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Forbidden Desires

Scenario: A beautiful woman is in love with her supervisor at work. Later she finds out that he is in a relationship and has a child . She has to keep her love a secret and never admit it
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A beautiful woman is in love with her supervisor at work. Later she finds out that he is in a relationship and has a child . She has to keep her love a secret and never admit it
I have a secret crush on my supervisor.
And I’m pretty sure he hates me.
Okay, maybe not hates me, but he definitely doesn’t like me in that way.
He’s kind to everyone, and he’s never been anything but nice to me, but I can tell when a guy is into me.
And Mark Thompson is not into me.
I’ve been working at the company for a few years now, and I’ve had a few different supervisors in that time.
Mark has been my supervisor for the last six months, and I was excited when I found out he would be taking over the role.
I’d had a crush on him since the first day I started working here, but it was nothing serious.
Just a little something to make the workday more interesting.
But now that he’s my supervisor, it’s become something more.
Something deeper and more intense than just a silly little crush.
I think about him all the time, even when I’m not at work.
I don’t know what to do about it.
Sure, I’ve had crushes on supervisors in the past, but those crushes had always gone away with time.
And they’d never been as intense as this one.
I’m genuinely in love with Mark Thompson, and it’s killing me that he doesn’t feel the same way about me.
My days are filled with thoughts of Mark.
I can’t get him out of my head, no matter what I do.
I try to focus on my work, but it’s hard when all I can think about is Mark’s hands on my body, his lips on my neck, his cock buried deep inside of me.
It’s impossible to concentrate when those are the things floating around in my head.
I try not to think about him like that, but he’s just so damn sexy that it’s hard not to.
And it’s not like he ever gives me any reason not to think about him in that way.
The truth is, I know nothing about Mark Thompson, not really.
I know that he’s tall and has dark hair and blue eyes.
And I know that he’s kind and polite and very good at his job.
But other than that, he’s a complete mystery to me.
He keeps his personal life away from work, and I respect that.
I would never snoop or ask too many personal questions.
It’s clear that he wants to keep things professional between us, and that’s fine by me because, unfortunately, professional is all we’ll ever be.
My heart aches when I think that way, but it’s true.
He’ll never be anything more than my supervisor, and I’ll never be anything more than his employee.
I wish things were different, but they’re not.
I was just finishing up some data entry when Mark walked past my desk and gave me a smile.
“Hey there,” he said with a nod.
“Hey,” I replied, my heart fluttering at the sound of his voice.
“Just finishing up for the day?”
“Yep,” I said, shutting down my computer.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then.”
“See you tomorrow,” I said with a smile just as he turned and walked away toward the elevators.
Mark was always the first one in the office and the last one to leave.
He worked long hours and put in a lot of effort, something I truly admired in a supervisor.
He never asked any of us to do anything he wouldn’t do himself, and he was always available for questions or concerns no matter how busy he was.
He was really great at his job, and it was nice to have someone like him looking out for me at work.
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I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have more than friendly feelings for my handsome supervisor.
It was hard not to.
He was tall and muscular with broad shoulders and big hands.
His hair was dark and thick, styled in a professional cut that was always perfectly in place.
His eyes were deep blue, kind but distant at the same time.
He was beautiful in a way that I’d never seen in a man before.
He was just so goddamn perfect.
It was impossible to not fantasize about him on a daily basis.
At first it didn’t bother me that much.
I mean, I’d had my share of crushes over the years on various guys I worked with.
But those crushes had never gotten in the way of my work or my life.
They’d been fleeting moments that I’d enjoyed while they lasted.
But my crush on Mark was different.
It was deeper and more meaningful than those other crushes had been.
It had become something more than just a little fun to pass the time at work.
I was genuinely in love with my supervisor.
The problem was that my feelings were one hundred percent unrequited.
Not only did Mark not feel the same way about me, it was pretty clear that he didn’t even like me as a person.
I’d had the hots for him since I started working at the company, but my crush on him had intensified over the last six months of working together.
I’d thought that it would go away once he became my supervisor, but if anything, my feelings for him just grew stronger.
It was tough seeing him every day and knowing that he’d never be mine.
It made it hard to concentrate on anything else, even my work.
I’d started making mistakes because my mind was always on him, and it wasn’t long before my coworkers started to notice that something was wrong.
They’d asked me what was going on, and I’d told them that it was nothing, just stress from work and life in general.
And while that was partially true, it wasn’t the whole story either.
The truth was, I couldn’t stop thinking about Mark Thompson, even when he wasn’t around.
It was starting to become a problem for me, and I needed to do something about it before it got out of hand.
Being in love with your supervisor wasn’t a good idea, especially when he didn’t feel the same way about you.
So I tried my best to forget about Mark at work, but it was impossible, especially when he kept showing up at my desk every few hours asking me to do this or that for him.
Even his presence was enough to get me all hot and bothered these days.
The other day we’d had a meeting, and he’d smiled at me as he took his seat at the table.
It was a beautiful smile—breathtakingly beautiful—and it made me weak at the knees just looking at it.
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I’d told my friend all of this over lunch one day, and she’d listened patiently as I poured out my heart to her and bawled my eyes out, telling her how much I loved him and how I wished more than anything that he would love me in return.
“It’s not fair,” I’d said, wiping at my eyes with a napkin.
“I dream about him every night—I’m not kidding you—and in those dreams he loves me as much as I love him.”
My friend had given me a sad smile and taken my hand in hers, squeezing it gently as she said, “I know you think you love him now, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea for you to catch.”
“But I don’t want any of them,” I’d cried out in frustration, squeezing her hand tightly in return as though doing so would somehow make her understand how much I meant what I was saying.
“I want him!”
“I know you do,” she’d said slowly, giving me a look that said she didn’t know what else to say to make me feel better.
“But maybe it’s time for you to move on.”
“I can’t move on,” I’d said stubbornly, shaking my head as I pulled my hand away from her so that I could cross my arms over my chest instead.
“Not when I’m in love with him like this.”
“Are you sure he doesn’t love you back?”
I’d stared at her for a long moment then and shook my head slowly, knowing without a doubt that Mark Thompson would never return my love for him no matter how much I wished otherwise.
“He has a girlfriend and a daughter,” I said finally, feeling the tears welling up in my eyes again as I thought of the two people he loved and shared his life with instead of me.
“I’m nothing to him—not really—and he’s nothing to me.”
“That’s not true,” she said firmly, giving me a look that said I was being ridiculous again and that I needed to talk some sense into myself before it was too late.
“You’re friends with him, and that counts for something.”
“Does it?”
I asked her then, feeling angry and frustrated and not a little bit humiliated by the whole situation I found myself in because of Mark Thompson and his stupid smile.
“Honestly, does it?
What’s the point of being friends with someone who doesn’t see you as anything more than an acquaintance or a coworker?
Someone who doesn’t want and will never want you the way you want them?”
My friend didn’t know how to answer that question either, and she didn’t try.
Instead she looked at me for a long moment, watching me as I cried and hugged myself, and then she reached out and touched my hand gently, giving it a small squeeze as she said, “It sounds like he has someone else already, Em, and that’s why you can’t have him.”
“Maybe,” I said slowly, feeling the tears welling up in my eyes again as I thought of Mark’s girlfriend, Sarah, and the love they shared together that I so desperately wished could be mine instead of hers.
“But I’ve never seen her before—have you?
And even if he is interested in someone else, what does that matter?
It’s not like I could ever be that person or anything.”
“I guess not,” she said slowly, looking at me again as she gave me another sad smile and then pulled her hand away from mine so that she could pick up her fork and start eating her lunch again.