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Feathered Serpent's Love

May 14
Scenario: A snake with feathers, girl falls in love with the villain
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A snake with feathers, girl falls in love with the villain
A snake with feathers.
That’s what Aiden was.
He was a predator in the guise of a protector.
A villain pretending to be a hero.
And I was the girl who fell in love with him.
I should have known better, but I was young and stupid and curious.
I wanted to know what it felt like to be loved by someone like him, so I let myself fall, even though I knew he would never catch me.
Even though I knew he would break me in the end.
But I didn’t care, because for a little while, he made me feel alive.
He made me feel like I was more than just a pawn in someone else’s game.
He made me feel like I was his equal, his partner, his everything.
And then he left me behind without a second thought, and I realized that I had been nothing more than a means to an end all along.
A pawn in his game of revenge against the man who had destroyed his family.
“Elara,” Aiden said again, and my heart fluttered at the sound of his voice.
It was deep and rough, like gravel on pavement, but it was oddly comforting, too.
He was always so distant and cold, but in that moment, he almost sounded…concerned.
I blinked up at him, trying to focus on his face.
His dark eyes were fixed on mine, glittering like polished onyx in the dim light.
I could see the tension in his jaw, the way his sharp features had tensed into a fierce scowl.
I could feel the heat of his body so close to mine, the warmth of his breath brushing against my skin.
I knew what he was going to do, but I was powerless to stop him.
I should have pushed him away.
I should have slapped him across the face and run far away from him as fast as I could.
I shouldn’t have wanted this, not after everything that had happened between us.
But it wasn’t like I could help it.
It was just…Aiden.
He reached for me then, his hands cupping my face as he leaned in to claim my lips with his own.
My heart nearly stopped as I realized what was about to happen.
We shouldn’t be doing this.
We shouldn’t even be here together in the first place.
But it was too late for that now.
His lips were so warm against mine, so soft and inviting that I couldn’t help but part my own to let him in.
His tongue darted out to sweep across my bottom lip, seeking entrance, but I held back for just a moment longer, savoring the anticipation of what was to come.
I knew he would be impatient with me—Aiden was many things, but patient was not one of them—but I wanted to make him wait just a little bit longer before I gave him what he wanted more than anything else in the world.
It was a small act of defiance against a man who had never known what it was like to be denied anything he desired, but it made me feel powerful in a way I hadn’t since I had first met him, and so I savored the moment for just a second longer before finally giving in to temptation and opening myself up to him at last.
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The moment our lips met, I was lost to the world.
All thought fled from my mind as Aiden’s kiss deepened, his touch setting my skin ablaze with the fire of his desire.
He pulled me closer, and I went willingly, stepping forward to press my body against his, knowing even as I did so that it was a mistake, but unable to bring myself to care.
All that mattered was the feel of him against me, the taste of him on my tongue, the intoxicating scent of him filling up my senses until there was nothing else left in the world but him and me and the fire that raged between us like an inferno threatening to consume us both.
His lips moved with an urgency that took my breath away, and I clung to him, letting him lead the way as I followed blindly, losing myself in the sensations that coursed through my body at his touch.
He tasted like darkness and danger, like forbidden fruit and unspoken promises, and I couldn’t get enough of him.
He was everywhere, surrounding me, filling me up until I thought I might burst from the sheer force of his presence, and I let it happen, surrendering to the overwhelming need he had awoken inside me until I was nothing more than a quivering mass of desire cradled delicately within his arms.
Our mouths moved together with a hunger that was almost feral, and I could feel the heat of his body seeping through the thin fabric of our clothes, soaking into my skin and making me burn with an insatiable need for more.
I arched against him, pressing myself more tightly against his hard, muscled frame, trying to get closer to him even as he pulled me tight against him with an iron grip that left no room for doubt about who was in control.
He growled softly against my lips, the sound low and dangerous, and I shivered, the heat between my legs growing hotter as I felt the evidence of his arousal pressing insistently against me through the thin material of my dress.
He was big and hard and hot, and I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anything before in my life.
He groaned as I writhed against him, and then he was moving, pushing me back against the wall with an urgency that left no room for argument.
My head spun with the force of the movement, and I cried out as he pinned me there uselessly, trying to find purchase against the rough stone surface as I struggled to keep my balance.
His lips never left mine, though, and his hands slid around to cup my backside, pulling me forward until our bodies were flush together once again, only this time there was nothing separating us as we ground together with an almost desperate need that left me weak and shaking with desire.
He was everywhere, touching me, claiming me, leaving me gasping and trembling with pleasure as he trailed kisses along my jawline, nipping sharply at my skin before moving on to explore the curve of my throat.
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He wasn't supposed to want me, not like this.
I knew that, knew it in every fiber of my being, and yet even now, after everything that had happened between us, I couldn't help but revel in the intensity of his touch.
The kiss was brutal, a testament to the raw, unbridled passion that lay just beneath the surface of his carefully composed exterior, and I could feel it taking over my body with an almost violent urgency as it spread through me like wildfire.
His lips were hot and demanding against mine, moving with a desperate ferocity that made it easy to believe that he would do just about anything to keep me like this, locked away forever in this little corner of paradise where only the two of us existed.
And I wanted it.
Oh god how I wanted it.
I wanted to be his, wanted to let him do whatever he pleased with my body until I was nothing more than a quivering mass of need cradled delicately within his hands.
And then he was moving again, pulling me away from the wall and drawing me down the long hallway toward one of the many doors leading off from the main living area.
My heart pounded in my chest as he drew me closer and closer to his bedroom door with each step we took, and I knew that if we went inside I would lose myself completely to the passion building between us.
He would take me.
I would let him.
And in that moment there would be nothing else in the world except for us and the desperate need we shared for each other.
I could almost taste it already, a bittersweet tang rising up from my throat and filling me with a longing so powerful it was almost painful.
His hands were rough against my skin as he guided me into his room, but I didn't mind.
The kiss was bruising and insistent as his lips moved over mine with a fierce hunger that made me ache with a desire so intense I thought I might die from it if he didn't do something soon.
I could feel his need rising up inside me like a wave about to crash against the shore, no longer content to wait for his touch as I arched against him with a small whimper at the thought of what was to come.