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Forbidden Desires: Unraveling Family Secrets

May 14
Scenario: Foster family sex
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Foster family sex
I was a little surprised when my dad told me he was getting married again.
I’d been living with my mom for the past few years, and I knew he’d been seeing someone, but I didn’t realize it was that serious.
I guess I should have known, though.
My dad’s the kind of guy who doesn’t do anything halfway.
He’s a bigwig in the business world, and he’s always been super ambitious.
He’s also a total workaholic, which is one of the reasons my mom divorced him when I was still pretty young.
She said she felt like a single parent even though they were still married, and she wanted to be with someone who could give her more time and attention.
I can understand that, but it was still hard on me because I’m really close to my dad.
I think he felt guilty about the divorce too because he started spending more time with me after that, which is why I moved in with him after my mom got remarried last year.
My dad owns his own company, which is based in the city, so he’s always had to travel a lot and work long hours.
He doesn’t have to be there every day, though, so he bought a house in the suburbs that was closer to my school so I could live with him during the week.
It was a pretty big change for me, but I adapted to it pretty easily because I’m used to being on my own.
I’m a really independent person, probably because of everything that happened with my parents when I was younger.
My mom’s a realtor and also works a lot, but her hours are more flexible than my dad’s, so I would just take the bus to her office after school and hang out there until she was ready to go home.
I was worried when she got remarried that I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore, but it turned out I didn’t have anything to worry about because her new husband has two kids of his own and lives in the city so she has to pick them up from school every day anyway.
My dad met Sarah, his second wife, during a business trip to Japan.
He was looking for a translator who spoke both English and Japanese so he could expand his company overseas, and she happened to be working at the same hotel where he was staying.
She’s half-Japanese and half-American, and she grew up in Japan with her Japanese mother while her father stayed in the States, so she’s fluent in both languages.
They hit it off right away and started dating even though he already hired her as his translator.
They got married after only a few months of dating, which came as a total surprise to me because my dad is not the kind of guy who rushes into things, but I think he knew Sarah was the one from the moment he met her.
She’s really pretty with long black hair and sharp features, and she has this quiet elegance about her that draws you in.
I think that’s why my dad fell for her so quickly because she’s totally different from him.
He can be kind of loud and boisterous at times, which I think scares some people away, but Sarah isn’t like that at all.
I think that’s also why they’re so good together because they balance each other out.
It’s nice to see my dad so happy again after everything that happened with my mom.
I’m happy for him, I really am, but it was hard for me to get used to having a new family all of a sudden— especially since he told me he was going to be a father again right after he told me he was getting married.
I was excited about the idea of having a little brother or sister, but it was kind of overwhelming at the same time, too.
I didn’t know what Mia would be like or how she would feel about me since I’m the son of her new stepdad.
I didn’t want her to resent me or anything, but I didn’t have anything to worry about on that front either since she turned out to be super sweet.
She has these huge brown eyes and curly hair that’s the same color as mine, which is kind of funny considering we’re not related by blood.
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She had a really nice body too with an athletic build that made her look like a soccer player even though she doesn’t actually play any sports.
I could tell she was used to getting a lot of attention from guys because they were always checking her out whenever we went out together.
I can’t blame them either since she has this vibrant energy about her that draws you in and makes you want to get to know her better— which was exactly what happened with me.
At first, I thought of Mia as just another girl my age— you know, someone who liked to hang out with her friends and go shopping and watch movies— but as I got to know her better, I started seeing her as something more than that.
She was still a girl, of course, but there was something about her that made me see her in a different light than before, which is why I tried to keep my distance from her as much as possible after that.
I felt terrible about the way I felt because I knew it was wrong for me to be attracted to someone who was, technically speaking, my sister now.
It wasn’t like we were related by blood or anything like that, but we were still family so it felt wrong for me to have those kinds of feelings towards her.
I tried my best to bury them deep down inside me so they wouldn’t interfere with my relationships with the rest of my family too much.
I thought I was doing a pretty good job of it too until one night a couple months after I moved in with them.
I was sitting on the couch in the living room with Mia watching TV while Sarah and my dad were upstairs putting Mia’s little brother, who had just turned one, down for the night.
It was already pretty late, and I had school the next day, so I didn’t want to stay up much longer, but I couldn’t bring myself to get up from the couch and go to bed either.
I just sat there staring at the TV without really seeing anything, lost in my own thoughts.
I must have been more obvious about it than I thought because Mia turned and looked at me with a worried expression on her face.
“Are you okay?”
she asked when she saw me frowning.
“You look like you have something on your mind.”
I quickly schooled my features so she wouldn’t think anything was wrong when nothing actually was.
I was honestly fine; I just had a lot on my mind so I must have looked more serious than usual.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I told her with a reassuring smile even though it wasn’t really necessary.
“I’m just thinking about school tomorrow.”
“Is that all?”
she asked, looking skeptical.
Now that she mentioned it, school had been pretty stressful lately thanks to college applications and midterms, which I had been studying for pretty much nonstop every day, so it wasn’t that surprising that she could tell something was bothering me.
“Yeah, that’s all,” I said, trying not to sound too defensive even though I knew she hadn’t meant anything bad by it.
“I’m just stressed out about it, that’s all.”
“Then maybe I can help you relax,” she said with a playful smile as she got up from the couch and sat down next to me again but this time on my lap instead of next to me.
She leaned over and wrapped her arms around my neck before gently rubbing her cheek against mine, which made me shiver even though she didn’t actually come into contact with me since I turned away from her at the last second.
“Do you want me to give you a massage?”
she asked when she felt me shivering and mistook my reaction as a sign that I was cold.
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“I do,” I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer so I could look into her eyes, “but—”
I was already shaking my head at her before she could finish speaking, but she didn’t seem like she cared.
She pressed her lips against mine and kissed me softly at first before deepening it, and I gladly kissed her back even though I knew I shouldn’t be doing this.
I couldn’t help myself, though.
I wanted her too much.
When Mia finally pulled away from me and looked at me with a guilty expression on her face, I realized I wanted more and I wasn’t going to be able to stop myself from taking it if she stayed where she was.
I knew I needed to get as far away from her as possible, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.
I was too lost in the moment with her, and I wanted it too much.
“We need to stop,” I said, even though my voice was hesitant and I didn’t really mean it yet.
“We shouldn’t be doing this.”
Mia’s eyes filled with tears when she heard what I said, and she quickly got off my lap and ran up the stairs without saying anything.
I already felt bad about doing this kind of stuff with my dad’s wife’s foster daughter, but seeing how guilty she looked made me feel even worse.
I stayed in the living room for a little while after Mia left until Sarah came downstairs and saw me still sitting on the couch.
“Is Mia already asleep?”
she asked when she saw me frowning.
Her parents were sitting at the table eating their dinner, and my dad was looking at me with a concerned expression on his face like he could tell something was wrong even though he had no idea what it was.
“She’s not hungry,” I said as I looked away from them without making eye contact with either of them so they wouldn’t be able to tell that I was lying.
My dad looked like he wanted to say something else to me, but he didn’t.
Instead, he turned back around and started talking to Sarah’s parents again before Sarah noticed that something was wrong and asked me about it too.
“Are you okay?”
she asked in a hushed voice so her parents wouldn’t hear her from the living room, knowing how much they liked to gossip about other people’s problems.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I lied again as I finally looked at her and gave her a reassuring smile to prove that there was nothing wrong when that couldn’t be further from the truth.
“Okay then,” she said before turning back around and finishing the rest of her dinner without saying anything else to me until she started clearing the table and asked me if I wanted to help her with it.
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