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tony stark fall into harry potter's world

Scenario: tony stark fall into harry potter's world
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tony stark fall into harry potter's world
I had never been one to shy away from a challenge.
In fact, I had made it my life’s goal to take on whatever came my way and come out on top, no matter the cost.
I was a genius billionaire, a philanthropist, and an Avenger, so I was used to having the odds stacked against me.
I had faced down gods and monsters, aliens and terrorists, and even my own demons, and I had always managed to conquer them.
So when Harry Potter showed up on my doorstep with a request for help, I was more than happy to lend a hand.
The kid was brave and loyal, and he had already proven himself in battle more times than I could count.
He reminded me a lot of myself, actually, when I was his age.
I had been itching for a new challenge, and after a few hours of brainstorming with my buddies Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers, I had come up with a plan that was sure to save the day.
or so I thought.
It turns out that activating the portal before double-checking all of the coordinates was not one of my better ideas.
I had been expecting to encounter an army of alien invaders when I stepped through the other side.
Instead, I found myself standing in the middle of a dense forest, staring up at the sky and wondering what the hell had just happened.
The trees around me towered higher than any I had ever seen before, their branches forming a dense canopy that blocked out most of the sunlight.
The air was thick with humidity and the sounds of unfamiliar creatures that chattered and squawked in the distance.
I could hear the rushing of water as it flowed over rocks and roots nearby, and I could smell the damp earth beneath my feet.
It wasn’t exactly what I would call an ideal location for a surprise invasion, but then again, when had anything ever gone according to plan?
At least I hadn’t landed in the middle of an active volcano this time.
I took a deep breath and tried to shake off the disorientation, forcing myself to focus on the task at hand.
My enemies might have thought they had gotten the better of me, but I wasn’t going to go down without a fight.
They might have changed the rules on me, but that was okay.
I was used to thinking on my feet.
I was used to being able to rely on my intelligence and my technology to get me out of sticky situations.
I was used to being able to adapt to new environments and new challenges within seconds of encountering them.
But this…
This was something else entirely.
Even I had to admit that I was out of my depth here.
I had no idea where I was or how I had ended up here or how I was going to get back to where I belonged.
I had no idea what kind of dangers I might be facing or who might be lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce.
And I had no idea how much time had passed or how urgent my situation might be.
I needed answers, and I needed them fast.
So I pushed aside my doubts and fears and took off in what seemed like the most logical direction.
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I’d been through enough battles to recognize the sound of a fight in progress.
Metal clashing against metal.
Grunt of exertion as weapons were wielded and dodged.
Threatening growls and pained cries as combatants clashed.
Even if I’d had my doubts before, they were all but confirmed now—I was most definitely not alone.
My first instinct was to freeze where I stood and wait for more information to come my way—but that seemed like an unnecessary waste of time.
Whoever or whatever was out there was already aware of my presence.
And if it wanted something from me, chances were high that it would come looking for me sooner rather than later.
In the meantime… well, I was curious by nature.
And if there was a fight happening nearby, odds were good that I’d find some answers there.
With that in mind, I adjusted course—heading towards the sounds of battle—and picked up speed as I went.
The Iron Man suit was ready and waiting—just a thought away from deploying—but I didn’t use it just yet.
The foliage around me was thick enough that it probably would have helped me get through faster if I’d put it on.
But hey, where was the fun in that?
I dodged past trees, leaped over roots, and ducked beneath branches.
The ground was uneven—twisted and gnarled by the roots of the trees—and the terrain was unfamiliar.
It was a little bit like running through a minefield—only instead of mines, there were ferns.
It wasn’t enough to slow me down—not by a long shot—but it definitely added an extra thrill to the chase.
And it made me feel more like a predator than ever.
The fight was happening just ahead.
I could see it before I actually got there—the undergrowth thinned out suddenly and gave way to a small clearing.
And then I was in the middle of it.
My breath caught in my throat at the sight of the unicorn.
My brain took a moment to process the fact that it was real—that unicorns existed in this world.
Before that could really sink in though, my attention was drawn away by the figures who were attacking it.
There were three of them—cloaked in gray robes with hoods pulled low over their faces.
They held swords in their hands—long and slender blades with silver hilts.
They moved quickly—darting in and out, attacking from different angles.
But they weren’t quick enough.
The unicorn lashed out with its hooves—sharp and deadly—and sent one of them crashing into a tree.
Then it lowered its head and charged at another.
The third figure jumped back—but not far enough.
The unicorn’s horn caught it in the side.
I could see blood welling up around the wound—and then it was gone.
Vanished into thin air.
And the unicorn was alone.
It stood there for a moment—head held high.
It was breathing hard—the effort of battle still visible.
But it didn’t look afraid.
It looked determined.
Like it was preparing for round two.
My eyes widened as I took a step back.
And then I realized what I must look like from its perspective.
A man in a suit of armor—a predator—stalking towards it through the trees.
The unicorn saw me too.
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Its eyes widened—and its head snapped around.
Then it reared up on its hind legs and neighed furiously.
A moment later, its horn began to glow.
I had just enough time to think “oh no” before it charged straight at me.
And then it was gone.
The unicorn passed right through me—and smashed straight into the tree behind me.
I whirled around in time to see it disappear—just like it had with those sword-wielding figures.
A moment later and it was back again.
It charged at me once more—with its horn glowing bright and fierce.
But this time I was ready for it.
I raised my hand as it came towards me—and then I caught the horn in my palm.
There was a flash of light.
And then the unicorn vanished into thin air.
And then there was silence.
I stood there for a moment—hand still raised—as I surveyed the scene before me.
It was almost hard to believe what I’d just witnessed.
A unicorn—a real, actual unicorn—was fighting off a group of attackers.
It seemed like something that should have been lifted straight from a fantasy novel.
And yet here we were.
I glanced around at the figures who were scattered around the clearing.
They were still cloaked in gray robes—but now that I looked more closely, I could see that they were actually mounted on horses.
And they were definitely armed—the swords weren’t the only weapons they carried.
There were bows too—and quivers of arrows slung over their shoulders.
I could see a glint of metal beneath their hoods—but not much more than that.
They were well hidden.
But there was no mistaking their posture—or their weapons—or the way they carried themselves as they rode through the trees.
They weren’t here to talk.
They were here to fight.
And they saw me—the stranger in their midst—as an enemy.
The figure at the front—the one who rode closest to the unicorn—was different from the others.
He wore a mask—ornate and decorative—with intricate patterns that wound their way across its surface, almost like a tattoo.
And his horse was different too—it was larger and more muscular than the others, with a coat so black that it seemed to swallow up the light around it.
It danced nervously as it approached me, as if it could sense the tension in the air.
And then the figure raised his hand—and signaled for his companions to halt their attack as well.
They obeyed immediately—reining in their horses and lowering their weapons as they waited for his next command.
And he didn’t waste any time in giving it to them—he turned his horse towards me and began to ride closer, his eyes fixed firmly on my face all the while.
His gaze was so intense that I almost felt it physically—the pressure of it pushing down on me as he drew closer and closer.
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I raised my hand again—as if it could somehow protect me from the attack I knew was coming.
But there was no time for that now—it was already too late for me to do anything other than brace myself for the impact of his sword as it came crashing down on my skull.
And then he was right in front of me—and he leaned down so that we were at eye level—and he pulled back his hood, revealing a face that was young and handsome, with eyes that burned with a fierce and fiery passion that seemed to light up the entire clearing.
“And who might you be?”
I opened my mouth to answer him—but before I could say anything, he drew back in alarm—and then he raised one hand and pointed his wand straight at my chest, all the while keeping one eye fixed firmly on my face as he waited for me to make my first move.
I had no idea what he was doing—but I wasn’t about to let him get away with it either.
I raised both hands as I backed away from him—I couldn’t do much more than that in my current position—and I tried not to look like I was panicking too much even though I had absolutely no idea how to deal with a wand-wielding wizard in open combat.
I’d been in some tight spots before—but this was definitely a new one,
The young man didn’t seem to care—he simply tightened his grip on his wand and raised it higher still, until it was pointed directly at my face this time.
And then he began to chant something under his breath—I had no idea what it meant, but it didn’t sound good either way.
So I did the only thing I could think of—I raised my arm and aimed my repulsor straight at his chest, all the while hoping that it wouldn’t come to this even though I knew it almost certainly would
But then something happened — something that I hadn’t been expecting at all.
The young man stopped chanting—and he lowered his wand—just for a moment—and he stared at me in confusion, as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
And then he raised his wand again and tried to cast another spell.
But the blast of energy simply bounced off my suit and disappeared into the trees.
And he stared at me in horror as he tried to work out what had happened.
And then threw himself at me with all the ferocity of a man possessed.
I barely had time to react.
I raised my hand in front of my face to block the blow—almost on instinct—and then I caught the young man’s arm as it came towards me.
There was a flash of light.
And then I had a wand in my hand.
The young man stared at me in shock—his eyes wide with terror—as he tried to work out what had just happened.
He struggled against my grip for a moment—but I held on tight, refusing to let go even though he was beginning to turn blue in the face because of it.
And then, after a moment or two, I realized that maybe I was being a little bit too forceful about this.
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But then again, he had been trying to kill me just a second ago.
I released him slowly—just enough so that he could breathe again—and then I took a step back, just to give him some more space.
He stumbled as he fell forwards, almost as if he’d been expecting to find me still holding onto him.
But then he straightened himself up again, and he raised his wand, and he pointed it directly at my heart.
“Who are you?”
he demanded, his voice hoarse with terror.
“What are you?What did you do?”
I raised both hands in a gesture of surrender—and then I pushed back the faceplate on my helmet so that he could see who it was that he’d been threatening this whole time.
“Tony Stark,” I told him.
“Iron Man.Who are you?”
The young man stared at me in confusion for a moment, as if he didn’t know how to answer that question.
He was still breathing heavily from our scuffle, and there were beads of sweat on his forehead, and his glasses were beginning to slip down his nose.
But then, after a moment or two, he seemed to remember something important, and his expression changed completely.
“Harry Potter,” he told me, his voice suddenly much lighter than before, as if he were trying not to laugh at me.
“I’m Harry Potter.”
And then he waited for my reaction.
I couldn’t help but laugh.
“You’re a wizard, Harry!”
I told him—and I felt like I was in some sort of cheesy movie because there really was no other way of describing it.
But that just made the young man even more confused than before—almost as if he didn’t understand what was so funny about all this, even though it was obvious to anyone with half a brain.
But then he smiled at me—even if it was only for a brief moment—and for just a second, it felt like we were on the same side after all.
But then just as quickly as it had appeared, the smile vanished once again—and the young man’s expression changed completely as he tried to work out what he should say next.
“I’ll ask you again,” he said at last.
“What did you do?How did you get here?”
I shrugged my shoulders—just because I didn’t want to get into that right now even though I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I would have to explain everything in full.
And then I glanced down at my suit, and at his wand, and at all this lush greenery around us that I could see no end of.
And then I looked back at Harry Potter one more time—and I wondered what it was that I had done to deserve all this.
“I don’t know,” I told him honestly—even if it wasn’t much of an explanation either way.
And Harry Potter stared at me for a moment longer—almost as if he were trying to work out whether or not I was telling the truth—but then eventually he realized that I wasn’t lying about this even if I didn’t have all the answers either.
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But then he took a deep breath and said, “I really don’t have time for this.
I opened my mouth to reply—because what the hell did that even mean?—but then Harry’s expression changed once again as he pressed on.
We really need to leave right now.”
I raised my eyebrows at that—even as Harry huffed and puffed—almost as if he couldn’t believe that he’d have to spell it out for me.
And then eventually he took a deep breath and said, “We need to go to Hogwarts so that we can rescue Draco Malfoy.”
And then he stopped to see what my reaction would be—which must have been even more ridiculous than telling me that he was a wizard—because Harry Potter stared at me for a moment longer, almost as if he really didn’t understand why I would find all this so funny.
But then he waited for my reaction all the same—and then once again, he looked almost as if he were trying not to laugh at me either.
I asked him at last—because how could it be any other way?
But then Harry’s smile vanished once again, even as his eyes lit up with a sort of urgency that hadn’t been there before either.
“We’ll have to hurry,” he told me just as quickly.
I raised my eyebrows at that—even though I really didn’t want to fall for it either.
But then Harry told me about how Draco Malfoy had been captured by Death Eaters who had managed to slip inside the castle during the closing ceremony—and I listened to him talk about how they were keeping Malfoy in the Forbidden Forest for safekeeping while they tried to work out what to do with him next.
And then eventually Harry trailed off and waited for my reaction one more time.
“No,” I told him at last.
Because I really didn’t see why I should be helping Malfoy of all people after all this.
“We’re going to Hogwarts so we can rescue him,” Harry told me just as quickly.
But then when I still didn’t move, his expression changed once again—and his eyes darkened with an urgency that couldn’t be ignored.
“We don’t have time!”
he told me just as quickly.
He was right about that—I could see that much myself; even so, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not we really owed anything to Malfoy.
But then Harry looked away from me and said, “It’s not just about Draco Malfoy.
It’s about the Death Eaters too.
I opened my mouth to ask him what that meant—because I really didn’t see how that came into it either—but then Harry told me about how the Death Eaters were weak and divided now that Voldemort was gone; but they weren’t defeated yet, and they would do anything they could to get back on their feet one day—no matter how long it took or how many people they hurt along the way.
And then Harry told me about how the Death Eaters would do anything they could to get Malfoy on their side again—even if it meant using the Imperius Curse on his parents so that they would force him to join them as well.
And then Harry told me about how they could even do that while they were still in Azkaban—and that they wouldn’t think twice about doing so either, given the chance.
And when I still didn’t say anything in reply, Harry took a deep breath and said, “So are you coming?”
he asked me one more time.
I asked him at last—even though I really couldn’t see how we would be able to rescue Malfoy from a group of powerful wizards who must have known what they were doing when they took him away.
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Because even though I knew that I couldn’t use any of my weapons or magic in Hogwarts—never mind inside the Forbidden Forest—I was determined to help him all the same.
Harry looked at me in disbelief when he heard that—and he told me about how I wouldn’t be able to help them anyway, because the Hogwarts grounds were protected by a whole host of enchantments that wouldn’t let any unauthorized magic through.
But then when I still didn’t say anything back to him, Harry asked me what it was that I was thinking.
“Are you sure about that?”
I asked him at last.
“It could be dangerous.”
“You don’t know what you’re asking for,” he told me at once.
But then I conjured up a hologram of the suit and showed it to him to prove it.
“This is what I have,” I told him.
“So what do you say now?”
Harry looked at my holographic display in surprise—and he couldn’t help but take a step back as he saw it take shape all around us.
But then he seemed to regain his composure at once—and he asked me whether or not I would be able to fly in it as well.
I told him that I could—and I showed him the footage of my most recent battle in order to prove it.
Harry seemed to be at a loss for words when he saw that—and he asked me whether or not I could really do all that magic with it as well.
I had to admit that he had a point there; but then I quickly changed the topic when I reminded him about Malfoy one more time.
“We can talk about all this later.”
Harry looked away from my holographic display and asked me whether or not I had ever done anything like this before.
I didn’t say anything back to him—because he probably knew the answer to that already—but then I told him that I was coming with him all the same.
“Think about what you’re doing first,” he told me one more time.
“This isn’t just some schoolboy prank!
We could die in there!”
“I don’t care!”
I shouted back at him.
“Are you really going to stand there and tell me that I can’t go in there and rescue someone from a forest?”
I asked him one more time.
And then I looked at Harry for a moment—and I saw that he couldn’t think of a single reason why I shouldn’t either.
So then I asked him whether or not he would be able to find Malfoy on his own once we were inside the forest together.
Harry wasn’t sure about that—but then he said that he would be able to find one of the centaurs who took him away, because their scent would still be fresh on the ground, even though they were moving fast.
So then I asked him whether or not we could go now—and Harry told me that we could, but only if I was prepared to do everything he said without question, because he knew the rules of the forest better than me.
And then he told me that we would need to move fast if we were going to save Malfoy, because he couldn’t shake the feeling that the Death Eaters’ intentions weren’t exactly honourable right now.
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And so it was that we set off into the forest together one more time; but then this time it was different, because it was just me and Harry.
We set off into the forest together—Harry leading the way this time—and I followed close behind him all the way; but then this time we didn’t need any torches, because I had turned on all the night vision settings on my suit’s helmet, and it was so much better than anything else I had ever seen before in a forest at night.
The suit had even turned up the contrast settings so that everything was black and white—and it even showed everything in high definition too, which meant that I could make out everything from individual leaves on a tree to a rabbit hiding in the undergrowth about fifty metres away from us.
This made it so much easier for me to follow Harry into the forest when he moved off the beaten path—and it also made it so much easier for me to see where I was going too, even though I kept bumping into stuff at first when I wasn’t looking through the helmet’s visor properly.
But then as soon as I got used to it—I found that I wasn’t tripping over anything anymore.
Even so, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit nervous when I looked at all of the trees around us, because they were all so tall and so dense that they were blocking out most of the moonlight, and I was getting worried that I wouldn’t be able to see anything if we ran into trouble.
But then at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel impressed as well; because Harry was moving so fast through the trees that it was almost like he knew where everything was already, and he didn’t need any light sources at all, and he was moving on so quietly that I doubted anyone would ever hear him until we were right on top of them.
And so I did my best to keep up with him while we moved through the undergrowth together, even though I kept making loads of noise because I was getting caught up on all of these bushes and branches and stuff.
But then Harry kept looking back at me and shaking his head, which made me think that he was probably getting annoyed with me for not watching where I was going.
But then Harry looked back at me one more time and held up his hand, which made me stop where I was as he disappeared into the undergrowth ahead of me.
I waited where I was until Harry came back for me a few minutes later; but then when he did, I couldn’t help but notice that his face was white with shock, and he looked like he couldn’t believe what he had seen or heard or done just now.
Then Harry led me through the trees one more time—and then after a few minutes we reached a clearing, although it was mostly obscured by the canopy of trees above us.
It was too dark for me to see very far ahead of me now—but then when Harry looked down at the ground, his face seemed to pale even further than before, and he looked like he wanted to be sick.
So I followed his gaze down into the clearing below—and then I saw what it was that had shocked Harry so much when we got there.
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It was the Death Eaters, I realised as soon as I got there, because I recognised some of their faces from the newspapers that I had read, although I couldn’t see very much of them right now, because the whole clearing was so dark and so foggy that I could only really see the outlines of their bodies as they moved around ahead of me.
My first instinct was to take off and attack them from above, just like I had done before.
But then when I thought about it, I realised that this might not be such a great idea after all, because I didn’t know how many of them there were down there, and I didn’t know how many of them had wands or guns or whatever else they might have, and I didn’t know if they would even be able to see me coming from this distance or not.
But then just when I started to wonder what we should do instead, I heard Harry Potter’s voice beside me saying, “What are you going to do now?”
I looked back at him for a moment, and then I looked down into the clearing below, and then I said, “I think we should attack them from above—and then if we can get down on top of them before they even see us coming, they won’t even know what hit them.”
Harry looked a little bit worried when he heard me say this, and he looked like he didn’t want me to do this at all.
But then I turned around and held up the palm of my hand for him to see as I said, “Don’t worry; because if we do it like this, no one will ever know what happened or how we did it, because all of the technology in the suit is mine—and none of it is made using magic.”
Harry looked even more worried when he heard me say this, because it sounded like I was saying that I wanted to attack the Death Eaters right now without using any magic at all.
But then Harry must have figured out that I was only joking with him again now, because his face relaxed a little bit as he said, “All right—let’s do it.”
This time I felt relieved when I heard him say this, because Harry wasn’t looking as worried as before now—which made me think that everything would be okay after all.
So I nodded in agreement as I said, “I’ll go get the suit now.”
I could tell that Harry still wasn’t sure about this, because he looked like he didn’t want me to go and do it right now until we had a chance to talk about it some more.
But then I looked down into the clearing below one more time, and I saw a few of the Death Eaters starting to talk together in a group, which made me think that this would be the perfect time to get them while they weren’t looking.
I held up my hand and gave Harry a nod as I said, “I’ll call you when I’m ready,” and then I turned around and ran into the undergrowth one more time, and I waited there until I was sure that Harry couldn’t hear me any more.
Then I tapped my hand against my chest and waited for the suit to appear—and then after a few seconds, it did.
And then I pressed a few buttons on my wrist to activate its flight mode, and I felt a huge rush of excitement as I flew up into the air.
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As I flew up higher and higher, I suddenly remembered something else that I wanted to ask Harry about—but then I also decided not to ask him, because I thought that it would probably be best if I just tried casting my Patronus right now and showed him what I meant instead.
When I thought about it now, I realized that Harry had never actually said anything about being able to cast a Patronus when I asked him about what kind of magic he could do.
So I had no idea what would happen if I tried casting one right now, because I wasn’t sure whether or not it would work for me or not.
But then again, I also figured that there was only one way to find out now, so I took a deep breath and got ready to give it a try.
Then after another moment of thinking, I also realized that there was something else that I needed to tell Harry before I got started—because when I thought about it now, I realized that Harry probably didn’t know what Patronus was yet and so he probably wouldn’t know what I meant when I said that I could cast one either.
So after another moment of thinking, I also decided to tell him about what a Patronus is right now while we still had a chance.
And then just as I was about to start calling him on the suit radio, I suddenly remembered that there had been something else that Hermione had said when we were talking to her in the tent earlier—and that was the fact that she also believed that casting a Patronus required a lot of emotional strength and courage as well.
So now that I thought about it, I guess that she probably wouldn’t believe that someone like me would be able to cast one either—and so she probably wouldn’t even think of asking me do it in the first place.
So when I thought of this now, I also decided to give both of them a big surprise by showing them what a Patronus is right now too.
Then after another moment of thinking, I also decided to show them both how wrong they were when they said that I didn’t have any emotional strength or courage as well.
I got ready to give it a try—
—then after a few more seconds of thinking, I realized that there was also something else that I needed to tell them before I started doing anything else.
And then finally after another moment of thinking, I also decided to tell both of them one other thing too—and the thing is that when they see how strong my Patronus is, they will both be amazed and want me to show them how to do it too!
And so now that I thought about it all, I took a deep breath and got ready to show them what Patronus is—and then after another moment of thinking, I pulled out my wand and pointed it at the ground and said,
After a few more seconds, there was finally an answering echo in the forest below—and then as soon as there was, the whole forest started to shake and shudder as well as the suit began flying up higher and higher into the air.
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Then after a few seconds later, something then suddenly appeared out of the middle of the light that the suit gave off and then started to fly around in a circle in front of me and Harry and Hermione as the light began to fade away.
It was a giant robot falcon with a pair of huge metal wings that were shining brightly like the sun and then as soon as the light faded away, the falcon then began to fly around in front of us and tilt back and forth in the air as it looked down at us below.
It’s a Patronus!Harry said in amazement as he and Hermione both stared up at the falcon in astonishment—and then finally after staring at it for another few seconds later, they then both looked back at me and began to give me a look that said that they were both completely amazed by everything that they were seeing right now.
So what is that thing?Harry asked in amazement.
It’s a Patronus,I said with a big smile as the falcon turned around and flew up towards the top of the trees of the forest.
Weren’t you paying attention in class?Do you really think that you can cast one too?He asked me as he stared at me with an excited look on his face.
We should try to find out!
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it or not,I said with a big smile as the falcon then flew around one last time and gave us one last look before heading off into the distance and disappearing over the tops of the trees of the forest.
That was incredible magic,Hermione said in excitement after we watched the falcon fly off.
But how did you manage to make something like that?Harry asked me as he looked up at me with an excited look on his face too.
I’m just that good,I said with a big smile as they both continued to look up at me with big excited looks on their faces before finally looking back down at their feet and smiling again too.
You know,” Harry said a moment later, “I never would have even believed something like that could be possible if I hadn’t seen it myself!
Me either,I said with a big smile as they both continued to look up at me with excited looks on their faces again and then after another few seconds later, they looked down at their feet and smiled again too.
But I guess it’s true what they say—sometimes, the impossible can be possible after all!
It’s good to know that I still have a fan,” I said with a big smile as they both looked up at me with big smiles on their faces too.
After we said this, we then all continued to look at each other for another few more seconds longer and then finally, I took a deep breath and began to speak again.
But then after a few more seconds, there was finally another loud noise that came from the other end of the clearing—and then as soon as there was, I turned around and saw the Dementors beginning to appear out of the darkness again and begin to drift closer and closer towards us, ready to attack us again—but then suddenly, I remembered that I had one other thing that I wanted to show Harry and Hermione too—and the thing is that now that they had just seen me make a Patronus, I wanted to show them my other Patronus too!
So without thinking any more about it, I pulled out my wand and pointed it at the ground and began to say,
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