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Frozen Secrets of Greenlantis

May 14
Scenario: the lost world of Greenlantis is a 60000 year old city under the ice cap
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the lost world of Greenlantis is a 60000 year old city under the ice cap
The ice was thin.
I could hear it cracking beneath my feet as I led the team towards the entrance of Greenlantis.
The city had been lost for over 60,000 years, buried beneath the ice cap of the Arctic.
We’d found it by accident, during a routine expedition to study the effects of climate change on the region.
The moment I’d seen the outline of the city on our sonar, I knew that we had to investigate.
It had taken us two days to cut through the ice and reach the entrance, but now that we were here, I couldn’t wait to see what lay inside.
I turned to look at my companions.
Alex was walking behind me, his eyes wide behind his glasses.
He was a historian by training, but he’d always been fascinated by archaeology and exploration.
When I’d told him about Greenlantis, he’d practically begged me to let him come along.
Leo was bringing up the rear.
He was a survival expert I’d been mentoring for the last few years.
He was a big guy, with a muscular build and rugged features, and he looked out of place in the crisp, neat environment suits we were all wearing.
I’d been surprised when he’d asked to come on this expedition; he normally preferred to work alone.
But he’d seemed genuinely interested in what we were doing, and I’d been happy to have him along.
Besides, I always liked to have someone with his skills around in case things went wrong.
We reached the entrance of Greenlantis and paused to take a look around.
The city was made of some kind of black stone that seemed to absorb the light, making it difficult to see the details from where we stood.
But it was clear that the entrance was vast, with huge stone blocks rising up on either side of us to form a kind of gateway.
I could feel the power of the place, calling to me, and I shivered.
The ice around us gave another loud crack, and I glanced down at my boots nervously.
It was so thin that it was barely able to support our weight; we needed to get inside before it gave way completely.
“Let’s go,” I said, turning back towards the entrance.
The others followed me, and we headed inside.
It didn’t take long for us to realize that this wasn’t just an ordinary city.
The architecture was strange; the buildings were more angular than they should have been, with sharp edges and unexpected curves that made them look almost organic.
And the streets were laid out in a way that was just… wrong.
It didn’t make any sense.
I frowned, trying to figure it out, but it was no use; it was like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces.
“Maybe they built it like this on purpose,” Alex said thoughtfully.
“If they were trying to keep people out, it would certainly do the trick.”
I nodded absently, my mind on other things.
We’d been exploring the city for a few hours when the storm hit.
The wind came out of nowhere, howling and screaming like a banshee, and the snow was so thick that I could barely see my hand in front of my face.
I cursed under my breath and tightened the straps of my pack; the blizzard was going to make it almost impossible to get back to the ship now.
“It’s just a little weather,” Alex said reassuringly from behind me.
“We’ll be fine.”
“Famous last words,” I grumbled, but he was right; there was no way we could continue exploring in these conditions.
We needed to get back to the Endurance immediately.
I turned around and started to make my way back towards the entrance of the city, but after only a few steps, I was forced to stop.
The ground was shaking violently beneath my feet; the whole city seemed to be coming apart at the seams.
“Holy shit,” Leo said from behind me.
“What the hell is happening?”
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The ice beneath my feet gave another low groan as we carefully made our way towards the entrance of Greenlantis.
It was still too thick to see through completely, but I could tell by the way the light was filtering down from above that the ice was getting thinner.
It wouldn’t be long before we reached the city.
I felt a sense of excitement building inside me as I thought about what lay ahead.
I’d been studying the lost city of Greenlantis since I was a student, and now, finally, I was going to get to see it for myself.
The city had been built over 60,000 years ago by an ancient civilization known as the Hyperboreans.
According to historical records, they had been a highly advanced society with knowledge and technology far beyond anything that should have been possible at the time.
But despite their many accomplishments, very little was known about them—or their city—because they had mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth almost overnight.
It had taken us two days of careful cutting to reach the entrance of the city, but now that we were finally here, I couldn’t wait to see what lay inside.
The ice was getting thin now.
I could see the city more clearly, its buildings stretching for miles beneath the surface of the ice.
They weren’t made of stone, as one might expect from an ancient city, but of a material that seemed to shimmer in the dim light, like some kind of crystal.
The entire city seemed to glow softly from within; it was beautiful, in a haunting sort of way.
I shivered, feeling a sense of unease that had nothing to do with the icy cold.
“Look at this place,” Alex breathed from behind me, his eyes wide behind his glasses.
“It’s just like you said.”
“Even better,” I said quietly.
The storm above us continued to rage, but down here, in the shadow of this ancient city, all was eerily calm.
I felt a sense of awe building inside me as we carefully made our way towards the entrance.
We reached the entrance a few minutes later and paused to take a look around.
It was even more impressive up close; there were huge columns rising up on either side of us, like some kind of gateway or portal leading deeper into the city.
It was impossible to see how far back it went from where we stood, but judging by what we’d seen so far, it was going to be huge.
“What are we waiting for?”
Leo asked impatiently.
“Let’s go inside.”
I nodded and turned to lead the way, but as I took my first step, I heard an ominous groan coming from beneath my feet.
I hesitated; something wasn’t right.
The ice beneath my feet was cracking loudly now, like a gunshot ringing through the air.
“It’s not safe,” Alex said nervously from behind me.
“We need to get out of here.”
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Greenlantis had lain hidden beneath the Arctic ice for over 60,000 years, but looking at it now, it was hard to believe that such a place had ever existed.
Humanity was still in its infancy when this city had been built, and yet, the scale and grandeur of its architecture far surpassed anything that had ever been recorded in human history.
The buildings were tall and slender, with towering spires that reached up towards the sky.
Each one was covered in intricate designs, carvings, and patterns that seemed to tell a story all of their own.
There were no windows or doors that I could see, but there were large archways scattered at intervals along the street, leading deeper into the city.
It was hard to imagine what kind of people could have built such a place, or why they would choose to build it here, in a place where no one would ever see it.
And then there was the material; whatever this city was made from, it was unlike anything else on Earth.
It shimmered softly in the dim light, like some kind of crystal or gemstone.
It was beautiful, in an otherworldly sort of way.
We stood there for a long moment, taking it all in, before Leo finally spoke up.
“What are we waiting for?”
He asked impatiently.
“Let’s go inside.”
I nodded and started forward, leading my team towards one of the large archways.
Alex walked beside me, his eyes wide behind his glasses as he took in his surroundings.
He’d been my closest friend since childhood, and it was his knowledge of history that had convinced me to bring him along on this expedition.
Together, we descended into the heart of Greenlantis, our footsteps echoing off the ancient walls.
The air inside was cold and still, a sharp contrast to the howling winds outside.
For the first time since we’d arrived, I felt a shiver run down my spine.
This place was old, older than anything we had ever seen before.
And we were about to uncover something that was beyond anything we had ever imagined.
We walked in silence, listening to the sound of our boots crunching against the ice as we made our way deeper into the city.
The buildings began to grow taller and more closely packed together as we went, until the street was little more than a narrow alleyway between two rows of towering spires.
The walls rose up on either side of us, blocking out the sky and casting the street in deep shadow.
We walked for what felt like hours, but it was impossible to tell for sure how long it had been since we’d entered the city; there was no way of tracking time down here.
As we walked, I began to notice something strange happening to the ice around us.
At first, it was barely noticeable; just a few small cracks and fissures that appeared here and there along the walls of the alley.
But as we continued on, the cracks began to grow larger and more frequent.
Some of them were so deep that I could see down into the city below, where strange lights and shadows flickered in the darkness.
And then, as we turned a corner, something happened that made my heart stop.
The ground beneath us suddenly buckled and shifted, throwing us off balance as it rose up into the air, carrying us higher and higher until we were almost level with the tops of the buildings.
There was a loud groaning sound, like metal being twisted and bent out of shape, and then, with one final lurch, the ice cracked open and we were sent tumbling into the city below.
We landed in a tangle on the icy ground, groaning in pain as we struggled to untangle ourselves from one another.
As we lay there, catching our breath, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder building inside me.
This place was amazing; there was so much here that we didn’t know about, so many secrets waiting to be uncovered.
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