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Love's Forbidden Office Dilemma

May 15
Scenario: A beautiful woman is in love with her supervisor at work. Later she finds out that he is in a relationship and has a child . She has to keep her love a secret and never admit it
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A beautiful woman is in love with her supervisor at work. Later she finds out that he is in a relationship and has a child . She has to keep her love a secret and never admit it
I was in love with my supervisor.
I’d known it for a while, but I’d never said it out loud.
I’d never even admitted it to myself.
It was a dangerous thing to think, let alone say, and I had no idea what I was going to do about it.
The worst part?
He didn’t know.
He didn’t have a clue.
And he never would.
Because he was in love with someone else.
And she was pregnant with his baby.
I sat at my desk and watched him walk past my office, his eyes glued to the screen of his phone, his mind clearly on something other than work.
I knew what that something was, and it wasn’t me.
It would never be me.
I’d known that from the moment I met him, but I’d been too stupid to realize it until now.
Until it was too late.
He disappeared into his office and closed the door behind him, shutting me out as effectively as if he’d slammed it in my face.
Not that he would ever do that; he wasn’t that kind of guy.
He was everything I wasn’t.
I’d been working for him for three years, ever since he’d taken the job as my boss, and in all that time I’d never seen him lose his temper, not even once.
Not when we were working long hours on a tight deadline, not when the company was losing money, not even when he’d had to fire an employee.
His girlfriend was the same way.
She worked in Marketing, and she was one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people I’d ever met.
She was also a little bit crazy, but in a good way.
She was always dragging him off to do things I knew he wouldn’t have done on his own—roller skating, salsa dancing, hiking in the mountains.
I wasn’t sure how she managed it, but I had a feeling it had something to do with the way she looked at him, like he was the most important thing in the world.
Which he was, of course.
To me, at least.
I’d liked her from the moment we met.
I’d liked her from the moment she walked into the room, all smiles and sunshine and energy.
And he’d liked her, too.
Somehow, he’d managed to capture her attention on a personal level even as he commanded mine on a professional one.
It was one of the things that made him such an excellent boss—and such an all-around great guy.
It was also one of the things that made me hate her.
And I did hate her.
Not that I would ever say that out loud.
Not even to myself.
That would be too much like admitting defeat, and I’d never been very good at losing.
Not that I’d ever had a choice in the matter—although I sure as hell didn’t feel like I did now.
I sighed, picked up my pen, and started doodling on the margins of my notebook, trying to keep my mind off things by focusing on my work.
My office was small and windowless with two desks crammed inside of it—one for me and one for him—and an overflowing bookshelf jammed into one corner.
We were a small company; there were only four of us on staff, counting my boss and his girlfriend, who spent so much time at the office that you might as well count her twice.
I tried not to be too heartbroken about it.
I tried not to be too resentful.
I tried not to be anything at all.
I tried to be invisible.
I tried to blend into the background and disappear so that I wouldn’t have to face what I’d done to myself any more than I already had.
Because that was what I’d done: I’d done this to myself.
I’d fallen for him back when we were both working for a different company—a bigger company—and I’d followed him here when he left.
Which was stupid of me.
Which was crazy of me.
Which had made it no less inevitable.
I knew that now.
No one else did.
Not even him.
And no one else ever would.
Except for my boss.
My boss knew everything.
He knew more about me than anyone else on earth did.
He knew more about me than I did myself.
He’d been there when I fell apart.
He’d helped me put myself back together again.
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H – confident, outgoing, and she never took any nonsense from anyone.
Sarah was the kind of person who could walk into a room and light it up with her presence.
She was beautiful, but not in a way that made other women feel threatened by her.
And she really was beautiful—inside and out.
She had this infectious laugh and a smile that could make even the grumpiest person crack a grin.
But she wasn’t just a pretty face; she was smart, too.
She had a degree from one of the best schools in the country, and she worked hard every day to prove that she deserved it.
She worked hard every day to prove that she deserved Mr.
H’s love, too.
And now she had it.
Now she had everything she’d ever wanted: a successful career, a happy life, and a baby on the way.
Because Sarah was pregnant—or at least she would be soon enough.
I had known that for a while now.
I’d seen the signs: her growing belly, her expanding wardrobe, her radiant smile.
But I hadn’t wanted to admit it.
Not even to myself.
Not until I saw the email in my inbox.
The subject line alone was enough to make me feel sick: “Exciting News from Sarah.”
I knew what that meant before I even opened it.
I had known for months, actually, but seeing it in black and white was like a punch to the gut.
It was like finding out all over again for the very first time.
I felt a lump form in my throat as I read the words that confirmed what I had already suspected.
Sarah was pregnant.
Sarah was going to have Mr.
H’s baby.
And there was nothing I could do about it.
“Emily,” he said, walking into my office without knocking.
He wasn’t angry about anything.
He never was.
It wasn’t in his nature.
But he was distracted, I could tell.
He smelled like aftershave and coffee, like he always did, and he carried himself with his usual air of authority.
He wore an expensive suit that fit him perfectly, with a crisp white shirt and a dark blue tie that brought out the color of his eyes.
He was tall and broad-shouldered with dark hair that fell across his forehead just so, and he had this look on his face that told me exactly what he was going to say before he even opened his mouth.
“I need you to do something for me,” he said, sitting down on one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs that we kept in our office for meetings with clients.
I nodded, keeping my expression neutral.
It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d been upset or happy or angry or sad—it wouldn’t have made any difference at all.
It wouldn’t have changed anything that happened next.
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“Can I do anything to help?”
He handed me his laptop, pointing to an email in his inbox.
“I need you to draft a reply,” he said, “something professional, but heartfelt.I want it to come from both of us.”
I stared at the email, my heart sinking even further with each word I read.
He wanted me to help him write a response to Sarah’s announcement about her pregnancy?
I felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest.
I couldn’t breathe.
I tried to respond, but I couldn’t get the words out past the lump in my throat, so I just nodded instead.
He smiled at me, that familiar smile that lit up his whole face, and I felt like I was going to die right there on the spot.
He had no idea how much pain he was causing me, how much his words were hurting me right now, but I didn’t know how to tell him the truth.
I cleared my throat and tried again, keeping my voice as steady as possible.“Congratulations,” I said, “to you both.”
His smile widened, if that was even possible, and for a moment, he looked almost boyish as he beamed at me from across the desk.
“Thank you,” he said, “We’re really excited about it.”
“I can tell,” I said, trying to smile back at him, but I felt like I was going to break down into tears at any moment.
“Let me get started on this email.I’ll bring it by your office when it’s done.”
He leaned back in his chair, looking completely at ease as he folded his hands across his stomach, looking up at the ceiling with an expression that told me he had no idea what was going through my mind right now.
“I love Sarah,” he said suddenly, “so much.I can’t wait to start this new chapter in our lives together.”
His words hit me like a ton of bricks, and I felt a tear slip down my cheek before I could stop it.
He looked at me then with an expression of concern that made my heart ache even more as he reached out to touch my arm.
“Are you okay?”
he asked softly, “I didn’t mean to upset you.”
I shook my head and forced a smile that I didn’t feel as I wiped away the tears with one hand before standing up from my desk with the laptop in my arms.
“I’m fine,” I said quietly, “I’ll have this email to you as soon as I can.”
I turned away from him quickly and left the office without looking back, shutting the door behind me with more force than I intended as I walked quickly to the bathroom without waiting to see if anyone was watching me or not.
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