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Seraphina Ross wakes up in a foreign land and finds

Scenario: Seraphina Ross wakes up in a foreign land and finds herself being forced into a marriage with a savage king, Magnus Stormrider, as the queen of the Rendahk Tribe.
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Seraphina Ross wakes up in a foreign land and finds herself being forced into a marriage with a savage king, Magnus Stormrider, as the queen of the Rendahk Tribe.
I woke to the sound of my mother screaming my name.
My eyelids felt heavy, as if I had just been drugged or pulled from the depths of sleep, and I struggled to open them.
Straining against the weight, I gazed around the unfamiliar and dimly lit room, my heart racing in my chest.
The air was cold, and thick with the scent of river water.
I shivered, pulling the blanket up closer to my chin.
Where was I?
The room was small and barren, with a single window high up on the wall and a door opposite to it.
One of the walls was made of dark stone blocks, the other three were covered in wooden planks.
I tried to push myself up from the bed, but my limbs felt heavy and unresponsive.
I let out a soft groan.
What was going on?
I had never felt this disoriented before, not even after a night of heavy drinking.
But then again, I had never been drugged either.
It must be that.
I must have been drugged.
But how… And why?
How did I end up here in this room?
I heard my mother’s voice again, calling me from somewhere in the distance.
Her cries were growing louder, more urgent, as if she were running toward me.
And then suddenly, the door burst open and she was there, wild-eyed and disheveled, her arms outstretched, as if she were afraid to touch me, as if I might disappear if she tried.
“Oh darling,” she cried out, her voice choking with emotion, “are you all right?”
I stared at her blankly for a moment before I finally managed to croak, “Mother?”
She let out a loud sob and rushed toward me, falling on her knees by the side of the bed and pulling me into her arms.
“Oh darling,” she cried out, weeping openly now as she cradled me against her chest.
“I thought—Oh, Seraphina, thank the gods you’re alive.”
My heart clenched at the note of desperation in her voice.
“Mother,” I said again, my own voice breaking with emotion.
“What’s going on?”
She pulled back and gazed at me with watery eyes.
“We’re safe now,” she whispered.
“We’re safe.”
I frowned at her.
“Mother, what are you talking about?”
I was too groggy to think straight.
Why was my mother acting so strange?
And where were we?
I tried to remember how I had ended up here in this room.
I had been in my chambers in Rhylera just a moment ago.
What was I doing here now?
How much time had passed?
How long had I been drugged?
“Seraphina,” my father’s voice came from the doorway.
He had just entered the room.
He looked disheveled as well.
His clothes were dirty and torn in places, as if he hadn’t changed them in days.
The sight of him filled me with dread.
“Father,” I said.
“Why are we here?”
He paused in the middle of the room and looked at me with an expression of sadness on his face.
My heart clenched again.
He looked as if he didn’t know what to say to me.
Maybe he didn’t.
Maybe he was as confused as I was.
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daughter,you married to the king.
I gasped and pulled away from my mother, staring at her with wide eyes.
Her face was pale, ashen even.
I could see the tears streaming down her cheeks as she stared back at me with a look of resignation in her eyes.
“Daughter,” she said again.
“You are married to the king.”
I shook my head in disbelief.
It couldn’t be true.
It couldn’t be happening.
“Where is Magnus?”
I heard my father’s voice again and I turned to look at him as he approached my mother and me by the side of the bed.
“Where is he?”
My mother drew in a sharp breath and looked up at him with an expression of despair on her face.
“He is here,” she said in a small voice.
“He is here to claim his bride.”
I felt a shiver run down my spine at her words.
“Father,” I whispered, reaching out for him as I felt my body go cold all over.
“What is going on?”
He took my hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze before he turned to look at me with a pained expression on his face.
But before he could say anything, the door burst open again and a man strode into the room, flanked by two guards on either side of him.
He was tall and muscular, with a strong jaw and a thick head of dark hair that fell in waves around his shoulders.
His eyes were a piercing shade of blue that seemed to cut right through me, and when he met my gaze, I felt as if I was staring into the eyes of a savage beast, hungry and deadly, and utterly untamed.
My blood ran cold in my veins and I let out a gasp, my heart hammering in my chest as I realized who it was—Magnus Stormrider, the savage king of the Rendahk Tribe, the most feared man in the land, and the man who had just claimed me to be his queen.
The silence that followed his entrance was deafening, as if everyone in the room was too stunned to speak or move or even breathe, for fear of what would happen next.
And then my father let out a strangled cry and pulled me into his arms, hugging me to his chest as if he was afraid to let me go.
“No,” he whispered into my hair, “no.”
“I beg your pardon?”
Magnus said in a cold voice as he came to a stop by the side of the bed and met my father’s gaze.
“I do not take kindly to being denied what is rightfully mine.”
“I beg your forgiveness,” my father said quickly as he released me from his embrace and stepped back from the bed to stand before Magnus, “but surely there must be some other way—”
“The gods have spoken,” Magnus interrupted coldly.
“There is no other way.”
My father opened his mouth to speak again, but before he could say anything else, Magnus raised one hand in the air and snapped his fingers twice.
There was a loud clatter as the guards behind him drew their swords and took several steps forward, their eyes fixed on my father as they waited for their next order.
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