair
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a young woman enjoy love affair
I was promoted to work closely under Mark Thompson, my attractive yet married boss.
I was excited at first, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
Mark is authoritative and secretive, but I can’t help but be attracted to him.
He’s everything I want in a man, but he’s already taken.
I’m not the type of woman who goes after another woman’s husband, but Mark is making it hard for me to resist.
I’m ambitious and I know what I want in life, but my feelings for Mark are clouding my judgment.
I know that this affair will only lead to heartbreak, but I can’t seem to stop myself from falling for him.
Sarah Thompson is a beautiful and elegant woman who is also the wife of my boss, Mark Thompson.
She’s the perfect wife and she loves Mark with all her heart.
She has no idea that her husband is having an affair with one of his employees—me.
“Emily, can you come to my office real quick?”
I look up from my computer screen, surprised to see Sarah Thompson standing by my cubicle.
Sarah is Mark’s wife, and she works in the same office as me.
She’s working as a secretary to one of the high-ranking executives in the building and I’m working as a personal assistant to Mark.
She’s always sweet and nice to me, and I know that she doesn’t have an evil bone in her body, but I can’t help but feel a bit nervous when she asks me to come to her office.
I have no idea why she wants to see me, and that makes me even more nervous.
“Of course, Mrs.Thompson.” I smile at her before packing up my stuff and following her to her office.
I have a feeling that whatever she wants to talk about, it’s not going to be a good thing.
“Yes, Mrs.Thompson?”
I walk into her office and look at her in anticipation.
“Please sit down.” She smiles at me before motioning for me to sit.
“Thank you.” I take a seat across from her before looking at her in anticipation.
I can see that she has a big smile on her face and it makes me even more nervous.
“Emily, we’ve received an order from the CEO of our company and Mark has decided to promote you to be his personal assistant.” She looks at me as she speaks.
“I hope you don’t mind.” She smiles at me.
“Of course not.” I smile back at her despite feeling a bit shocked by her words.
I never thought that Mark would ever promote me to be his assistant.
This is so sudden and I don’t know what to say.
“I understand if you’re surprised by this, but Mark thinks that you’ll be able to do a great job at being his assistant.” Sarah smiles at me before continuing.
“Thank you so much, Mrs.Thompson.
I promise that I’ll do my best in this role.” I smile at her before standing up from my seat.
“I’ll let you go back to work now.” Sarah smiles at me as I turn around and leave her office, closing the door behind me.
I still can’t believe what just happened and I feel like I’m on cloud nine right now.
I’ve worked really hard for this promotion and I’m so happy that I’m finally getting the recognition that I deserve.
I thought about this promotion for a while before finally making up my mind to tell Mark about it, but I never thought that he would promote me to be his assistant.
He could have hired someone else to take this job.
I look at the time on my watch and realize that it’s almost time for lunch and I promised Stephanie that we would go out for lunch today since today is Friday and we don’t have much work to do today.
“Stephanie, are you ready?”
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We’re sitting in our usual booth at a small and cozy restaurant near our office.
“Yeah.” Stephanie smiles at me as she takes a sip of the water on the table.
“I just got here.” She smiles at me before looking around the restaurant and I know she’s looking for our waiter.
“It’s nice to have lunch here today.” I look around the restaurant and smile at Stephanie.
I know what she means.
We don’t usually come here for lunch because this place is always packed with people and we don’t have much time since we have so much work to do.
“I know right?”
Stephanie smiles at me before looking at the menu on the table.
“What are you going to order?”
“I think I’m going to order spaghetti bolognese.” I smile at Stephanie before looking at my own menu.
“That sounds good.
I think I’m going to order some mushroom soup.” Stephanie looks at the menu and smiles at me.
I look around the restaurant and see Mary and the other girls sitting at another booth not far away from us.
I smile at them and they all wave back at me.
“Emily, why did you look over there?”
Stephanie looks at me curiously.
“Oh, nothing.” I smile at her before putting the menu back on the table.
“The usual for you guys?”
A waiter comes up to our table and asks us with a smile on his face.
“Yes, two mushroom soups and one spaghetti bolognese please.” I smile at him before giving him the menus.
“Of course, I’ll be right back with your food.”
The waiter smiles at us before walking away.
“So, what did you want to ask Emily?”
Stephanie grabs her water and takes another sip of it.
“What do you mean?”
I look at Stephanie in confusion.
“You know what I mean.” Stephanie raises an eyebrow at me.
“What do you want to ask Mark?”
“Oh, that…”
I look down at my hands nervously when I realize that she has figured out why I asked her out for lunch today.
“I want to ask him about my new role as his personal assistant.”
“What do you want to ask him?”
I look at Stephanie in surprise when I hear the familiar voice behind me.
I turn around and see Mark standing there with a small smile on his face.
Mark is tall, with salt-and-pepper hair and a clean-shaven face.
He has bright blue eyes and full lips that always look like they’re about to smirk.
He’s always well-dressed and he looks good in everything he wears.
His suits are always tailored perfectly to fit his body and he always wears expensive watches on his wrist.
He’s handsome and charismatic and all of the women in our office are obsessed with him, including myself.
“Oh, Mark.” Stephanie looks at Mark in surprise before smiling at him.
“It’s nice to see you here.” She stands up from her seat and smiles at him before running her fingers through her long black hair nervously.
“It’s nice to see you too.” Mark smiles at Stephanie before sitting across from me in the booth.
“So what were you ladies talking about?”
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Stephanie looks at Mark nervously while fidgeting with the ends of her hair.
“Oh, I was just about to ask Emily what she wanted to ask you about.” Stephanie looks at me nervously while fidgeting with the ends of her hair again.
“What were you going to ask me about?”
Mark looks at me in confusion before raising an eyebrow at me.
“Oh, I was just going to ask if we could have dinner together tonight.” I look at Mark nervously while twiddling my thumbs on my lap.
“We could talk about my new role then.”
“That sounds like a great idea.”
Mark gives me a small smile before smiling at Stephanie again.
“So what were you girls talking about then?”
“Nothing important really,”
I say quickly before picking up my glass of water and taking a sip of it nervously.
“Is there anything else you want to ask me about then?”
Mark looks at me curiously
“Not right now Mark,”
I say quickly before putting my glass down on the table again.
“We should get back to work now Mark.”
I look at Mark nervously while fidgeting with the ends of my hair on my lap again.
I look over at Mark’s office and take a deep breath before knocking on his door.
“What is it, Emily?”
Mark looks up at me with a small frown on his face before gesturing for me to come in.
I walk into his office nervously before closing the door behind me and walking over to his desk slowly.
“I just wanted to ask if there’s anything I can help you with?”
I say quickly before standing in front of his desk nervously and twiddling my thumbs on my lap again.
“I needed help with something,” Mark says quickly before opening his drawer and taking out some papers and putting them down on his desk.
I look at the papers nervously when I see that they’re all resignation letters from different employees in our company.
“I need you to go through these letters and tell me which ones I should accept and which ones I should reject.”
“Of course, Mark.”
I smile at him quickly before taking the stack of papers from his desk and turning around to sit in the chair behind me and go through the papers.
Mark hired me as his personal assistant three years ago, soon after I graduated from college, when he saw how hard I was working in our company and how talented I was at my job.
He’s always been nice to me but he’s always been very professional with me as well and it’s always been hard for me to figure out whether he likes me or not, but I like him so much and I would do anything just to get him to like me back, even though I know that nothing can ever happen between us because he’s already married and he has a child with his wife Sarah.
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