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Unveiling Shadows

Scenario: Jason greets Judy Hopps
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Jason greets Judy Hopps
I was walking back home from work when I bumped into Judy Hopps, who was our neighborhood police officer.
She had just walked out of the station and was heading to her apartment, so I offered to help carry her bag.
I work as a clerk at the finance department of Zootopia, a city a few blocks away from our neighborhood.
I had just left my office and was now walking back home.
The weather is nice today, with a clear blue sky and the sun shining cheerfully.
It’s been a long day and I can’t wait to get home to rest.
While I was walking, someone suddenly bumped into me, making me lose my balance a bit.
“Sorry, are you okay?”
A voice asked behind me.
I turned around and saw Judy Hopps, our neighborhood police officer.
She just came out of the police station and was heading to her apartment.
Judy is only small with grey fur, but she is very determined and brave.
At that moment, she looked quite exhausted and there’s also a little dark circles under her eyes.
This bunny was probably overworked.
“Hey, Judy,” I greeted her with a smile.
“How are you doing?”
Judy smiled at me weakly.
“Hey, Jason.”
“I’m fine, thank you.”
“How about you?
How’s your day?”
Judy replied cheerfully.
“That’s nice to hear.”
“My day was pretty good,” I answered with a smile.
“How about you?
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“I’m fine,” she said before letting out a sigh.
“I’m just a little tired from work, but it’s okay.” She forced a smile to reassure me.
I noticed that she was trying hard not to show how tired she is, so I decided not to ask further about it.
But still, I couldn’t help but worry for her.
“You sure you’re okay?”
“You look quite exhausted,” I asked with concern.
Judy smiled at me gratefully.
“I’m fine, don’t worry about me,”she said before lowering her voice slightly.
“It’s just that there are some cases that require my attention and it takes a lot of time and energy to solve them.”
I nodded my head in understanding.
As a police officer, it must be quite difficult for Judy to maintain a normal life while doing her job well.
Everyone who knows Judy knows that she is a very responsible person and will do everything in her power to solve a case once it falls on her hand, whether it’s big or small.
Though I do not know the details about her job—I know that some information is better left unknown—I am proud that we have an excellent police officer like Judy in our neighborhood.
Judy is our neighborhood police officer.
She has been living here for a while and knows everybody around.
She is a friendly bunny and talks to everyone whenever she has time, and people appreciate the fact that she takes time to talk to them, even though she can be very busy with work.
This has made the bond between her and the residents in this neighborhood very strong.
Judy sighed, then she told me about her day, though she didn’t mention any confidential information, which I appreciate.
I came out of my apartment this morning and there were already some cases that needed to be solved.
So I went to the police station and worked for a while before my partner and I went out to investigate.
We worked until noon, then we stopped to have lunch.
After lunch, we continued investigating until just now.
I have made some progress with my partner today, but we have also encountered some problems that have slowed us down a bit.”
“Don’t worry too much,” I tried to encourage her after listening to her story.
“At least you’ve made some progress with your partner today, right?
“Yeah, you’re right,” Judy smiled at me.
“Thank you for your concern, Jason.”
She adjusted her bag on her shoulder and looked up.
“I have to go now, I still have some things to do later.You should go home and rest, too.”
I nodded my head.
“Okay then, Judy.
Take care of yourself, and good luck with your work.”
“Thank you,” she said and gave me a smile.
Then Judy turned around and started walking back to her apartment.
I watched her back disappear in the distance before heading back to my own apartment to rest.
As soon as I arrived, I took a shower and changed into my clothes, then I sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV to relax.
I hope Judy and her partner will be able to solve the case soon.
Judy does not reveal too much about her work to us, but I know this case is important to her, and she has put in a lot of effort to solve it.
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I put down the newspaper in my hand and waved goodbye to Judy who was standing in front of me.
Judy looked very tired, but she was still trying to maintain a smile, even though it looked a bit weak.
“Goodbye, Jason,” she said to me in a soft voice.
Judy has been working for more than 12 hours today and is very exhausted, but she still insists on attending our neighborhood gathering, which shows how much she cares about us.
She has been out for such a long time today, so it is already very late now, and she needs to get some sleep to recharge for her next duty tomorrow morning.
“I will go home now, Jason,” Judy said again after waving goodbye to me.
“I will catch up on the neighborhood news with everyone at the next gathering.”
“Okay then,” I said to her with a smile.
“You should go get some rest now, Judy.You don’t have to force yourself too much.”
“I know, thank you, Jason,” Judy nodded her head as she said to me.
“We police officers also need the support of our community residents in order to do our job well.”
“Please don’t mention it, Judy,” I quickly said.
“You should go back and get some sleep now.I wish you sweet dreams, and good luck with your work.”
“Thank you,” Judy said to me.
Then she turned around and started walking back to her apartment.
I watched her back disappear in the distance before heading back to my own apartment to rest.
I hope that Judy and her partner will be able to solve this case soon so that they can have more time to relax and enjoy their lives.
I felt very worried when I thought about Judy and her partner going out to investigate.
Their line of work is very dangerous, and anything could happen to them at any time.
I hope they can take care of themselves.
As Judy has said, we residents also need to support them, so I can only give them my best wishes and pray for them to be safe and sound.
I looked up at my watch and saw that it was already 7:30 p.
Although it is still very early, I am already feeling sleepy, so I decided to go to bed early today.
I turned off the TV, went to take a shower, and then lay down on my bed, ready to go to sleep.
Just as I was about to fall asleep, Judy’s words from earlier popped into my mind.
She said that she still needed to meet Nick Wilde later tonight, but there are some problems that also needed to be solved before they could meet up.
I wonder what those problems are?
Are they related to the case they are working on?
Is there anything dangerous?
Well, since Judy didn’t tell me anything about it, maybe it’s better for me not to think about it anymore.
After all, it is not appropriate for me to ask about anything related to their work either.
We need to trust each other, don’t we?
I thought about this for a while before falling asleep.
As I walked home, I couldn’t get rid of the worry that has been lingering in my heart ever since this afternoon.
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