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The main character ray is a young blacksmith , a

Scenario: The main character ray is a young blacksmith, a male. Ray quietly goes to the Lord's warehouse to find the box, alarming the guards. Mona also secretly watched everything out from high up in the warehouse. Mona, a woman, looks young and beautiful.
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The main character ray is a young blacksmith, a male. Ray quietly goes to the Lord's warehouse to find the box, alarming the guards. Mona also secretly watched everything out from high up in the warehouse. Mona, a woman, looks young and beautiful.
I carefully stepped inside, my heart pounding with fear and determination.
The warehouse was dimly lit by flickering torches, casting long shadows across the stacks of crates and barrels that filled the space.
A pungent stench assaulted my nostrils, causing me to cover my mouth and nose with my sleeve.
The task ahead was clear: find the hidden box somewhere in this maze of goods.
There was no one around, but I had to be careful.
I knew the guards were nearby, and I couldn’t afford to get caught.
Despite the warning that anyone caught trying to break in would be executed, I had no choice but to continue.
I stepped over a few crates and moved deeper into the warehouse, my boots crunching on the straw-covered floor.
My eyes scanned the area, looking for any sign of the box.
It was silent except for the occasional creaking of wood or distant murmur of the guards outside.
It was difficult to see in the dim light, but I had no choice.
Time was of the essence, and I couldn’t afford to waste any more of it.
I pressed on, moving deeper into the warehouse and passing more crates and barrels along the way.
The search felt like it would take forever, but I knew I had to keep going.
My eyes scanned the area again, looking for any sign of the box.
After a few minutes, my eyes landed on a stack of crates in the corner of the warehouse.
There were a few guards patrolling nearby, but they were far enough that I could make a run for it.
I took a deep breath and ran towards the stack of crates, hoping that this was finally it.
As I got closer, I saw that there was a small box hidden behind some bigger ones.
I quickly reached for it and pulled it out of its hiding place.
I heard footsteps behind me and quickly turned around to see a guard coming towards me with his sword drawn.
He wasn’t close enough to strike yet, so I made a run for it before he could get any closer.
I ran as fast as I could before stopping in front of a closed door in the middle of the warehouse.
I quickly tried to open it, but it was locked tight and there was no way I could break it open in time.
I heard more footsteps approaching me from behind as I heard someone shout “stop him!”
I looked around in panic and saw that there was an opening in the ceiling right above me.
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I grabbed onto a wooden beam right above me just in time before a spear struck the ground right where I was standing seconds ago.
The guards were too slow.
By the time they got to where I was standing before, I was already up on the beams.
They looked up at me in shock before regaining their senses and started climbing up after me.
“Get him!”
One of them shouted at their comrades below.
I quickly made my way across the beams while checking to see if the guards were still following me.
The guards below were trying to hold out a wooden ladder for their comrades to climb up on.
Once they got on top of the beams, they started chasing after me again.
They were fast but they were also heavy.
The beams started shaking under their weight as they tried to catch up to me.
“Stop running or you’ll fall!”
One of them shouted at me.
They were right.
The beams were shaking violently now from their weight.
If I kept running like this, they would catch up to me in no time.
I stopped running just as one of them managed to grab onto my leg.
I quickly stomped down onto his head before he could climb up any further.
He let out a pained groan before falling down into a pile of boxes below.
He wasn’t dead but he would be out for a while.
The others above him didn’t seem to care about what happened to him as they continued chasing after me.
One of them reached out for my leg again but this time, I jumped out of his reach before stomping down on his arm just as he got close enough.
He let out a pained scream before falling down into a pile of boxes below like his comrade before him.
There were only two of them left now but they seemed more determined than ever to catch me.
One of them reached out for my leg again but this time, he managed to grab onto my pants.
I tried to shake him off but he wouldn’t let go no matter what I did.
The other guard above him aimed his sword at my hand before stabbing down on it with all his might.
Pain shot through my hand as I let out a pained scream and the box fell to the ground below.
“Get him!”
One of them shouted as the others continued chasing after me while the others went to retrieve the box that fell from my hand.
I cursed under my breath before grabbing onto one of the beams with both hands and jumping down from where I was standing.
I landed on one of the guards who were trying to retrieve the box before taking off towards the exit as fast as I could.
Dropping down from the beams wasn’t part of my plan but it was better than getting caught by them.
Once I got out of the warehouse, I quickly ran back towards the alley where I came from without looking back once along the way.
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Mona comes to help me
It didn’t take long for them to start chasing after me once again but this time, there were only two of them instead of five or six like earlier.
They managed to catch up to me a few seconds later but they never got close enough for them to catch me as Mona appeared right before their eyes and grabbed onto them with her ice cold hands before throwing them both onto a pile of boxes nearby like they were nothing more than ragdolls.
She didn’t say a word as she grabbed onto my hand and led me back towards the warehouse once again before she disappeared right before my eyes like she always does once we got back inside.
“I thought you said there was a hole on top of this place.”
If this is your idea of a joke then you’re not very funny.”
She didn’t answer but I could feel her presence somewhere above me once again even though she wasn’t there when I looked up earlier.
“Never mind that, where are you now?”
“I’m at the second floor now.” She answered as a shadow appeared right above my head before I got a bad feeling about what she was about to do next as she started talking again.
“There’s a locked door blocking my way but there’s also a trapdoor right next to it with a ladder leading up to the roof.”
“I can see the box from here so all we have to do is figure out how to get inside this place.” She explained but her explanation only left me feeling even more confused than before as she vanished right before my eyes once again while she spoke to me in a small voice from somewhere above my head.
“Wait for a second, I’ll be right there.”
I quickly took out my lockpicking tools from my side and started working on the lock while making sure to stay on high alert for any sign of movement or any other noises that could indicate that someone else might be around besides her and the guards outside who were still snoring like drunken pigs even though they were supposed to be guarding this place from intruders like us.
I didn’t let my guard down for even a second as I worked on the lock for what felt like several minutes but it probably wasn’t that long since it only took me a few seconds before there was a loud click and the door creaked open just enough for me to slip through it without making too much noise and give our presence away to anyone who might still be around outside, the guards included.
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