MidReal Story

Timeless Love

May 4
Scenario: Kore'de yaşayan Jisung adlı genç, bir kafede çalışmaktadır. Günün birinde mesai sonu çıkışta evine dönerken yerde düşürülmüş çiçek kapaklı yepyeni bir ayna görür. Alıp almamakta kararsızdır. Fakat alıp içini açtığında kendini farklı bir zaman diliminde bulur. Bu çiçek kapaklı ayna, kendisini sadece Jisung'a açan bir zaman makinesidir. Zamanda gidip gelmesi şimdiki dünyada büyük sıkıntılar oluşturmaktadır zaten Jisung istese de istediği zamana da ışınlanamaz. Bir gün kendini 1890'ın Kore'sinde kendini bir sarayda bulur. Bu sarayın prensi Minho ile arasında geçecek kıvılcımlı bir aşktan bir haberdir.
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Kore'de yaşayan Jisung adlı genç, bir kafede çalışmaktadır. Günün birinde mesai sonu çıkışta evine dönerken yerde düşürülmüş çiçek kapaklı yepyeni bir ayna görür. Alıp almamakta kararsızdır. Fakat alıp içini açtığında kendini farklı bir zaman diliminde bulur. Bu çiçek kapaklı ayna, kendisini sadece Jisung'a açan bir zaman makinesidir. Zamanda gidip gelmesi şimdiki dünyada büyük sıkıntılar oluşturmaktadır zaten Jisung istese de istediği zamana da ışınlanamaz. Bir gün kendini 1890'ın Kore'sinde kendini bir sarayda bulur. Bu sarayın prensi Minho ile arasında geçecek kıvılcımlı bir aşktan bir haberdir.
Jisung Kim is a young man working at a café in Korea.
He has a striking appearance with dark hair and eyes, and he wears a pair of silver earrings that make him look a bit like a pirate.
Whenever Jisung walks around in the streets of Seoul, he often catches people turning their heads to look at him.
Jisung usually works until late in the evening and has an unusual habit of drinking coffee before going to bed.
In fact, he works at a small café called “Night Owl” which specializes in coffee.
Jisung loves trying out different coffee recipes, and he sometimes even experiments with ingredients from the café’s fridge to create his own drinks.
At the café, his colleagues are used to this and they call him “the vampire” because of his predilection for drinking coffee at night.
Jisung is the only child of his parents and has no siblings.
He is currently not in any kind of relationship and hasn’t been in one for quite some time.
“Jisung, are you done with work?”
A co-worker asks as he passes by Jisung’s table.
“Yeah, I’m about to leave now.”
Jisung yawns and stretches his arms lazily.
He has been working on his laptop for hours and it’s time for him to go home.
One good thing about “Night Owl” is that it closes at 10 pm, so despite the fact that Jisung often works until late, at least he doesn’t have to stay up all night.
Jisung shuts down his laptop and leaves the café.
He takes a deep breath as soon as he steps out because the air inside the café is always stuffy and heavy.
He always feels like he’s underwater when working there for too long.
It’s been a long day and Jisung can’t wait to go home.
He has to catch the last bus or else he won’t be able to go home today.
As Jisung walks through the streets, he sees that Seoul is still full of life even though it’s already past 10 pm.
The city never sleeps and there are still people everywhere.
Some are heading home after a long day of work, and some are going out to have fun with their friends.
It’s one of the things Jisung loves about Korea.
Despite all of its faults, he still thinks that Korea is a beautiful country if you look beyond all of its problems.
Jisung walks to the bus stop and waits for a few minutes before getting on the bus.
The bus ride takes almost an hour, but he’s too tired to take a taxi, so he just goes along with it.
When he finally gets off at his stop, he realizes that he still hasn’t bought a new mirror for his room.
He accidentally broke it last week, so now he has to use a small handheld mirror when dressing up in the morning.
It’s not a big deal, but it’s definitely inconvenient.
Maybe he can buy one tomorrow if he has time.
As soon as Jisung arrives at his apartment, he throws his bag on the floor and crashes on his bed.
He’s so tired and his body feels like jelly.
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Jisung Kim can still remember it clearly how he stumbled upon the mirror while walking home from work that night.
It’s raining heavily and he’s running as fast as he can so that he won’t get too wet by the rain.
A few blocks from his apartment, he sees something shiny on the ground not far from a lamppost.
The object catches his attention.
Even in the dim light, it still sparkles beautifully just like a diamond.
Jisung stops for a moment and walks closer to have a better look at it.
It’s a flower-decorated mirror and it reflects his face perfectly under the light.
Jisung can’t help but admire its beauty.
He has never seen such an elegant mirror in his life.
It’s totally different from those cheap ones you can buy at convenience stores.
Maybe it’s from some high-end cosmetics brand or something.
Who would lose such an expensive thing?
Jisung bends over and picks up the mirror carefully as if it were a fragile crystal egg.
He turns it around and looks for a label or anything that could tell him where it’s from, but there doesn’t seem to be anything.
What should he do with it?
Jisung stands there, staring at the beautiful mirror in his hand.
Every part of him is telling him to put it down and walk away.
He has heard people say that you should never pick up strange objects on the street because they might be cursed.
But this is not just any object—it’s an elegant and expensive-looking mirror.
Maybe he should take it to the police station and see if anyone reported losing it.
But then, the more he looks at it, the more he feels like this mirror is calling out to him personally.
Maybe he’s just overthinking it.
Jisung sighs and puts the mirror in his bag.
He’ll take it home first and decide what to do later.
He gets a plastic bag from his pocket and wraps the mirror carefully so that it won’t get scratched.
He used this bag to cover himself when he was running in the rain earlier, so there is no hole or anything in it.
At least the mirror will stay dry.
When he gets back home, Jisung throws his bag on the sofa and takes out the mirror from the plastic bag.
He looks around but still can’t find any label or signature on it.
Why isn’t there anything?
Or maybe this is a fake product.
Well, it looks too elegant and exquisite to be a fake, but still.
Jisung rubs his chin and wonders if there’s any way for him to find out where this mirror is from.
Or maybe he should just take a picture of it and ask around on the internet.
Just when he’s about to take a picture, Jisung suddenly remembers that his own mirror broke just a few days ago.
Is this some kind of fate?
He found this beautiful flower-decorated mirror just days after he broke his own?
But how could this happen?
He has never seen such a unique and elegant design before.
And what’s even more interesting is that there are some words engraved on its back.
It seems to be a poem or something, but Jisung can’t understand what it means.
Maybe he should ask a Korean friend for help later.
Jisung puts the mirror on his coffee table and sits in front of it again.
He can’t stop thinking about where this beautiful piece came from and who might have lost it earlier.
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What if someone threw it away on purpose?
But then why would anyone throw away such a beautiful thing?
What should he do now?
Maybe he should put it back where he found it earlier.
After all, he’s not supposed to take something that doesn’t belong to him.
And he even used a plastic bag that he already used.
What if this is bad luck?
Jisung hesitates for a moment but still decides to unwrap the plastic bag and look at the mirror one last time before putting it back where he found it earlier.
As soon as he unwraps the plastic bag and looks at the mirror on the table, Jisung can’t help but feel like time stops around him.
His heart skips a beat as he stares at the mirror in front of him, not daring to move even a little.
The mirror is covered with bright red flowers, and all of them are exceptionally beautiful and exquisite.
The longer he stares at them, the more he feels like these flowers are not ordinary flowers; they seem to be frozen in time, as if they will never die or fade away.
Jisung rubs his eyes in disbelief, but nothing changes.
He takes a deep breath and checks if he can see his reflection in this mysterious mirror.
Or maybe some ghost or spirit will appear next to him?
But, fortunately, there is no ghost or spirit.
It’s just him.
Jisung stares at his own reflection for a moment and smiles.
He is tired, but still handsome.
How nice would it be if there is a handsome man standing next to him right now?
It would be so much better than just taking pictures.
He’s going crazy.
Jisung blushes and covers his face with his hands.
What is wrong with him?
Why did he think such weird things?
He needs to get some sleep.
Maybe he’s just too tired right now.
Jisung looks at the mirror again and hesitates for a moment before taking out his phone and taking pictures of the flowers on the mirror one by one.
After taking all the pictures, Jisung takes the mirror and carefully wraps it in the plastic bag again.
He’ll put the mirror back where he found it tomorrow.
After all, there is no way for him to find the owner, and this mirror seems to be very expensive.
It is probably very important to someone.
Jisung doesn’t want to cause any trouble anyway.
He puts the wrapped mirror aside and gets ready to take a shower before going to bed.
But then, just when Jisung is about to go to bed, his eyes suddenly fall on the wrapped mirror on the table again, and that strange urge emerges inside him once more.
He wants to take the mirror home with him for some reason.
It’s already late now, so he can’t put it back where he found it earlier anyway.
And what if someone else takes it tomorrow?
It would be such a pity.
Jisung bites his lips, feeling very conflicted and embarrassed for some reason.
Why does this feel like stealing?
But then Jisung suddenly remembers that today is the day when people throw away trash in this neighborhood, and there is no way for him to find out which building this trash came from earlier.
So, maybe this mirror was thrown away by someone?
But why is it so pristine then?
And how could it be thrown away like that?
It was carefully placed earlier, not just thrown on the ground or anything like that.
Maybe it wasn’t lost; it was just left behind intentionally by someone for some reason?
Or maybe someone left it for someone else to find?
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En sonunda aynayı yerinde bırakmaya karar verdi. Artık kendisinindi. Koca sokakta sadece bu kadar parıldayan aynayı almak tesadüf değildi evet. En sonunda içini tekrar açtığında kendini evinde değil bir savaş alanının ortasında buldu. Önündeki robotlar tüm insanlığı yok etmeye çalışıyordu, insanların senelerce yaptığı şeyleri bir saniyede yok ediyorlardı. Bu... bu ileriki zamandan bir kareydi. Jisung ileriye ışınlanmıştı.
Jisung Kim lets out a sigh and puts down his phone.
He has been staring at the picture of the mysterious mirror on his phone since last night, trying to figure out what exactly made him so obsessed with that strange object.
He is actually a little bit scared by his own obsession.
Everything happened so fast yesterday that Jisung didn’t really have time to think about anything until now.
His work is boring as usual, and it’s been raining all day, making everything worse.
Jisung usually loves rainy days, but not when it rains so much that he can’t go home, and not when his old shoes leak water everywhere, making him feel uncomfortable and grouchy all day long.
So, when Jisung saw that shiny thing on the floor yesterday, it felt like heaven-sent gift, giving him something beautiful and warm in such a gloomy day.
So, what is so special about this mirror?
He is just an ordinary person with an ordinary life.
Maybe he just gets bored.
Jisung looks at the clock and sighs.
It is already late now, and he needs to go back to work soon.
He needs to take a shower now or he won’t make it on time.
But before that, Jisung takes out his phone and looks at the picture of the mirror one more time.
He really wants to know what is behind this.
Jisung shakes his head and puts away his phone.
He is just a little curious right now, but it’s not that important.
Maybe he’ll just take a look at it when he gets home later.
After all, it is so beautiful, and he has never seen something like this before.
Maybe he can even sell it at a good price?
At least, he can use it as a decoration in his room, so he doesn’t have to buy another mirror.
After making up his mind, Jisung quickly takes a shower and goes back to work.
He’s used to working in such a small space now, being surrounded by countless machines and gadgets, and being alone most of the time.
But after a long day of work and seeing the sun goes down, Jisung still can’t help but feel happy because he can finally go home and relax, even if it’s just for a short moment.
When he gets home, Jisung goes straight to his small room and sits down at his desk.
He looks at the wrapped mirror on the table and hesitates for a moment before carefully unwrapping it again.
The mirror is still as beautiful as yesterday even when Jisung sees it under normal light.
It is covered with bright red flowers, and they seem even more mysterious and exquisite right now.
Jisung takes out the mirror from the plastic bag and looks at it carefully in surprise.
There is nothing wrong with it; maybe just a little scratch on the corner.
Jisung rubs his finger over the scratch and looks at it carefully one more time.
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Kapağı dikkatlice açtı ve aynaya baktığı anda zaman yolculuğu yapmaya başladı.
It’s not easy for him to see the design on the front side of the mirror when the paper is still covering it, but he can still make out some blurry outlines of the flowers on it since they are pressed against the glass tightly.
When he sees them on the glass now, Jisung finds that he can’t recognize any of those flowers at all except for roses, but he can still feel a strong sense of nostalgia when he looks at them, and he doesn’t know why at all since he has never seen anything like them before in his life.
The flowers are drawn with great detail as well, and he can even see how thin their petals are and how soft they look when they are blooming on the silver surface of the mirror, which makes him want to reach out his hand and touch them gently when he looks at them and smiles unconsciously without realizing it at all.
Jisung takes a closer look at the flowers in the middle part of the mirror and realizes that they are not sakura at all when the paper is finally off of it and he can see them clearly now, but it’s really hard for him to tell what kind of flowers they are since there are so many of them in different colors on the mirror now, so he takes out his phone and opens the search engine on it one more time before typing in something again quickly: purple flower that looks like sakura and rose with yellow petals.
Jisung tries several different keywords again this time and spends some time searching for them on his phone before he finally finds out the names of most of the flowers on the mirror and smiles unconsciously when he sees the name of the last flower on his phone and thinks that he knows what it is just by looking at its shape and unique color for a while even though he still can’t recognize it at all: helianthus annuus (common sunflower).
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