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Rise of the Super Kids

Scenario: Ryan, a little boy, finds a high-tech glasses that gives him super powers.
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Ryan, a little boy, finds a high-tech glasses that gives him super powers.
I found the glasses in an old box in my attic.
They were dusty and looked like they’d been there for years, but when I put them on, they gave me superpowers.
I could fly and I had super strength.
I was a superhero!
I ran to show Mia, but she wasn’t home.
I couldn’t wait to tell her about the glasses and show her what they could do.
But then I heard the news: a villain was attacking our city!
I had to stop him, but I couldn’t do it alone.
Would Mia help me?
And would we be able to save our city together?
The glasses were in an old box in my attic.
When I found them, they were dusty and looked like they’d been there for years.
I picked them up and wiped them off with my shirt.
They were big and bulky with thick black frames that looked like something out of a science fiction movie.
I could hear a hum, almost like it was coming from inside my head.
Then blue light shone out of the glasses, and before I knew what was happening, I was floating off the ground!
I looked down at my feet in shock.
I was flying!
I had superpowers!
I grinned and whooped as I soared up into the sky.
I could see the whole city from up there.
I could see my house, Mia’s house, and even Captain Steel’s fortress.
The wind was cold on my face, but I couldn’t stop grinning.
This was even better than I’d imagined!
It wasn’t hard to control myself.
I floated back down to the ground and made my way back home, still grinning like an idiot the whole way.
I didn’t know how long this would last, and I didn’t want to waste a single second of it.
When I got back to my house, I went straight to my room, leaving my shoes by the door and my coat on the rack.
Then I ran up to the attic and closed the door behind me.
I went over to the box where I’d found the glasses and opened it up.
They were still there, right where I’d left them.
I put them on again and pushed the button on the side of the right lens.
The blue light came on and I flew up into the air again.
It was still amazing.
When I got tired of flying, I floated back down to the ground.
When my feet were firmly on the floor again, I took the glasses off and looked at them.
Could this be real?
The glasses seemed so high-tech, almost like they were from a superhero movie or something.
But that was impossible… right?
They could be some kind of virtual reality device, or maybe they were just a figment of my imagination?
I put them on again and flew up into the sky.
The blue light shone out of the glasses as they gave me superpowers.
Sure enough, I could see the hum coming from inside my head now.
The glasses weren’t in my imagination.
They were real!
I whooped again and flew around in circles, higher and faster than before.
When I started to get dizzy, I dropped down to the ground and took the glasses off again.
They really gave me superpowers!
Maybe they were made by Captain Steel himself…
That would be amazing!
But how had they ended up in my attic?
And why had nobody ever mentioned them before?
Maybe they belonged to one of my parents…
If that was true, then why hadn’t they ever used these powers to save our city?
My parents had never mentioned having superpowers before…
But maybe they hid it from me on purpose?
Maybe they thought that being a superhero was too dangerous…
No, that couldn’t be right.
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The glasses in the attic seemed too good to be true.
I was probably just dreaming.
I’d gone to sleep in the attic, and I was dreaming about finding some glasses that gave me superpowers.
Or maybe I was going crazy.
I’d always been a little bit weird, but maybe something was really wrong with me now.
But then I put the glasses on again.
I could see the blue light shining out of them.
I pressed the button on the side of the right lens.
The hum came from inside my head.
And I flew up into the sky again.
That didn’t seem like something that could happen in a dream or a hallucination…
The glasses were real.
They gave me superpowers!
I didn’t know how or why, but it was true.
I had to get to the bottom of this.
If the glasses really did give me superpowers—and it seemed like they must—then I wanted to know what they could do for me.
Maybe they had other powers too?
But if I wanted to experiment with my new superpowers, then I had to figure out how to take the glasses off without losing them.
Flying up into the sky was fun, but it wasn’t very discreet.
If anyone saw me, then my secret would be out!
I looked around the attic for ideas.
The only window in the room was behind me.
It was small and square with thin panes of glass set into a heavy wooden frame.
The glass was so dirty that it was hard to see through it, but I could tell that it was dark outside now.
My parents must have come home while I was playing with the glasses.
If I went back into the house now, then they might see me wearing them…
And then who knew what would happen?
If I flew straight up through the window, then anyone who saw me from outside would think that I’d been thrown from it instead of flying on my own… right?
I put the glasses back on and flew over to the window.
The blue light shone out of them as they gave me superpowers.
Then I flew up through the glass and into the night sky.
The wind was cold and sharp in my face.
I could feel snowflakes falling on me too.
It must have snowed while I was playing with the glasses…
I flew around for a few minutes until I felt like it was safe to go back.
Then I went back into the attic and landed on the floor.
I took off the glasses and walked over to the window.
I pushed it open and dropped down onto the roof of the front porch.
From there, it was easy to jump down to the ground and run around to the back of Mia’s house.
I ran through her yard until I got to her bedroom window.
It was small and square with thin panes of glass set into a heavy wooden frame.
The glass was dirty too, but there were little squares of clean glass at shoulder height and above her bed.
They were so clear that they looked like they weren’t even there.
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I pushed open her window and went inside.
Mia wasn’t back yet.
In fact, she wouldn’t be back for another hour at least.
She’d gone out to eat dinner with her family after the party…
And then she’d been planning on going shopping afterwards.
But I wanted her to know what happened as soon as possible!
I needed advice on how to use these powers wisely!
So I waited for her in her room.
Her bed was made neatly and all of her clothes were put away in her closet and dresser drawers.
Her desk was neat too, except for an old birthday card from me with our faces drawn onto it.
In the picture, we were both wearing superhero costumes and flying over our city together.
I’d drawn us from behind so you couldn’t see our faces very well…
But you could still tell who we were by our hairstyles and body shapes.
The image looked really good even if it wasn’t very accurate… We weren’t superheroes… not really…
But we did have secret identities just like them!
And we’d always imagined what life would be like if we really were superheroes…
So when it came time to make birthday cards for each other’s birthdays in fifth grade…
I thought it would be fun to draw our secret identities instead of our real ones!
Mia hadn’t thought it was such a good idea, so she just made a regular card for me instead.
But she’d kept mine, which made me happy!
It was one of my favorite pieces of art that I’d ever made!
I smiled at it as I waited for Mia to come home…
And then I started to think about what she’d say when she found out about the glasses.
Would she believe me?
Or would she think that I was making everything up for attention?
Maybe it would be better if I didn’t tell her right away…
She would be really worried about me if she found out that I’d been sneaking around her house without permission!
I thought about going back home instead…
Then Mia came back through her window and closed it behind her.
“Hey, sorry that took so long,” she said, taking off her coat.
“The service at the restaurant was terrible.”
“It’s okay,” I said, stepping out from behind her bed.
“I don’t mind.”
She smiled at me and set down her coat on the back of a chair.
“What are you doing here?”
“I just wanted to hang out,” I said, trying to act casual even though I had something really important to tell her.
“Is there something wrong with that?”
Mia laughed and shook her head.
“Of course not!”
I sat down on her bed and looked at the floor…
I didn’t know how to bring up what I’d found without scaring her or making her think that I was crazy!
But Mia could always tell when I was hiding something from her…
So she sat down on the bed next to me and waited for me to speak up.
We’d been friends ever since first grade…
Despite being very different from one another, we’d always gotten along really well!
I was short with curly brown hair and brown eyes…
While Mia was tall with long black hair and bright green eyes…
I liked sports and action movies…
While Mia liked books and playing video games…
I spent most of my time at home with my two moms…
While Mia spent most of her time at school with her little brother and sister…
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