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City Heroes: Academy of the Unseen Powers

Scenario: Spider-Man teaching divi
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Spider-Man teaching divi
It was the first day of school, and I was running late.
I’d been so excited to start my new job that I’d barely slept a wink last night, and when my alarm went off this morning, I’d hit snooze one too many times.
Now I was racing through the streets of New York City on my motorcycle, dodging traffic and praying I wouldn’t get pulled over for speeding.
I couldn’t believe this was really happening.
After everything that had happened in the past year, I never thought I’d be here, teaching at a school for superheroes.
But here I was.
And I couldn’t wait to meet my students.
The academy had only been open for a few months, but it was already making a name for itself as the place to go if you wanted to be a hero.
The curriculum was intense, and the teachers were some of the best in the business—former Avengers, X-Men, and members of the Fantastic Four all lent their expertise to the program.
But what really set the academy apart was its commitment to diversity.
When I pulled into the parking garage, I was relieved to see that I was only a few minutes late.
I parked my bike, grabbed my helmet, and headed for the elevator, my heart pounding with excitement.
I’d been up since six A.
, but I was still buzzing with energy, my mind racing a mile a minute as I thought about the day ahead.
This was it, I thought as the elevator doors slid open.
The beginning of a new chapter in my life.
I stepped out of the elevator and made my way through the lobby, nodding at the security guard as I passed through the metal detector and headed for the door.
I took a deep breath and stepped outside, blinking in the bright morning sunlight.
New York was already bustling with activity—cars honking, people talking, sirens wailing in the distance—and I couldn’t help but grin as I took it all in.
I’d lived in the city for most of my life, but I still wasn’t used to it.
There was just something about New York that got under your skin, that made it impossible to imagine living anywhere else.
I climbed onto my bike and started the engine, the roar of the motorcycle cutting through the cacophony of sounds around me.
I revved the engine a few times for good measure—if there was one thing I’d learned during my time as Spider-Man, it was that you had to make an entrance—then pulled out of the garage and into traffic.
I weaved my way through the crowded streets, dodging cars and pedestrians alike as I made my way toward Manhattan.
The academy was located on the Upper East Side, just a few blocks from Central Park, and it only took me about twenty minutes to get there.
I parked my bike in front of the building and took another deep breath before heading inside.
This was it.
The start of something new.
As I followed the signs to the teacher’s lounge, I couldn’t help but think about how far I’d come.
It seemed like just yesterday that I’d been a student at Midtown High, struggling to balance schoolwork with my responsibilities as Spider-Man.
I’d had some great mentors over the years—Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, even Wade Wilson—and now it was my turn to pay it forward.
My stomach tightened with nerves as I thought about what lay ahead, but I quickly pushed those thoughts aside.
I could do this.
I’d been training for this moment my whole life, and nothing was going to stand in my way.
I squared my shoulders and kept walking, a smile on my face as I prepared to meet my students for the first time.
After a few hours of training, Mia sat down at her computer and typed out a message to Leo: Ready when you are
She hit send, then sat back in her chair, her heart pounding with excitement as she waited for his reply.
It had been a little over a month since she’d discovered her powers, and she still couldn’t quite believe it.
But now that she’d learned how to control them, thanks to a little help from her friends, she was ready to put them to good use.
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“Hey,” she said, grinning back at him.
Leo grinned back.
“So, what’s our first mission?”
We should probably start small,” Mia said, “just to see how well this works in real-world situations.”
“Agreed,” Leo said, typing away at his keyboard.
“Stand by for instructions.”
Mia leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, trying to ignore the way her heart was racing.
She was about to go out into the city and put her powers to the test, and she couldn’t wait.
As she waited for Leo to give her the coordinates, she thought back to that day in Central Park, when everything had changed.
She’d been so scared, so worried about what would happen if someone found out about her powers.
But now, thanks to Peter and Leo, she had nothing to fear.
She was a hero-in-training, and she was ready to save the world.
As I made my way through the crowded streets of New York City, I was momentarily halted by a small boy who appeared out of nowhere, his eyes wide and full of excitement as he pointed at me and said, “Look!It’s Spider-Man!”
I stopped in my tracks and looked around, wondering if maybe someone had seen me without my mask.
But when I saw that no one else was paying attention, I realized that he must be talking about me.
I couldn’t help but smile behind my mask at his recognition.
Spider-Man was one of New York City’s most famous superheroes—alongside Iron Man, Captain America, and the Fantastic Four—and it wasn’t every day that you ran into him on the street.
“Where?”his mother asked, coming up beside him and placing a hand on his shoulder.
She looked down at him with a bemused expression, as if she didn’t quite believe him.
“I don’t see him.”
“He’s right there,” the boy said, pointing at me again.
I raised an eyebrow at him and gave him a little wave.
His eyes went wide, and his mouth dropped open in shock for a moment before he let out an excited squeal and ran toward me, still pointing and shouting, “It’s Spider-Man!It’s really him!”
His mother watched in disbelief as he ran up to me, but she didn’t try to stop him.
I crouched down to his level and pulled my mask back just far enough to reveal my mouth and chin, then gave him another smile, trying to reassure him that he wasn’t going crazy.
The boy stared at me for a moment, his eyes still wide with shock as he tried to process what was happening.
Then, suddenly, his expression changed, and he let out another squeal of joy before flinging himself into my arms.
“Hi,” he said, grinning up at me.
“I know who you are!”
“That’s right,” I said, ruffling his hair.
“I’m Peter Parker, one of the teachers at the academy.”
“I thought you were Spider-Man,” his mother said, coming up behind him and placing a hand on his shoulder.
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I’m just his mentor.”
The woman gave me a skeptical look and looked around again, as if she were expecting the real Spider-Man to show up any minute now—although, in this city, that wasn’t as much of a stretch as it might have been elsewhere.
Her son turned and gave her an exasperated look before turning back to me and saying, “You’re almost as cool as Spider-Man!”
I laughed and gave him a high-five before setting him back on his feet and waving goodbye to them as they walked away.
“Thank you for being so nice to him,” his mother said as they passed by me.
“It was nice meeting you,” I called after them with another wave.
And you’re welcome.”
I put my mask back on and continued on my way, the smile still lingering on my face as I thought about my encounter with the little boy.
It was moments like that one that reminded me why I did what I did in the first place.
Being a hero was about more than just punching bad guys in the face and saving the day—it was about being a role model, too.
And it was nice to know that I was making a difference in people’s lives, even if it was just in small ways like this one.
A few minutes later, I arrived at the academy and parked my motorcycle in the lot before heading inside to start my first day on the job.
The building itself was a state-of-the-art facility, complete with high-tech classrooms, training rooms, and labs, all designed to give our students the best possible education and training so they could become the best heroes they could be.
It had only been open for a few years, but it was already making a name for itself as one of the best schools in the city, if not the world, for aspiring heroes to attend.
And I was proud to be a part of it.
I made my way toward the classroom where I would be teaching my first ever class as an official mentor and couldn’t help but smile when I saw Mia Rodriguez waiting for me outside the door.
Mia was one of my new students, and she was also the daughter of one of my closest friends and former teammates, El Fuego (a hero who had the power to control fire).
She was fifteen years old with an athletic build, curly black hair, and a smile that could light up a room, and she had been looking forward to attending this academy for almost her entire life.
It was a great honor and responsibility for me to be her mentor, and I was determined not to let her—or any of my other students—down.
“Hi,” she said when she saw me approaching.
She hurried over to greet me, her eyes shining with excitement behind her thick-rimmed glasses.
“I’m so happy you’re here!”
“It’s good to see you too,” I said with a smile, giving her a quick hug when she came within arm’s reach.
“I’m really looking forward to working with you this year.”
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