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Forbidden Desires

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I thought I had it all figured out.
I thought I was in control of my life and my feelings.
But one look from Olivia Thompson and I knew I was wrong.
She is a mystery, a puzzle that I want to solve, but something tells me that I should be careful not to pull on that thread.
I can’t help myself.
She’s everything I want, but cannot have.
She is my best friend’s mom.
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And after everything we have been through, I would never hurt him like that.
But it doesn’t mean I won’t get hurt myself.
Because, in the end, it’s not a question of if I can avoid falling for her, it’s a question of if I want to take the risk or not.
How far am I willing to go?
I found myself staring again.
I couldn’t help it.
She was everywhere, and everything I wanted.
The way she walked, the way she talked, the way she moved and laughed.
Olivia Thompson was something else.
There were too many reasons why I shouldn’t be feeling this way about her, but there was one reason that was stronger than all the rest: Olivia Thompson made me feel something no one else ever had before.
The first time I met her, when Jake introduced us, I thought she was beautiful, but now I know better.
She is more than just beautiful.
She is elegant and sophisticated and has a presence about her that separates her from all others.
Every time she entered a room, my eyes went straight to her, and I couldn’t look away until she left again.
Even when she just passed me by on her way up the stairs or served us drinks in the living room, dressed in nothing but a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt, she had me spellbound.
The way those clothes clung to her body made me imagine what lay underneath them, and how much better they would look on the floor instead of on her.
And then there were the things she said to me, the compliments and the encouragement.
It made me feel special and worthy and like I could impress someone like her.
I knew Jake noticed how much I seemed to stare at his mom, he pointed it out numerous times before.
Jake was a good guy, and he didn’t get mad at me for looking at his mom like that, not really.
He just teased me about it, because he didn’t know how much worse it actually was.
Because Jake didn’t know that what he called staring was nothing compared to what I wanted to do to his mom whenever I looked at her.
Olivia always seemed oblivious to my stares since she never really reacted to them, until one time when she caught me watching her walk up the stairs with a glass of wine in her hand.
She smiled at me when our eyes locked and I felt my face go red as an embarrassed grin spread over my face.
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I was so far gone I didn’t even realize there was someone standing next to me until Olivia’s voice cut through my mind and brought me back to reality.
I glanced up and saw that she was looking at me with a knowing smile.
“Is there something you need?”
she asked in that soft voice of hers that sent shivers down my spine.
I tried to think of an innocent explanation for why I was staring at her so much but nothing came to mind.
Just like I couldn’t think of anything other than how beautiful she looked in that dress she was wearing.
It was almost impossible to look away from her long enough to actually form a coherent sentence.
“Just another drink,” I said at last and held up my empty glass as proof.
“I think Jake might want one too.”
“I can take care of that,” she replied with a smile and walked over to the bar in the corner where she poured us both some more whiskey before coming back over to where we were sitting.
I felt like I should say something to keep this moment from becoming too awkward or too weird, but I couldn’t seem to find the words.
The way she looked at me was making me wonder if I was the only one who could feel the tension between us right now.
Was it just my imagination or did she actually feel it too?
Surely, she couldn’t possibly be oblivious to the way I looked at her and the way I talked to her.
Maybe Olivia was just so used to having men look at her like I did that she didn’t even notice it anymore.
Or maybe she was just better at pretending not to notice it than I was at pretending not to do it in the first place.
Maybe she even liked it when I looked at her like that or maybe she hated it.
Maybe she thought I was an immature little boy who was lusting after his best friend’s mom and who would never have a chance with someone like her anyway.
And then I thought about what it would be like if Olivia actually knew how I felt about her and if she knew what I wanted to do to her every time I looked at her.
Would she be flattered by my attention or disgusted by my desires?
I had no idea which option I would find worse and I had no idea which option would hurt me more either.
“Are you boys planning on heading out soon?”
she asked with a smile after handing me my drink and sitting down on the empty chair next to me.
She was playing with her glass in her hands and I had to make sure to keep my eyes focused on the drink she had just given me instead of on the skin that was peeking out from underneath that lace fabric of her dress every time she moved or breathed.
I thought it looked like she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it at first but now that she was sitting next to me, I could see that it was just the lace detail that gave that illusion with its intricate pattern and see-through fabric that left nothing much to the imagination.
But still enough to make me wonder what it would be like to run my hand across those parts of her body, down those curves of hers and up those legs of hers.
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It took me a moment to come up with a coherent response and when I finally managed to do it, I tried to keep my voice steady as I answered.
“I think we’re just waiting for a friend to pick us up but he should be here any minute now.”
I didn’t want to go anywhere anymore, not after Olivia had just walked in and made me feel like this all over again but I didn’t have much of a choice either.
I hadn’t thought that Olivia would be home tonight at all and I certainly hadn’t thought that I would have to spend so much time alone with her tonight either and now that I was going to have to leave and get out of here, it felt like some sort of punishment.
And I couldn’t help but wonder if Olivia was happy about the fact that I was going to leave or if it disappointed her instead.
“Alright then,” she said and looked at Jake who was also still sitting on the couch next to his girlfriend.
“Did you guys drive here or are you getting a ride?”
“Pretty sure we drove here,” Jake said before taking another sip of his drink.
“That’s right,” Olivia said and stood up from her chair again.
“Then you should probably pack up whatever you need to pack up soon because I think it’s time to head out now.”
I watched as she walked over to the couch and put a hand on Jake’s shoulder before I stood up and tried to straighten out my shirt and my collar a little bit more even though there probably wasn’t much I could have done about it.
It just felt like it was better than standing there looking like a mess instead of at least trying to get myself together a little bit more even though it was probably way too late for that already anyway.
Olivia reached out and put another hand on my chest and I could feel my skin burn underneath her touch as she adjusted my collar for me and made an attempt to fold it back down before she let go of it again.
“There you go,” she said and I could hear the smile in her voice even if I couldn’t see it on her lips anymore because she had already turned away from me and was walking back towards the kitchen where she started putting the glass that she had just been using away in the sink.
It felt like an actual jolt of electricity had run through my body as her hand had touched my chest, my skin still tingling from the heat of it even now that she had already let go of me.
And I wished that she had kept her hand there just a little bit longer, that she had done something else to me while she was at it, just so she could see how much I wanted it and how much I needed it.
But then I looked at Olivia and I saw that there was something different about her now as well and I realized that maybe she didn’t know what she wanted either or maybe she just didn’t know how to admit what she wanted or maybe she didn’t want anything at all.
Or maybe she wanted everything.
Her cheeks were flushed red and so was her neck, the skin on her chest that was visible underneath the fabric of her dress and when I looked into her eyes, they were almost glistening with something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, something that seemed like desire or longing or sadness or regret.
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A few days later, Olivia asked me if I was free over the weekend because she needed some help with setting up for a party that she was hosting at her house on Saturday night.
It wasn’t the first time that she had asked me to come over to help her set up or clean up after a party and I had always been happy to do it before because Olivia’s parties were always good times and they were usually pretty fun as well.
And I knew that this one wouldn’t be any different either but I also knew that I couldn’t say no either even if I probably should have because I didn’t think that spending more time alone with Olivia was such a good idea anymore.
But then again, I also didn’t think that spending more time with Olivia was such a bad idea either because if anything happened between us then this would have been the perfect opportunity for it either and maybe I secretly wanted something to happen as well.
So when Saturday night finally came around, I drove over to Olivia’s house and parked my car out front before walking up to the door and ringing the doorbell.
And when Olivia opened the door, it was like all the air got pushed out of my lungs, the same way that it always was when I saw her, but somehow it was even worse than ever before now even though there really wasn’t anything different about Olivia tonight than there ever was at all either.
She was absolutely stunning, that was true, but then again she always was so that wasn’t anything new or anything that I hadn’t already known either but still it felt like something was different about her tonight anyway, even if I couldn’t quite figure out what it was or why that was.
But then again maybe it was just me or maybe it was just wishful thinking even if it was also probably just my imagination too.
“Ethan,” Olivia said with a smile on her lips, her teeth biting down on them in a way that made my mouth water.
“Thank you so much for coming over tonight.”
I wasn’t entirely sure if she meant it like that or not but then again I wasn’t entirely sure about anything anymore either, not when it came to Olivia anyway, so it didn’t really matter either way either.
“I wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” I said with a smile of my own and looked at Olivia who was standing in front of me wearing nothing more than a pair of sweatpants and a tank top with spaghetti straps on them, the fabric cutting low enough on the front to show off the swell of her breasts even if you couldn’t really see much more than that yet either.
Her hair was still damp from the shower that she might have taken earlier tonight but it wasn’t wet enough to still be dripping either so it seemed like it had been a while since she had gotten out of the shower and let her hair down to dry by itself instead of using a blow dryer.
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