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Ethereal Desires: A Spirit's Human Love Quest

Scenario: a spirit misbehaves so that she can be turned into a human and marry a man.
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a spirit misbehaves so that she can be turned into a human and marry a man.
In a small town, at the edge of the woods, there is a house.
It is a pretty house, with its white picket fence and bright red door, surrounded by a lush garden.
But no one lives there, and no one has lived there for quite some time.
The house has been my haunt for many years now.
I am a spirit, trapped in a limbo between life and death.
When I was still alive, I was a mischievous girl, and my spirit is much the same as when I was alive.
I can float and pass through walls, so I play pranks on the living.
I hide things and make them think they are going crazy.
But it is all an act that I put on to distract from the fact that I am not really alive.
I feel no emotions, or at least not as strongly as when I was alive.
When I was still alive, I longed to feel something, anything.
And even now, as a spirit, I yearn to be alive again.
To feel emotions as strongly as I once did.
To fall in love and be loved in return.
But alas, it is not meant to be.
The curse that binds me also prevents me from feeling emotions as a human does.
It prohibits me from being alive again.
And so I am stuck in this half-life, yearning for something that will never happen.
For now, I am content with my lot in life.
I have all of eternity to find something that will make me happy and give me purpose once more.
In the meantime, I am free to do as I please, so long as I do not attract too much attention from the living or my spirit guide.
I am humming a tune as I float through the walls of the house.
It is something that I do often when my spirit guide is not around to see me.
It is against the rules for me to haunt the living while my spirit guide is not with me.
But I like to test the boundaries sometimes.
I stop humming when I hear a voice behind me.
“Luna,” my guide says with an exasperated sigh, “that is enough.You know you are not supposed to be doing this.”
“I’m sorry,” I say sheepishly as I turn around and face Emily.
She is a pretty girl, with her long blonde hair and sky blue eyes.
When she smiles, her eyes crinkle at the corners, just like they are now.
“Don’t apologize,” she says gently.“Just try to behave yourself.”
“I will,” I say, though we both know that it is not entirely true.
“I have to go,” Emily says with a sad smile.
“I will see you tomorrow.”
With that, she disappears in a flash of light, leaving me alone once again.
I let out a sigh and resume humming as I float away toward one of the bedrooms in the house.
One day, I will not have to worry about being scolded by my guide for breaking the rules.
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I am pulled from my thoughts by the sensation of cold fingers running down my spine, and I shiver involuntarily.
It is cold, I think to myself, but then I realize that it is not the room that is cold, but my spirit form.
I always forget about the chill that comes with being a spirit until it is too late, and it never fails to surprise me when I remember it once again.
I wish I could feel warmth like the living do, but alas, it is not meant to be.
“Luna, what are you doing?”
Emily asks, her voice tinged with worry.
I look down at my hands and realize that they are hovering near the fire in the fireplace of the bedroom where I am currently haunting.
I have been trying to warm them for the past few minutes, even though I know it is useless.
I cannot feel the flames on my skin, and they cannot provide me with any warmth.
“Nothing,” I say quickly, pulling my hands away from the fire and clasping them behind my back to hide the fact that they are still stiff and cold.
It is against the rules to touch anything while I am haunting, but sometimes I forget about that rule too.
“Are you trying to get yourself killed?”
I can hear the worry in her voice and feel guilty for causing her anxiety over me again and again, even though I know that I will probably continue to do so in the future as well. “You know that fire cannot harm you, but it is not wise to tempt fate.”
“I’m sorry,” I say, though I really am not all that sorry at all.“I just wanted to see what it felt like to be warm again.”
“You will never be warm again,” she says gently, “not until you become human once more.”
I know what she is saying is true, but that does not make the longing go away. “I know that,” I say quietly, “but I wish that I could feel warmth like the living do.I wish that I could cry real tears instead of these useless ones that I shed.”
I can feel Emily’s sadness at my words and see her looking down at her feet as she tries to come up with something comforting to say to me.
She knows that there is nothing she can say that will make me feel better, so she just stands there looking sad instead of saying anything at all.
It makes me feel bad for complaining in the first place, but it does not make the longing go away one bit.
“I’m sorry,” I say after a moment of silence, and then I float over and give her a quick hug before disappearing into the next room over to sulk by myself for a while.
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I see a man in the master bedroom
The grand bed is covered with silk sheets and pillows, and I can tell by the quality of the fabric and the way it shines in the light of the full moon coming through the window that it must be very expensive.
I don’t care for people who put on airs, so I guess I should not be too surprised by what I have learned about my new host so far.
I float over to where Emily is standing in the doorway and bump into her back to make her move out of my way so that I can see better.
The man has black hair and slightly tanned skin and he has his eyes closed, his head leaning against the wall behind him.
He must be sleeping, though it seems strange to me that someone would choose to sleep in the room of the house that has been taken over by such a strong spirit like this.
There are plenty of empty rooms in this house, after all.
I wish that it was possible for me to make my own room somewhere in this house, but every time I try to touch anything, my hand just passes through it, which means that it would be impossible for me to make myself any kind of living space.
I can hear Emily sighing, though I do not look at her, because I do not want to see the disapproving look on her face.
I can’t help myself from singing a little song to myself as I float out of the room to follow her down the hall.
She is not happy with me, but there is not much she can do about it either, because she knows that there are rules against silencing spirits who are not trying to silence others.
It is one of the few ways in which we are allowed to be free, even though we are stuck between the living and the dead.
We get to watch over them, after all, which is something that they will never be able to do ourselves.
“Please try to remember not to sing,” Emily says after a moment when we are both alone in the hallway together, “or at least make sure you do not sing loud enough for a living person to hear you.”
I roll my eyes and sigh, even though she cannot see me, and continue along behind her silently instead of trying to fight her on this particular thing again.
It just makes things go faster when I do what she asks right away instead of putting up a fuss about it to begin with, anyway, so there really is no use in protesting something like this when there are other arguments which can be won instead.
As we float along through the house, I make sure to keep quiet and try not to rustle my skirts too much so that she will not complain at me again.
I may sometimes wish that she would go away and leave me to my own devices, but even if we are soulmates who were chosen to guide each other through our respective lives, she is also one of the few people who care about me at all, which means that I do not want to make her mad at me if it does not have to happen.
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