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Blood Moon Rising

Scenario: primitive yet intelligent villain alien pov, sci-fi, horror, blood/gore
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primitive yet intelligent villain alien pov, sci-fi, horror, blood/gore
I was elbow-deep in blood when the call came in.
Voss, you need to get up here.
I glanced over my shoulder at the security officer who’d been sent to fetch me.
He looked like he was about to be sick, and I couldn’t blame him.
The body on the table in front of me was missing its head, and I’d only just started the autopsy.
“Give me a minute,” I said, turning back to my work.
“I need to finish this first.”
he said, his voice rising in panic.
I sighed and dropped the scalpel onto the tray beside me.
This was going to be a long day.
I followed him out of the morgue and into the corridor beyond, where we were met by a scene of chaos.
People were running in all directions, shouting and screaming as they went.
The security officer grabbed my arm and pulled me along after him, but I didn’t need any help finding my way to the control room.
I was washing my hands when the alarm went off.
It was a shrill, piercing sound that seemed to cut through the quiet of the morgue like a knife.
A moment later, the door burst open, and I turned to see the security officer standing in the doorway, his face as white as a sheet.
Flynn needs you in the control room right away,” he said.
“It’s urgent.”
“I’ll be right there,” I said, but he was already gone, leaving me alone with the body on the table.
I glanced at it over my shoulder, taking in the sight of the station’s engineer lying there with his chest cavity ripped open.
I’d only just started the autopsy, and I was nowhere near finished.
I’d barely had time to remove his organs before the alarm went off, and now I was being pulled away from him before I could even begin to figure out what had happened.
I sighed and turned back to the sink, scrubbing my hands until they were red and raw.
The blood was everywhere, coating my skin and my scrubs in a slick, sticky film.
It would be hours before I could get rid of it all, but I didn’t have time for that now.
With one last glance at the body on the table, I turned and left the morgue behind.
The stench of death followed me out into the corridor as I made my way to the control room, where I found Captain Marcus Flynn waiting for me with a grim look on his face.
Voss,” he said when he saw me.
“Thank you for coming.”
“What’s going on?”
I asked, looking around at the other people gathered in the room.
The security officer who’d come to get me was there, along with a handful of others who all looked just as terrified as he did.
“We received a distress signal from one of our research outposts,” Flynn said.
“All personnel are to report to their stations immediately.”
I stared at him in disbelief.
“You’re not seriously considering going out there, are you?”
“It’s already been decided,” he said.
I opened my mouth to argue, but he cut me off before I could say anything.
“You’ll need to finish the autopsy later,” he said.
“I need you to take care of something for me first.”
He motioned to the security officer who’d come to fetch me, and the man stepped forward.
“I need you to take Dr.
Voss down to the engineering bay,” Flynn said.
“There’s something down there that needs her attention.”
The security officer looked like he was about to be sick, and his face turned an even paler shade of white.
I glanced at him in confusion, then realized what was wrong when he shot a terrified look in the direction of the morgue.
He hadn’t wanted to come down there in the first place, and now he was being asked to go right back.
It was no wonder he looked like he was about to pass out.
“Come on,” he said, grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the group before I could protest any further.
“It’s this way.”
He led me down a series of narrow corridors and winding stairwells until we finally arrived at our destination.
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“Sorry about all this,” he said.
I shook my head.
“It’s fine,” I said.
“I’m used to being pulled away from my work before I can finish it.
It happens more often than you’d think.” I glanced at the security officer, who was looking even more pale than he had been before.
“Are you going to be okay?”
He nodded, then swallowed hard.
“I’m fine,” he said, but his voice came out as a croak.
“I’ll be fine.”
“I promise I’ll make it up to you later,” I said, giving him a reassuring smile.
“If you get hurt out there, you’ll be the first one on my operating table when you get back.”
I hadn’t been joking when I told him that, either.
It was his job to put himself in harm’s way to keep the rest of us safe, and it was only a matter of time before he ended up getting injured in the process.
When that happened, I wanted to be the one to take care of him.
It was the least I could do for someone who put their life on the line for us every single day.
He smiled back at me, looking a little less terrified than he had before.
“Thank you, Doctor,” he said.
“Now let’s go see what the captain needs us to do.”
He led me into the engineering bay, where I found Captain Flynn waiting for us.
His usual composed demeanor had been replaced by a grim seriousness, and I could tell from the look on his face that whatever was going on, it wasn’t good.
I’d known the captain for years, and in all that time, I’d rarely seen him look so serious.
Something big was happening, and I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be pretty.
“Thank you for coming,” he said when he saw us.
“No problem, sir,” the security officer said.
“Good,” Flynn said.
“Now please show Dr.
Voss what you found.”
The security officer led me over to a console at the far end of the room, where he pulled up a series of images that made my blood run cold.
The first was a shot of our station, which was currently orbiting a small planet in the middle of nowhere.
The second was a series of blips on the screen, each one representing a ship currently docked with our station.
“There’s something wrong with this picture, isn’t there?”
he asked, turning to look at me.
“It’s not supposed to be there, is it?”
I stared at the screen, my mind racing as I tried to make sense of what I was seeing.
“It’s an unauthorized shuttle,” the security officer said.
“We picked it up a few minutes ago, attempting to dock with our station.
We tried to establish communication, but they didn’t respond.”
“How long has it been out there?”
I asked, my voice barely more than a whisper.
“Not long,” Flynn said.
“But we can’t afford to take any chances.
If they won’t answer our hails, then we’ll have to take more drastic measures.”
“And that’s when you found…”
“The bodies,” Flynn said.
He looked away from me, his face grim.
“They’re all dead, Doctor.
Every single one of them.”
I stared at him in shock, the blood draining from my face as I realized what that meant.
“There’s something else, too,” he said.
“We found this on board.”
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Flynn turned back to the console and pulled up a new image for me to see: a recording from a security camera that showed a monstrous creature moving through the corridors of our station.
“It’s an alien,” I breathed.
“We’re not alone out here,” Flynn said.
“There’s a predator on board our station, and it’s been hunting us one by one.”
He turned back to me, his face grim and set.
“We’ve done our best to fight it off,” he said.
“But it just keeps coming back for more.
We can’t stop it, and I’m starting to think we never will.”
I stared at him in horror, unable to comprehend what I was hearing.
“Can you describe it?”
Flynn nodded, the lines of his face deepening as he spoke.
“It’s large and muscular,” he said.
“Its skin is black as night, and its eyes are yellow like fire.
It moves with incredible speed and agility, and it’s got razor-sharp claws and teeth that can tear through steel like paper.
But what makes it truly dangerous is that it doesn’t just kill its victims.
It mutilates them beyond recognition, tearing them apart in search of blood and gore.”
He looked away from me, his face set in a grim mask of determination.
“I don’t know what it is, Doctor,” he said.
“But I do know that we can’t let it leave this station alive.”
The lights flickered ominously as Flynn spoke, casting a pall over the control room as we all realized what that meant for us.
Our station, once a haven in the vast emptiness of space, was now a slaughterhouse, with our crew as the victims in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a monster that seemed to relish in the hunt.
And we were running out of time to stop it before it was too late.
“Lieutenant Chen, report.” I barked into the comm unit clipped to my ear as I rushed down the corridor toward the control room, with Dr.
Voss and a security officer trailing closely behind me.
I’d sent Chen and her team to set up a trap for the predator in one of our larger cargo holds, and I’d been waiting for her to check in ever since.
“Captain Flynn,” Chen responded, her voice taut with tension.
“We’ve got the bait in place and we’re ready to go, but I don’t like this one bit.”
I could hear the tension in her voice and feel it myself, coiled tight in my gut as I prepared to face off against the creature that had killed so many of my crew.
“Don’t worry, Lieutenant,” I said as calmly as I could, though inside I was anything but.
“I’ve got a good feeling about this one.”
A loud crash echoed down the hall as she responded, followed by a burst of static so loud it made me wince in pain.
“Shit, Captain,” she swore.
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