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Little Adventures: Emma's Schoolyard Friendship

Scenario: Life of a little toddler girl going to school
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Life of a little toddler girl going to school
I open my eyes, and the first thing I see is the bright orange sunshine filtering through the curtains.
It’s a brand-new day!
I can’t wait to start my first day of school!
I skip out of bed and run to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
School is a big place with lots of new things to learn and friends to make.
I can’t wait for the adventure to begin!
“Good morning, Emma.”
Daddy greets me with a big smile when he sees me.
“Good morning, Daddy!”
I run into his arms and give him a big hug.
Daddy and Mommy are very excited that I’m going to school.
They said it’s a big event, so we have to take lots of pictures.
After we get ready, we eat some yummy pancakes that Daddy made.
Pancakes are my favorite!
Daddy is a super chef!
Mommy takes me back to my room after breakfast so I can change.
“What would you like to wear today, Emma?”
she asks as she opens the closet.
I peek inside and see all the pretty clothes hanging there.
My favorite is the pink dress with the little blue flowers on it.
The dress is so pretty.
I feel like a princess when I put it on.
“Can you help me put on my shoes?”
I ask Mommy when I’m done.
I hop around in front of her and wait for her to put them on for me.
“No, you’re a big girl now, Emma,” she says as she pulls out two pairs of shoes from the shoe rack.
“Try them on yourself.”
What a great idea!
I’m going to do it myself!
After some hard work, I finally manage to put on my right shoe.
But it’s not on the right foot.
Let me fix it.
After some more hard work, I finally manage to put on the left shoe.
But it’s still not on the right foot!
Let me fix it again.
I try again and again, but no matter how much I try, the shoes just won’t go on my feet!
I start sobbing when I realize that I can’t do it myself…
“It’s okay, Emma.” Mommy picks up the shoes and pats me on the head. “It’s not bad to ask for help if you can’t do it.”
“Hurry up, Emma!”
Daddy calls from downstairs.
“The school bus will be here soon.”
I quickly put on the shoes on my feet, but I’m still a little unhappy about it.
As soon as we come downstairs, Daddy grabs the camera, and we take a family picture in the living room.
I’m very excited, and I wave at the camera with a big smile on my face!
Daddy is very happy with the picture, too!
He says he’s going to print out lots of copies for me to take with me to school!
They’re finally coming!
After what seems like forever, the school bus is finally here!
I’m going to school!
I’m going to school!
I’m going to school!
“I want to go now!”
I pull Mommy towards the door, but she’s standing there with a blank look on her face.
She looks like she’s forgotten something…
“Daddy, what are you still doing?”
She yells at him through the door after a long pause.
Daddy is still outside setting up his car cleaning equipment!
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“I’m coming!Emma, wait for me!”
I run out of the house as soon as I hear him say that!
We get onto the bus, and we’re finally on our way to school!
The school bus is here!
The school bus is here!
I’m going to school!
Emma, come back!”
Mommy calls after me, but I don’t have time for her anymore because my heart is already at school!
The bus stops at the school gates, and we all get off the bus one by one.
When we pass through the crowd, I see a playground full of colorful slides, swings, seesaws, and a giant tree in the middle surrounded by green grass!
It’s so beautiful!
My heart starts racing with excitement!
I can’t wait for recess to come so I can play with them all!
But something even more amazing catches my eye as we walk into the yard…
“Oh my gosh!What a big tree!”
My heart races as soon as I see it!
The tree is the biggest tree I’ve ever seen in my life!
The tree looks like an umbrella with a bunch of green leaves and branches all over it.
I suddenly feel like the tree is inviting me to pick its fruit and have a picnic under it!
When I see the other kids at school sitting under the tree chatting and having fun, I’m even more convinced that the tree and I are destined to be best friends!
I can’t help but exclaim when I see the big tree.
Except for the tree, there are only three people in the yard.
Two of them are teachers who are standing at the door of the classroom.
The other person is the most important person today: my dad!
When he sees me looking at him, he smiles and waves at me.
My heart is filled with joy when I see his happy face.
Daddy and Mommy are going home.
They said they would come back to school and take pictures of me but that it’s time for them to go home now.
Tears start welling up in my eyes when I think about having to part ways with my parents.
Just as I’m about to cry, two big hands land on my shoulders.
“Emma, are you ready?”
Daddy squats down in front of me and looks at me with a smile.
“You have to be brave today.”
“What if you miss Mommy?”
Mommy asks as she squats down beside me and grabs my hand tightly.
“It’s okay if you miss her,” Daddy says.
“If you miss her a lot, you can cry for a while.”
“But don’t forget that you’re a strong little princess who has come to school!”
Mommy taps me lightly on the head.
“You’ll be fine if you remember that.”
“We’ll be back soon,” she says as she pats me on the head.
“We’ll come back and listen to your stories about school.”
My heart feels heavy when I hear what they say.
I don’t want them to leave.
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I look at the faces of my parents and see that they’re full of love and care.
I know they want me to be happy and brave.
I want to show them that I can do it too.
I wave to Daddy and Mommy and say, “Okay, I got it!We’ll see each other very soon!”
“Good girl,” Daddy says with a smile.
Mommy pinches my face and says, “Bye-bye, good girl.”
I wave at them again and again until they disappear from my sight.
I turn around and walk toward the playground.
Inwardly, I tell myself to be brave and happy, and not to cry.
When I walk to the playground, I see the swing set first.
The whole swing set is red and white, and each swing has a funny face drawn on it.
The face on the swing looks like it’s smiling, so I smile back at it.
I walk around the swing set and see the slide next.
The slide is like a rainbow flying out of the sky, and it’s also covered in flowers!
How pretty it is!
I’m so excited about playing, I start running toward the playground.
There are a lot of kids playing on the playground.
Some of them are playing on the swings, some of them are playing on the slide, some of them are climbing the climbing frames.
Everyone is having fun.
Although there are so many kids playing on the playground, I quickly find my classmates.
Liam Thompson is playing on the swings.
He has bright blonde hair and he looks like a little sun from afar!
Mia Rodriguez is sitting on the edge of the sandbox looking around curiously.
She has short black hair, and she’s wearing a cute little yellow dress.
When I call out to her, she looks over at me with her big curious eyes.
She watches as I put my schoolbag under a tree, then she holds her bag and comes over to me cautiously.
I wave at her with a big smile.
“Hi, Mia!I’m Emma Johnson!”
Mia nods at me, but she doesn’t say anything.
Liam hears my voice and turns around to look at me.
He’s about to get off the swing, but when he sees my happy face, he smiles and swings even higher!
I walk to Mia and hold out my hand to her.
“Mia, let’s be friends!”
Mia looks at my outstretched hand for a while, then her lips slowly move.
Her shy voice is like a little mosquito: “Emma, hello, I’m Mia.”
I’m very happy to hear Mia say this, and I grab her hand and say, “Mia, nice to meet you!Let’s be good friends!”
“Okay.” Mia nods her head seriously.
She seems happy that we’re going to be friends, as she’s finally holding my hand now.
I look at Liam who keeps swinging on his swing and say, “Liam, come down from the swing.I want to play with you.”
Liam gets off the swing and runs to us quickly.
He says hello to Mia and asks me, “Emma, what do you want to play?”
“I want to play with everything!”
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