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Love's Game: Apple to Girl, a Gaming Journey

May 7
Scenario: a apple become a boy then he be a girl and then this girl fall in love with other girls (love play game)
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a apple become a boy then he be a girl and then this girl fall in love with other girls (love play game)
I don’t know how to say this, but I’m not an apple anymore.
I mean, I still am, but I’m not.
I’m a boy.
In case you don’t understand why this is important, let me start from the beginning.
I was an apple.
An actual living apple, dangling on a tree in some orchard.
I can’t remember too much of it now, but I remember there being more of us, thousands of us.
We all lived pretty normal lives, if you could call it that.
The only thing we did was grow and ripen and then die off the branch, hopefully to be picked up by someone who would eat us.
There were talks among the apples about how it was possible for humans to hear us and even talk to us if they listened closely enough, but none of us ever experienced it personally, so it was mostly rumors.
I always thought that our lives were so boring, especially since we knew from the moment we were born that we would die soon, and there was nothing we could do about it.
I don’t think we even had a concept of time and space.
When I say “we knew,” I don’t mean that we were sad or anything, because apples don’t have feelings the way humans do.
Anyway, one day I died like all apples do and then something different happened.
Instead of being thrown into a bin with other dead apples or eaten—I can’t remember which—it was like I woke up from a dream.
I looked around and saw that I wasn’t an apple anymore; I was a boy!
The only problem was that I was just lying there on the ground and couldn’t move all that much.
And when I say “couldn’t move,” I mean I couldn’t move at all!
Well, I can move now, because as it turns out, I’m alive!
And not just alive—I’m a human!
I have two arms and two legs and fingers and toes and everything!
I can move them around and feel things when they touch other things.
It’s actually pretty great!
I can also breathe air!
It’s the most amazing thing ever!
You know how when you’re an apple you can smell things in the air?
Well, as a human you can smell things too when you breathe in!
It’s actually a lot better as a human, because you can smell things from farther away!
And you can also see things and feel them with your skin!
It’s like all of my senses are working at once and it’s amazing!
I have no idea how this happened to me, but being an apple was so boring compared to being a human that I’m really glad it did!
I got up off the ground and started walking around my house.
Everything looked like it did when I was an apple—except bigger—but it was different now that I was a boy.
The moon was out so it was light outside, and there were no clouds in the sky so it was easy to see everything in my village.
There weren’t any people walking around outside.
I guess they were all asleep, which was weird for me because as an apple we never slept.
I walked farther into the village to see if there was anything interesting going on, but there wasn’t.
The houses were dark and there was nothing moving anywhere.
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I was starting to get bored when I heard a noise coming from behind me.
I turned around and saw that there was a girl standing there.
She must have been about my age—eight years old—with long golden hair and dressed in a white nightgown.
She was watching me with wide eyes and her mouth open like she had something to say.
At first I thought she was pretty, but then I realized she was beautiful!
It was like her hair glittered in the moonlight!
And her skin was as smooth as silk!
And her eyes were as blue as sapphires!
And her lips were as red as cherries!
I could go on like this forever… And it made me realize something really important: I’m a boy!
That means girls are important to me now!
And not just important… They’re incredible!
When you’re an apple you have no idea about any of these things, but when you become a human boy you just know them somehow.
The girl took a step toward me and started to say something, but then I heard a voice in my head that said, “You can’t stay here any longer.”
And then everything went white!
When I could see again, I was lying on the ground somewhere outside, in a place full of trees that I didn’t recognize, next to a rickety old wagon that had been turned over on its side.
I got up off the ground slowly so that I wouldn’t hurt myself, and then I looked around to see where I was—or what I was, since I knew my body was still changing!
I was a boy!
I was still a boy!
But even though I was a boy, it was like I knew how to be a girl too!
Like instinctively!
I knew how to talk like one, how to walk like one, how to sit like one, how to stand like one, how to move my arms like one, how to move my legs like one…
It was amazing!
I didn’t have to think about any of it!
I also knew how to look like a girl too!
I reached up to my head to feel what was there instead of hair—because apples don’t have hair—but there was hair!
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Long golden hair!
I felt it all over my head, and it felt so good that I didn’t want to stop feeling it!
I wanted to feel it forever!
I also felt my body and saw that it was different than before.
I had two bumps on my chest where there hadn’t been any before, and things were different down there too.
I could feel them against my skin when I touched them, and they felt nice too!
For some reason I started blushing when I realized this, but I didn’t know why because being a girl is great!
At least that’s what I’ve heard from other people who know about it!
And even if it wasn’t great, there was nothing I could do about it anyway since that’s what I was now!
I couldn’t wait to see what I looked like, so I ran over to a pond nearby where I could see myself in the water.
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When I got there I saw that I was a beautiful girl with long, golden hair, big blue eyes, and the most perfect little nose in the world!
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I was so pretty that I almost couldn’t believe it, although I knew I must be because I could see myself in the water—and water never lies!
But when I looked more closely at my face, I realized that I wasn’t just any girl—I was a special girl!
I was the luckiest girl in the world because I was the prettiest girl in the world!
I remembered seeing other girls before, so I knew they weren’t all as pretty as me, which meant I must be special in some way!
I also knew that being special is important, so I was very happy about this!
The first thing I did was walk around to see if anybody else was nearby who might be able to help me figure out what happened to me, but there was no one around at all, not even any animals.
The good thing about being alone was that it gave me time to think about what to do now that I was a boy…
No, now that I was a girl…because being alone is boring, but being alone as a girl is boring and sad at the same time!
So I thought about what happened to me while walking around, and this is what I knew:
First, I knew what to do when I was an apple because trees know everything about apples, even if they never say anything about it to anyone else.
Second, I knew that someone else must have changed me from an apple into a boy—and then from a boy into a girl—because I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own since apples can’t turn into people by themselves!
And third, I knew something else too, which wasn’t actually something that I knew, but something that I felt instead, and it was this: there was a voice in my head, and it was talking to me now, telling me what to do even though it wasn’t actually saying anything yet.
I started to think about what the voice was saying to see if it could help me figure out what to do next, so I sat down on a tree stump nearby and listened:
“Don’t worry,” the voice said, “I’ll take care of you.”
And then it said something else: “And don’t worry about changing either, because you can change into whatever you want whenever you want now.”
It was true!
I could change into whatever I wanted—which meant I could be an apple again whenever I wanted—because I had just done it myself not too long ago!
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As the voice talked to me, I thought about what it meant for a long time before finally saying, “Okay,” because it made sense to me, and because the voice sounded like a nice voice, and nice voices are always right!
Hurray!” said the voice, “It looks like you’re ready to begin your new life!”
Sometimes my dad would say things like this to me before we were going to do something fun together too, so I knew this must mean that something fun was about to happen now too!
I stood up from the tree stump and looked around to see if there was anything else for the voice to tell me about, but it seemed like everything was okay now because it stopped talking to me after that.
So since there wasn’t anything else for me to do at the time, I started walking around again, looking for someplace interesting to go and see when…
I saw a door up ahead of me, and when I got closer, I saw that there was a window too, with a window ledge for me to sit on…with an open window for me to look out of too!
So without thinking about it for too long—because thinking too long makes doing things not as much fun—I climbed up onto the window ledge and looked outside through the open window…
The thing I saw was amazing!
It was a big open field, with lots of grass and trees and flowers all over the place, and there was a big open sky above it too, stretching out as far as I could see in every direction!
The only thing that wasn’t so good about it was that it was a long way down from the window ledge to the ground, which meant I would have to jump really hard if I wanted to get down there fast enough.
But that was okay, because jumping really hard is fun, and jumping really hard from high places is even more fun than that!
So without thinking about it too much—I didn’t want to think too much again—I pushed myself off the window ledge and jumped as hard as I could, falling down toward the ground far below while feeling the wind rush past my face, and seeing the ground come up closer and closer until…
I landed safely on the ground and started running around the outside of the building, looking for someplace exciting to go next when I heard something moving around inside the building behind me.
It sounded like someone was coming to see what all the noise was, so I ran around the building even faster now, looking for someplace good to hide until they went away, and seeing a big oak tree up ahead with lots of branches and leaves all over the place.
So I ran up to the oak tree and climbed up onto one of the branches that was just high enough for me to reach, and then grabbed onto another branch right above it before pulling myself up onto the tree itself.
Once I was up in the tree, I climbed up even higher until I found a good place where I could sit and still be able to see everything outside without being seen by anyone looking for me.
So without thinking about it for too long—as usual—I climbed up onto the very highest branch that I could find and sat down, looking out at everything around me while waiting for the person inside the building to go away so that I could come down from the tree and go play outside again.
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