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Forbidden Flames

Scenario: Shy black girl who is a chef and a mafia dominated asian woman whose mean towards the chef but will not let anyone harm her. but one day, things began to get steamy for the two
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Shy black girl who is a chef and a mafia dominated asian woman whose mean towards the chef but will not let anyone harm her. but one day, things began to get steamy for the two
I was a shy black chef working in a highend restaurant.
She was a dominant Asian woman from a powerful mafia family and a regular at the restaurant.
She took an interest in me, and I was too shy to do anything about it.
I didn’t know what to do with myself when she was around.
She made me feel things I’d never felt before, and I didn’t know how to handle it.
I’d never been with anyone before, and she was so intimidating.
But I wanted her, and I knew she wanted me too.
I just didn’t know if I could handle her.
She was so dominant, and I was so shy.
It was like we were two opposite ends of the spectrum, but somehow we were drawn to each other.
And then there was the fact that she was part of the mafia family that frequented the restaurant where I worked as a chef.
Her father, Mr.Lee, was the head of the mafia family, and he had a professional relationship with me as his chef.
Lila Lee was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.
The fact that she was part of a powerful mafia family made her even more intimidating.
She came into the highend restaurant where I worked as a chef with her family at least once a week, and every time I saw her, she left me feeling both terrified and turned on at the same time.
I’d been working at Mr.Lee’s restaurant for almost a year when Lila started coming in.
She’d always been beautiful, but I’d never paid much attention to her until she started showing more of an interest in me.
I wasn’t sure what to do with her.
She was so dominant, and I was so shy.
But there was something about her that drew me in, something about the way she looked at me that made me want to throw myself at her feet and beg for her to take me.
Her dark hair was long and silky, and her eyes were a deep, dark brown that got even darker when she was angry.
And her lips… Her lips were full and plump, and they begged to be kissed.
But it was her body that always got me.
She was tall and lean, with legs for miles and an ass that wouldn’t quit.
Her breasts were small and perky, and they always strained against whatever tight shirt she was wearing when she came in with her family.
And then there were her shoulders, broad and strong, a perfect counterpoint to the rest of her delicate frame.
I’d never seen anything like it, and it drove me crazy every time I saw her.
Lila was usually quiet and stoic, but every once in a while I caught her looking at me with an intensity that left me breathless.
Her face was beautiful—high cheekbones, a straight nose, a strong jawline—and it was always perfectly composed, even when she looked like she wanted to kill someone.
But it was the way she looked at me that always got me—the way she seemed to see right through me, right down to my core, like she knew all my secrets and wasn’t afraid to use them against me if I got out of line.
She wasn’t afraid to let me know that she was interested, even if it meant risking her family’s reputation in the process.
She knew what she wanted, and she wasn’t going to let anyone get in her way—not me, not her brother, not even her father, the most powerful mafia boss in the country.
Lila stood up to her father in a way that no one else ever dared to, even if it meant risking her life in the process.
And she always got what she wanted, no matter what it took to get it.
On this particular night, Lila was sitting in her family’s private room in a booth by the window, watching me with a look of pure hunger on her face as I served her dinner.
Her brother, Solomon, was sitting across from her, talking to her in hushed tones as their bodyguards stood by the door, watching my every move with a look of pure lust on their faces.
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But she was also the kind of woman who could make me beg for more, who could make me want things that I’d never wanted before.
She was more than just beautiful—she was powerful too, and everyone who knew her treated her with both respect and fear.
As the head of the mafia family that owned the restaurant where I worked, her father, Mr.Lee, was one of the most feared men in the country, and Lila held a position of power in his organization that was second only to his own.
Her older brother, Solomon, had been groomed from birth to take over the family business one day, but he had been away at school for the last few years, leaving Lila to hold down the fort in his absence.
She had done so with an iron fist, running things with near military precision and making sure that everything went exactly as planned—even if it meant bending or breaking the rules in order to get what she wanted.
And it wasn’t just her family’s reputation that made her so intimidating—it was her reputation too.
Lila had never been afraid to use her position of power to get what she wanted, no matter who or what stood in her way.
She could be ruthless when she needed to be, just like her father, but unlike him, she had a softer side too.
She was known for being tough but fair, always willing to listen and take others’ feelings into account, even if she didn’t necessarily agree with them.
She was also fiercely loyal, always willing to go to bat for those she cared about, no matter what the cost.
And she knew how to get people to do what she wanted, either by using her own unique brand of charm or by using other, more forceful methods.
She was also known for her beauty—tall, with long dark hair, deep brown eyes, and full lips that begged to be kissed.
And she had a smile that could light up a room, brightening even the darkest corners of her father’s private club when she came in for a visit.
Lila was used to getting what she wanted, but I was sure that I was one thing she’d never have.
She was way out of my league, a powerful mafia princess who could have any woman she wanted at the snap of her fingers.
So I did my best to keep my distance, even as I struggled to keep my eyes off of her.
But it was hard not to be drawn to her, not when she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.
The fact that she was part of a powerful mafia family only made her more intimidating, but it also made her more desirable, at least to me.
I wanted her more than anything, more than I’d ever wanted anything before, but I was sure that she didn’t want me.
So I did my best to keep my distance, even as I found myself doing everything I could to get closer.
Lila’s visits were always the highlight of my week, even though they often ended with one of the bodyguards in their entourage giving me a black eye or a bloody nose for looking at her the wrong way.
I was never sure how she managed to get away with it, but I was always grateful when she did.
And I wasn’t the only one who noticed the way she looked at me, either.
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When I looked down, I realized that I’d dropped a glass of water all over Lila’s lap, ruining her perfectly tailored suit.
“I’m so sorry,” I said, scrambling to clean it up as best I could.
Lila didn’t answer, which only made me hurry more, scared of what might happen if I didn’t.
But as I wiped up the mess, I felt her eyes on me, watching me intently as Solomon berated me from across the table.
I tried not to make eye contact with either one of them, but Lila’s stare was impossible to ignore.
It took all I had not to look up, not when she was looking at me like that, with those dark eyes of hers watching me so closely.
I could tell that she was angry, but there was something else there too—something almost like curiosity.
It made my cheeks burn with embarrassment, but it also made my heart race, not with fear, but with excitement.
I’d never seen Lila look at anyone quite like this before, not even me.
“Stop staring and apologize,” Solomon snapped, his voice hard and cold.
I nodded quickly, keeping my eyes down even as Lila’s gaze held mine for a moment longer.
Then she finally broke our eye contact and turned back to the table as I finished cleaning up the mess.
I apologized again before heading back into the kitchen to get their order ready, my heart still pounding in my chest as I went.
It wasn’t until later that night that I realized what had happened when Lila looked at me like that—that she’d been looking at me the same way that I’d been looking at her all this time.
But she was just playing me, just trying to make me fall for her so that she could break my heart into a million pieces and walk away without a care in the world.
Because that was what people like Lila did—they used people like me for their own amusement and then tossed us aside when they were done.
So I tried not to think about it too much as I went back into the kitchen and got back to work.
But it was impossible not to think about it when both of them were still out there, watching me from their private room as I worked in the kitchen.
I could feel Lila’s eyes on me as she watched me work, even though she was careful not to get caught.
She wasn’t staring at me anymore, but she was watching me just the same, studying me with those dark eyes of hers as I went about my business without a care in the world.
And for a moment there, I almost felt myself falling for it—almost felt myself getting lost in those dark eyes of hers and forgetting where we were and what we were doing.
But then the moment passed and I remembered who she was and where we were and what would happen if we got caught.
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