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Blood Moon Over Boys Town

Scenario: Vampire killer on the loose in Boys town Chicago
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Vampire killer on the loose in Boys town Chicago
I gripped the stake in my hand, my heart aching with the burden I carried.
I was the only one who could stop them, and I would…no matter the cost.
Boys Town was mine to protect, and I’d protect it with every last drop of my blood.
Revenge was a dish best served cold, or so they said… and I was fucking freezing.
My stomach twisted as I thought about the people who’d been killed by the creatures of the night.
They’d taken everything from me, but now I was going to take it all back.
I was on a mission to rid Boys Town of the vampires who’d invaded my home, but they were in for a rude awakening.
I strode through the neon-lit streets of Boys Town Chicago, my gaze scanning the area for any sign of movement.
Footsteps echoed in the quiet of the night, the only sound in the darkness.
The pulsing nightlife of Boys Town was alive and well, and yet it felt so dead to me.
My home had been turned into a hunting ground for vampires, and it was my fault.
A new one appeared every night, it seemed like.
The more I killed, the more they came.
It wasn’t just me; there were others fighting alongside me, but that didn’t help ease my guilt.
Every time I killed one, it was one step closer to revenge.
I’d fight them all until I got what I wanted…what I needed.
Vampires didn’t belong here.
They didn’t belong anywhere.
I knew that better than anyone.
Especially not here, in Boys Town Chicago.
My dark hair fell into my eyes as I prowled through the seedy alleys of Boys Town.
This place was full of life, even at three in the morning.
The music from the clubs still throbbed in the air around me, and the lights from the bars flickered around me like fireflies.
The neighborhood catered to an eclectic crowd, with gay men and women mingling with straight people as if they were all part of one big family.
It was a place that accepted everyone, even vampires.
Which was part of the reason they were drawn here.
The other reason was because there was a lot of easy prey.
But not on my watch.
My heart pounded against my ribs as I stalked through the alleys, knowing that every step I took brought me closer to fulfilling my destiny.
Every vampire I killed, I was one step closer to avenging my family and all the other people who’d died because of these monsters.
Most of the time, I could keep my emotions in check.
But not when I thought about what the vampires had done.
Not when I thought about what they’d taken from me.
My parents hadn’t deserved what had happened to them.
No one did.
I’d do whatever it took to make sure it didn’t happen again.
My fangs tingled, and I swore under my breath, pushing away the memories as I stalked around the corner and into an alley.
A body lay still on the ground, a pool of blood surrounding her head.
She was long gone, though.
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I crouched beside her, my hand hovering over her neck for a moment before I closed her sightless eyes.
There was no point in checking for a pulse or breathing; she was gone, and there was nothing I could do to bring her back.
The smell of death and blood filled my nostrils, making me want to gag, but I pushed it down and focused on the task at hand.
I’d mourn the dead later.
Her name would be added to the long list of those who’d lost their lives to the night, but for now, I just needed to remember that she hadn’t been the first and she wouldn’t be the last.
She was in a better place now, even if she wasn’t going to be remembered by anyone.
“Rest in peace,” I whispered as I rose to my feet and glanced around, my gaze flicking over the shadows just to make sure that nothing else was waiting to jump out at me.
The alley was empty now, but that didn’t mean anything.
Just because there weren’t any more vampires here didn’t mean there wouldn’t be any more tonight.
The city seemed to hold its breath, waiting with bated breath for the next tragedy to strike.
It wouldn’t have to wait long; another scream echoed through the night, drawing my attention toward the street on the other side of the alley.
I knew I should go the other way, find another path to take as I hunted down the vampire responsible for this mess, but I couldn’t ignore a scream like that.
I had a duty to protect these people, and if one of them was in trouble, then it was my responsibility to help them.
And if I found a vampire on the way, well, let’s just say that it would be a good night for vampire hunting.
My lips curled back from my fangs as I heard another scream, closer now than it had been before, and I drew a pair of stakes from the holster on my thigh as I moved toward the mouth of the alley.
The next part of the hunt was about to begin, and I was ready.
The woman’s scream sliced through the stillness, drawing me out of my thoughts.
“Michael,” she whispered, her voice strangled with fear.
Trembling, she peered around the alley, her blonde hair hanging in loose ringlets around her face.
Her eyes were wide with terror as she looked around, but she didn’t see me.
No one ever did.
I was too good at hiding in the shadows.
But then, I’d had a lot of practice.
I breathed in slowly through my nose, the scent of her fear filling my nostrils as I watched her from the shadows.
She had nothing to fear from me, but that didn’t mean there weren’t things in the darkness that would hurt her if I didn’t intervene.
Closing my eyes, I let my senses stretch out around me, searching for the source of her terror.
It didn’t take long to find.
The scent of vampire was thick in the air, and I knew he was close.
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I quickened my pace as I searched for the source of the screams that had drawn me here in the first place.
She knew what was coming for her, and she was right to be afraid.
And I would get there in time.
I would save her from the monster that stalked her through the darkness.
I would…
The woman’s scream cut off abruptly, and I slowed to a stop as I realized that I wouldn’t save her.
Not this time.
But I would save the next one.
I would find that vampire and I would put an end to his reign of terror before he could hurt anyone else.
The city was quiet as I moved through the shadows, but every sound seemed louder than it had before.
A car door slammed shut several blocks away, the sharp sound echoing through the night and setting my teeth on edge.
Somewhere nearby, a dog barked frantically, its high-pitched yips filling the streets with a sense of urgency that hadn’t been there before.
And above it all, there was another sound—the sound of silence; an ominous stillness that hung heavy over the city like a shroud.
The city was never truly silent, not when there were thousands of people moving through the streets at all hours of the night, but there was something about the way it was silent now.
It was too quiet, like the city itself was holding its breath as it waited for the next tragedy to strike.
And if it was, then it wouldn’t have to wait long.
The vampire was close.
I could feel him, his presence a dark stain on the night as he moved through the streets.
But I would find him before he could hurt anyone else.
The neon lights of Boys Town cast an eerie glow over the streets, illuminating the darkened alleys and hidden corners in shades of red and blue and green, but leaving the rest of the city hidden in shadow.
It made it hard to see what was coming, and I kept my senses stretched out around me as I moved through the darkness, searching for any sign of the vampire I knew was watching me.
But he didn’t make a move.
He stayed in the shadows, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.
But I wasn’t going to give him that chance.
Not tonight, not ever.
Every step I took sent a jolt of fear through my body, but I kept moving, my eyes scanning the darkness for any sign of movement as I searched for the vampire.
I knew he was close, and I didn’t want him to get the drop on me.
A figure stepped out of the alley ahead of me, and I reached for my weapons without even thinking as my heart kicked into high gear.
But then she stepped closer, and my fingers relaxed around the stakes in my hands.
“Hey,” she said, her voice soft as she moved toward me.
“Hey,” I said, lowering my hands as I smiled at her.
She grinned back, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes.
“Saw your car a few blocks away,” she said, nodding toward the street behind me.
“You’re on patrol?”
I looked back at the street she’d come from, but there was no sign of my car in the darkness.
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I must have parked it in a different spot tonight.
A piercing scream echoed through the alley, cutting me off in the middle of my thought and sending a fresh wave of fear through my body.
“Did you hear that?”
I asked, turning back to face the woman in front of me.
The smile was gone from her face now, replaced by a look of confusion that was quickly growing into one of concern.
“What’s going on?”
And then she froze, her eyes widening as she stared at something behind me.
I started to turn around, but then something hit me in the back and everything went black.
The first thing I noticed was the smell—a sickly-sweet scent that hung heavy in the air around me and made my stomach churn with revulsion as I struggled to remember what had happened.
I had been on patrol when a woman stopped me in the street…
My hands flew to my weapons and came up empty as my eyes snapped open with a jolt of fear.
Something was wrong.
The woman had…
The woman had…
I pushed myself up onto my elbows and glanced around the alley in confusion, but all I could see was a long stretch of concrete and the brick walls of the buildings that loomed on either side of me.
I’m not sure how long I sat there on the ground with my heart pounding in my chest and a sick sense of dread eating away at my insides, but eventually I forced myself to stand up and take a closer look at my surroundings.
And that’s when I saw her—the woman who had stopped me in the street just before everything went dark.
She was lying halfway down the alley, surrounded by a pool of blood that stained the concrete around her in shades of red and black.
Her skin was pale and lifeless, and her hair that had been so vibrant just moments before was now dull and lifeless, the bright red strands dyed an even deeper shade by the blood that clung to them like a second skin.
My fingers tightened around the stakes in my hands as my eyes moved over the scene before me, and a surge of anger shot through me like a bolt of electricity as I realized what had happened here.
And it was all my fault.
My parents would have been so disappointed in me if they could see me now, but it didn’t matter what they thought.
I knew what had to be done, and I was going to do it—no matter how much it hurt.
I closed my eyes against the sight of the woman lying on the ground in front of me and took a deep breath as I tried to push down the anger and sadness that threatened to overwhelm me.
There would be time for that later, when I wasn’t standing in the middle of an alley with a vampire staring at me from the shadows.
For now, I needed to focus on the task at hand—the task I had come here to do—and let everything else fall away until there was nothing left but me and the night and the creatures that lurked within it.
The stench of death and decay filled my nostrils as I breathed in the air around me, making it hard to think past the sickening odor as it clawed its way into my lungs and made me want to gag with disgust.
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My eyes flickered open as I took another step forward, the darkness stretching out in front of me like an endless void as I tried to make out the shape of the woman lying on the ground in front of me, but there was nothing I could do for her now, nothing I could do to save her from the fate that had already come to pass.
There never is, and I knew that as well as anyone, but somehow it didn’t make the knowledge any easier to bear, especially when I had been the one who had put her in this position in the first place.
My heart twisted in my chest as I thought about the woman who had stopped me in the street, so scared and confused that she had trusted a complete stranger to help her—and I had let her down in the worst possible way.
I could have saved her; I should have saved her, but instead I had let her die, and now there was nothing I could do except make sure that her death wasn’t in vain by finding the vampire who had done this to her and making sure he never hurt anyone again.
I knelt down on the ground beside the woman’s body and carefully covered her with my jacket as I said a silent prayer for her soul, then rose to my feet and took one last look around the alley before turning back towards the street, my eyes scanning the darkness as my mind raced with questions about the vampire’s motives and who these women might have been—and how many more of them there might be out there, waiting for someone to come along and save them from the monster that was preying on them in the night.
But it didn’t matter who they were or what they might have been doing here, because no one deserved to die like this—especially not when they were just trying to make it home to their families at the end of a long night.
And no one else was going to end up like these poor women—not if I had anything to say about it.
There were still monsters out there that needed to be put down, and I wasn’t about to rest until every last one of them was dead.
I knew that much for certain, even if I didn’t know much of anything else at all.
But it didn’t take a genius to know that whoever—or whatever—had done this to these women would be back again, soon, to revel in his handiwork, so I needed to be ready for him when he did.
And this time, I would be.
My fingers tightened around the wooden stakes as I sank back into the shadows, my eyes scanning the alley as I waited for my prey to return.
It didn’t take long for that familiar, creepy feeling to settle over me as I listened to the sound of my own breathing in the darkness, but it didn’t faze me this time.
This time, I knew what to expect, and I would be ready for it when it came—whatever it might be.
The silence stretched on longer than I could stand, my heart pounding faster with each passing second as my eyes searched the shadows for any sign of movement, then suddenly the stillness shattered as the sound of footsteps echoed off the walls of the buildings around me, growing louder with each passing second until they were nearly on top of me.
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