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Star-Crossed Melodies

Scenario: a ballerina falling for a kpop idol
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a ballerina falling for a kpop idol
“Slow down, Eunwoo,” I chuckle as she drags me along behind her.
We’re in the middle of a crowd of people, all of us heading to the same place: a Kpop concert.
“But Isabella, it’s my first time seeing Jaehyun in real life!”
Eunwoo exclaims as she continues to pull me along.
I guess it is pretty cute,” I laugh.
She’s acting like a kid in a candy store, but that’s one of the things that I love about Eunwoo.
She puts on an act, saying that she hates everything and that she’d never fall for a guy like Jaehyun in real life, but deep down, I know she loves him.
She has posters of him all over her room and talks about him nonstop.
“Isabella, we’re here!”
Eunwoo exclaims, pulling me out of my thoughts as we finally reach our seats.
She immediately drops down in her seat and takes a moment to catch her breath, her eyes sparkling with excitement.
Thank you for coming with me,” she says, giving me a hug.
I smile and hug her back.
“Of course, Eunwoo.
I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
The lights suddenly dim around us and the crowd goes wild.
The music starts and I watch as the different groups make their appearances on stage.
The energy is incredible and I can’t help but get caught up in it.
Even though I’m not a huge fan of Kpop myself, I can still appreciate it for what it is.
Eunwoo has always loved Kpop and introduced me to it a couple years ago.
Since then, I’ve been trying to keep up with all the latest songs and groups but it hasn’t been easy.
Being a ballerina takes up most of my time and when I do have free time, I spend it with my friends or with my family.
Eunwoo is one of the only ones who has taken a real interest in me and my career and for that, I am forever grateful.
“Eunwoo, are you okay?”
I ask when I notice her tears start to fall.
She looks up at me with wide eyes and nods.
“I just can’t believe how beautiful he is,” she says.
I chuckle and shake my head.
“I’m happy for you,” I say.
“Thank you,” she smiles as she wipes away her tears.
We watch the rest of the concert and by the end of it, Eunwoo is completely obsessed with Jaehyun.
And when the concert is over, she turns to me with a serious expression.
“You promised me that you would come backstage with me,” she states.
I sigh and nod my head.
Eunwoo has been trying to get a pass to meet Jaehyun after the concert but with so many fans trying to do the same thing, it’s almost impossible.
I thought she wouldn’t be able to get a pass and therefore wouldn’t make me go backstage with her but now that she has one, I don’t have a choice.
“I’ll go backstage with you,” I say.
she exclaims and wraps me in a hug.
“But if he asks for my number or something like that, you have to act as my translator,” she says.
I roll my eyes and nod.
“Of course,” I say.
But then again, why would he need your number when he can just get mine?”
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The next thing I knew, we were standing backstage and Eunwoo was fangirling over Jaehyun like there was no tomorrow.
I have to admit, he was definitely good looking, even if I didn’t know who he was until just a few minutes ago but what can I say?
He has a pretty face and an extremely attractive smile so I can see why so many girls are in love with him.
But as I look around the room and notice all the other members from both NCT 127 and NCT Dream standing around, I can’t help but wonder where Kim Taehyung is.
Is he still here or did he leave already?
“Fuck you!”
Eunwoo says out loud as she flips off one of the other members who’s been standing here with us for the past several minutes – Lee Taeyong – even though they’ve never actually met before because he’s not in her favorite group but she still feels the need to do so anyway because she’s the way she is and we all love her for it.
“Jaehyun’s mine, so back off!”
he says in his most serious tone of voice as he looks at her with an expressionless face, clearly not amused by what she said to him but she doesn’t care because she knows he’s just playing around with her and so she takes his hand in hers and smiles up at him in response before letting go a few seconds later because she’s shy like that sometimes too – even though she doesn’t want anyone else besides Jaehyun to know about it – and then they all start laughing because they’re all friends here so they don’t want anyone else to know about it either.
The concert eventually ends and once we’ve made our way outside, Eunwoo tells me that we’re going to meet up with some of her friends who bought tickets for the concert too but had seats up in the balcony area so we didn’t get to see them earlier because they were too far away from us until now.
They should be waiting for us in front of the building,” she says as we walk over to where they are.
I don’t know how much longer I can take this but I’m trying my best to be patient with her, no matter what, because I love her.”
When we finally get there, we find Haneul and Eunwoo’s other friend, Bomi, standing around, waiting for us with their phones in their hands, trying to figure out where we are so we can all meet up together.
“What took you guys so long?”
Haneul asks, looking a little annoyed as she does.
“Sorry, I was backstage with Jaehyun,” Eunwoo says, trying to sound cool even though she’s really not.
“Yeah, right,” Bomi says, not believing her at all.
You wish,” she adds, making her laugh again before we all start walking back to the subway station together.
It was fun,” Eunwoo says as we walk over there.
I’m glad you were able to come with me today.”
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Did you have a good time?”
“Yeah, it was fun,” I say in response, not sure if that’s the right word for what just happened but it’s the only one that came to mind so I guess it’ll have to do for now.
Even though I don’t know most of these groups that well, I still want to be here for you so I’m happy that you invited me to come with you today.
I know it’s not really your thing but I appreciate you being here anyway.”
As we walk over there together and stand around waiting for the subway to arrive, Haneul starts watching a video on her phone and then shows it to Eunwoo and Bomi before looking at me and saying, “You know that guy who was singing in the group called NCT Dream earlier?”
she asks as I nod my head in response because it’s hard not to notice him when he has such a pretty face like that.
“Did you see him looking at that girl who was standing in the front row earlier while he was singing ‘Ridin’?”
she asks as I shake my head in response again because I didn’t notice that at all since there were so many people standing in front of me and blocking my view.
“Yeah, he was looking at her the whole time and even pointed at her too,” she adds as I look at her with a confused expression on my face because it doesn’t make any sense for him to do something like that if he doesn’t even know her in the first place.
“Wait, are you serious?”
I ask as she nods her head in response, still looking confused as ever.
“Why would he do that?”
I ask, not understanding why he would single out one person from the crowd like that when there were so many people standing there at the time.
“Maybe he thought she was pretty?”
Haneul suggests as I shake my head in response because there’s no way that could be it either since there are so many other girls who are probably just as pretty as her, if not even more so than she is, standing right next to her and in front of her too so why would he choose her out of all people?
“I don’t think that’s it,” I say as they all start laughing and screaming at me, trying to convince me otherwise because they agree with what Haneul said earlier and then the subway finally arrives so we get on and go back home after this.
On our way out of the building, we pass by a bunch of people who are still standing around, talking about how much fun they had at the concert and how excited they were while watching their favorite idols perform earlier.
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“Hey, let’s stand over there for a second,” Eunwoo suggests as she points towards an area where there are only a few girls standing, looking down at their phones with shocked expressions on their faces.
I ask as they all nod their heads in response as we stand around and watch some of the videos that other fans took earlier today at the concert.
I watch one of them and see him pointing towards me with a smile on his face, his eyes looking directly into mine.
I pause for a second to look at my own face in comparison to his since I don’t see anything special about myself at all and then play the video again, making sure that it’s not some kind of mistake or something like that.
It’s not though because it’s really him doing that in this video.
I don’t know what to think anymore because it doesn’t make any sense at all why he would choose me out of all people to point at like that during their concert earlier today.
It’s not like we’ve ever met before or anything like that so why would he want to do anything like this?
“I told you it was real!”
Eunwoo says with a smile on her face as she puts her phone back into her bag and then looks at me.
“What do you think he saw in you?”
Eunwoo asks as she puts her arm around my shoulder.
“You know he’s my favorite idol, right?
I ask her with a confused expression on my face since I don’t understand why she would even say something like that to me in the first place since it doesn’t make any sense at all.
She’s just joking around with me, right?
I can only hope that she is because there’s no way that he would actually see something like that in someone like me when there are so many other girls who are much prettier than I am standing here at the time during their concert earlier today.
It must have been some kind of mistake or something like that because there’s no way that he would have done something like that on purpose to me since he doesn’t even know who I am at all so why would he want to do something like that to someone like me?
“You know that I was just joking, right?”
Eunwoo asks with a smile on her face as she starts laughing at me, realizing what I thought she meant by saying that earlier.
“I’m just kidding with you, Bella.”
“I guess he just thought that you were pretty or something,” Haneul suggests with a smile on her face as well, looking at me while we’re still standing around outside of their building after their concert ended earlier today.
I can only hope that they’re right about that too because I don’t know what else to think anymore about this whole situation with him pointing towards me during their concert earlier today.
I want to believe that they’re right about this but it’s hard for me to because it doesn’t make any sense at all why he would choose me over anyone else who was standing there at the time during their concert earlier today but maybe she is right after all since they’re both telling me that they think so too themselves.
“Come on, let’s go home now,” Eunwoo suggests as we finally start walking away from their building and then go back home after this because it’s starting to get late now and we still have to take the subway back home after this too.
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