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A new fashion trend involves clothing that changes color based

Scenario: A new fashion trend involves clothing that changes color based on mood. However, for politician Greg, this leads to a hilarious scandal during a live debate as his suit reveals his true feelings.
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A new fashion trend involves clothing that changes color based on mood. However, for politician Greg, this leads to a hilarious scandal during a live debate as his suit reveals his true feelings.
I stand backstage, preparing to make my entrance.
The debate is live, and I’m about to debate the two men who think they can take me down in the upcoming election.
I can’t wait to prove them wrong.
Debates are a crucial part of my campaign, and this one is no different.
I have to be at the top of my game, and this mood-changing suit my wife bought me for my birthday is going to help me do just that.
I’m taking a bit of a risk by wearing it, but I think it will help me connect with the younger demographic and show that I’m adaptable.
That’s one of the most important traits for any leader, especially in today’s fast-paced world.
The fabric of my suit is made from a material that can change color and pattern based on my mood.
It’s a perfect representation of what I’m currently focusing on in my campaign: emotional intelligence.
I step onto the stage as the crowd roars around me, the lights shining down on me like I’m the star of a Broadway play.
My suit is a deep blue, the color of a calm ocean, which means I’m calm and collected.
The two men who are challenging me for the position of mayor are already standing at their podiums.
Senator Jackman is wearing his typical grey suit with a blue tie, and Governor Hernandez has chosen a black suit with a light blue tie.
Neither man has taken any risks with their fashion choice, which suits them perfectly given their political views.
Hernandez is the progressive candidate who believes in change through revolution, while Jackman is very conservative and prefers to stick to the status quo as much as possible.
Their suits are just like their political views: predictable and boring.
“Good evening, gentlemen.” The moderator greets us all with a warm smile as she steps forward.
I smile back at her before turning towards Senator Jackman and Governor Hernandez, who are also smiling at her.
“Tonight we’re going to be discussing key issues such as healthcare reform, education policies, and safety on our streets.”
We all nod our heads in agreement, and she continues.
“I’ll be asking a series of questions on each of these topics and giving you a chance to answer.
Please keep your answers to one minute or less so that we can get to the next question quickly.
We’re going to start with Senator Jackman.”
The senator nods his head in agreement before taking a step forward and clearing his throat.
Alex walks up to the stage and hands me a glass of water before I take my place behind my podium.
“Senator Jackman, many people are unhappy with the current state of our healthcare system when it comes to getting appointments with doctors.
Do you believe that this is a problem that needs to be addressed?”
The senator takes a deep breath before answering.
“Yes,” he says without hesitation.
“There are too many people who are unable to get the treatment they need in a timely manner because of long waiting lists and a shortage of doctors.
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I’m listening intently to his response but feel my eyes drifting towards the senator’s suit.
The once grey fabric is now a bright orange color.
It’s so bright, I can’t help but wonder if it’s the lights playing tricks on my eyes.
It must be.
There’s no way his suit can change colors like mine does.
I look away from him as he continues to speak and try to focus on the words coming out of his mouth instead of the bright orange blob in the corner of my vision.
But it’s too late.
My attention has been pulled away, and I can’t help but feel my face heating up in embarrassment as I realize what’s happening.
The colors of my suit are changing on their own and I have no control over it!
I glance down at my chest where the suit is now a bright red color, and I quickly cross my arms over it to hide the embarrassment that’s sure to be written all over my face.
It was supposed to be something subtle that only I would notice, not something that would distract the entire audience!
I sneak a peek at the other two men standing on stage with me to see if they’ve noticed.
They’re both looking at me with amused expressions on their faces as they try to hold back laughter.
I scowl at them before turning to look at the audience instead.
The crowd is also staring at me, but they don’t look amused.
They look confused.
And who could blame them?
My suit is now a bright yellow color that is so bright it looks like it’s glowing in the dark.
It’s not just one solid color either.
It’s flickering between different shades of yellow and even cycling through the entire color spectrum in a matter of seconds.
It feels like I’m going to have a seizure if I keep staring at it for too long.
“Excuse me.” I hold up my hand before turning towards the moderator.
“Can you please repeat the question?”
The moderator raises an eyebrow at me before nodding her head in agreement.
“Of course.” She gives me a small smile before repeating the question she asked Senator Jackman.
She gives me a look that clearly says she knows I wasn’t listening to his response and that she thinks I’m being a bit rude.
I give her an apologetic smile before answering her question.
“Yes, I do believe it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.”
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