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Whispers of the Enchanted Forest

Scenario: A girl with medium-long hair is watching the herds in the wild, lying on a raincoat and fanning, the wind makes the flowers move, (Japanese Animation style),(((highly dynamic))),
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A girl with medium-long hair is watching the herds in the wild, lying on a raincoat and fanning, the wind makes the flowers move, (Japanese Animation style),(((highly dynamic))),
I lay on a raincoat in the middle of a wild meadow, using a fan to keep myself cool.
The wide herds around me stirred up my heart.
The wind was gentle, and the flowers swayed gently with the breeze.
It was not hot, but the sun shined brightly.
Even with only a few rays of sunlight shining on me, I still felt like melting.
This was how hot it was in the wild.
It wasn’t as comfortable as I thought it would be.
My medium-long hair was a little sticky on my neck, but it was not unbearable.
I could lie here all day long.
But what I enjoyed most was watching the herds.
I liked to observe the herds walking in the wild, especially big ones like these.
There were tall and short, fat and thin, young and old, male and female, all kinds of them.
The herds had to be big enough to include all types of animals like these.
In my opinion, this was the most beautiful thing in the world.
A butterfly passed by me, flying over the flowers beside me.
It was just one among many other insects here.
But its color attracted me so much that I stared at it for a while.
This butterfly was very beautiful, with seven colors covering its wings, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.
They were arranged along the edges of its wings from big to small, forming an arc that looked like a rainbow painted across the wings in an orderly manner.
It was really beautiful to see colors arranged so beautifully on a butterfly wing like this!
I had been watching insects for years, so I could tell that this butterfly was different from others.
It should belong to a very rare species of butterfly.
In fact, there were many special species among butterflies here in the wild.
Some could even change color to avoid predators or attract mates.
But this butterfly in front of me was different from others as well.
I hadn’t seen any other butterflies with such beautiful colors on their wings before.
Maybe they were special to this part of the world only.
The butterfly stopped flying and landed on a flower not far away from me.
It moved its wings up and down lightly on its back to look for nectar in the flower.
Then it flew to another flower after a while of sucking nectar from this one.
This butterfly looked just as normal as any other butterflies here in the wild when it flew around me before.
But now it looked really beautiful when it stopped moving its wings and sucked nectar from a flower beside me.
Its seven colors looked even more bright and shining when it landed on a flower under the sun!
The rainbow-like colors also looked really nice!
I liked butterflies very much.
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They were beautiful insects that didn’t sting or bite people.
I smiled at the butterfly.
It suddenly flew over me and landed on my fan.
It moved its wings up and down lightly once more.
I suddenly felt like I was a flower.
The butterfly moved toward me, then moved back again.
It moved back and forth a few times like this.
Then I realized that it wasn’t moving closer to me.
It actually wanted the flower I had on my head!
This butterfly had probably mistaken me for a flower!
There were many flowers in the wild with similar shapes like the one on my head.
No wonder this butterfly had mistaken me for a flower!
I pulled out the flower on my head carefully and gave it to the butterfly.
It moved its wings lightly on my hand when I handed the flower over.
It accepted the flower from me with its long straw-like mouthpart.
After sucking some nectar from the flower, this butterfly flew away slowly.
It flew towards the west slowly.
More butterflies flew toward the west as well.
It seemed like they were following the first butterfly that I saw just now.
The butterflies looked beautiful when they were together like this!
They looked like seven-colored clouds in the sky from a distance!
I smiled at them for a while.
The butterflies were probably going to gather somewhere in the west.
It would be nice if I could follow them there.
But I couldn’t leave this place for now.
I put down my fan and continued watching the herds in the wild in front of me.
The herds were walking around slowly in an orderly manner.
Some of them were eating grass, while others were gazing around in search for food or possible threats.
They looked really cute when they walked around in their own ways like this!
The butterfly with seven beautiful colors landed on my hand again without me noticing.
It looked around quickly and flew away after flying over my hand a few more times.
More butterflies landed on my hand after it left.
They all looked similar to the first butterfly that I saw earlier with seven different colors covering their wings.
But they were actually different types of butterfly with different patterns drawn on their wings.
These butterflies were also beautiful even though they didn’t have seven colors on their wings like the first one that I saw earlier!
They looked like pieces of art drawn by an artist!
The butterflies stayed on my hand and looked at me quietly without moving their wings after I put down my fan again.
A few more butterflies flew toward me as I walked closer to some yellow flowers that attracted the butterflies beside me.
Maybe the smell of the flowers attracted them here!
The butterflies looked really beautiful when they landed on my hands and arms!
My heart was filled with joyful emotions at that moment!
The butterflies left me after a short while of staring at them quietly.
They flew towards the west, where the first butterfly that I saw earlier went!
They looked like falling petals when they flew together in the sky!
There was no such thing as “seven-colored clouds” in the sky anymore!
But there was such a beautiful scene of falling petals now!
The wind picked up, blowing my hair and moving all the flowers around me again when I was watching the herds in the wild after the butterflies left me.
The herds looked even more beautiful when the flowers moved around like this!
This was how the wild looked like in my eyes!
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There was a small herd of zebras in the wild, not too far away from me, doing something interesting and cute together at that moment!
There were six zebras in this herd, not too many of them.
One of them was rolling on a grassland happily, while the other five chased after it playfully and tried to stop it from doing so by biting its legs gently from time to time!
Three gazelles walked around the small herd of zebras excitedly as if they wanted to join their fun!
This was such a delightful scene of zebras playing together on a grassland cutely with gazelles in the wild!
My heart was filled with joyful emotions again at this moment!
The butterflies that gathered on my hands and arms earlier disappeared as well when I turned around, looking at this lovely scene of animals playing together on a grassland behind me!
Another butterfly with a light green color on its wings appeared in front of me again after I sat down beside a group of green flowers beside me!
I laid down on the grassland, looking at the butterfly quietly and waiting for it to land on me.
The wind blew the flowers around me gently, but the butterfly was still flying around, refusing to land on me.
I felt a little upset when I was looking at the butterfly, but it landed on my hand eventually after I stretched out my hand and waited for it patiently.
“You’re really pretty!”
This butterfly looked like an Indonesian swallowtail, but it also looked different from it at the same time.
This butterfly had a denser color on its wings.
The colors on its wings changed from light to dark in a gradient manner as well.
There was also a black pattern in the middle of its wings that connected the yellow patterns on its wings in a circle, making its wings look like a beautiful rainbow drawn by a talented painter.
“Your wings are really beautiful!”
I stared at it quietly and gently stroked its wings, feeling really happy to see this beautiful butterfly.
It didn’t fly away even though I stroked its wings gently.
It opened its wings slowly and closed them slowly again as I stroked its wings.
It seemed like it really liked being touched by me!
I stared at it quietly and continued stroking its wings gently, feeling really happy to see this beautiful butterfly that appeared in front of me all of a sudden!
“Are you the only one of your kind?”
I felt a little upset when I was looking at this butterfly all alone while thinking about whether there were any other butterflies like this one because I had never seen two butterflies of the same kind before.
The butterfly stayed with me for a while before it flew away eventually.
I stroked its wings gently as it flew away, feeling really happy to see this beautiful butterfly that appeared in front of me all alone flying in the sky gracefully.
It looked like the first butterfly that I saw earlier that went towards the west.
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